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“More or less.”

I’ll take that in stride.

“Dammit, Smolder!” Gallus cried, clutching the armrests and trying not to bed. “That… that Idol. The Idol of Aventa! It… can change any male into a female!”

Hmm... can it be used on ponies? I believe my nephew migth become a bit softer that way. :trollestia:
Hmm... :eeyup:

Ironically, it had been Professor Fluttershy who’d taught him the proper calmness technique to get him to a point where he managed to compete for a place in the Equestrian Games one year.

Fluttershy really come a long way from her first Gala Night.

So Gallus quit being with Smolder and Gemma?

I wonder why the Idol of Aventa looks so similar to the Idol of Boreas~?

Who knows~

But honestly this is really neat.

Does Gallus now has the gender-bent power since she is now the Goddess' official avatar? Sandbar could use one.

Eh, I quit reading before the final three chapters. The sex scenes were pretty good, but the story was not.

Okay, very good start and setup. This is what I love about your fics, Honey. It's not just clop. I mean it's there, but it's an actual story too.

Oh gee, Gallus. You poor, poor guy. :p I'll trade places with him to... ease the burden. :p

One wonder what he'll be using to sign that contract with. ;)

Hmm, this does seem quite serious.

All I can say is hell yeah to this!

I must say this is possibly one of if not the best stories I've read. It contained all the things I like such as world building and conflict and my favourite nsfw things.
I look forward to your next fanfic as you tend to produce the stuff I like.

Political intrigue, action, mind games, deep and complex OCs...

Oh yeah, and plenty of M-rated fun times.

Exemplary work! Thank you for it.

I feel like this could have been a full novel of many more chapters and words and been able to hold intest just as well with the world and character building you've shown.

It's true~! It's all true~! I'm secretly a sucker for sexy AND sweet~!

*raises eyebrow* :trixieshiftright: Secretly? Really?

I'll keep things simple and brief:
Well done


Thank you.

I absolutely love every bit of this story it's execution, concept, and sex scenes were brilliant the whole way. truly a masterwork.

Oh my god I don't know how I missed this being put out but I'm so, so happy I found it! Wow, that was a really fun read. It was so interesting to see how Gallus's mind changed over time about making the switch, and then the switch itself was SO well done (and really fucking hot by the way, as was the sex afterwards).

Seeing Sandbar see Gaventa when she got back from her trip was a really nice thing to read, and I'm glad things are going to work out between them and Griswald.

Once again, you've delivered an awesome read. Great job! I'm always happy to read another one of your stories.

Stay safe out there in today crazy world!

Had a great start and interesting premise but knowing that any choice he makes is way too forced in either direction really killed the story for me but was fun for the few chapters that I did get threw

Yet again you have managed to write yet another story that isn't just about sex but also has a decent plot with well thought out and developed characters.

Keep up the good work.

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