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While all of your stories are hot as fuck, I actually think I enjoy your Shining and Cadence’s relationship the most.

The constant ribbing and teasing between the two, even during the crazy sex they get up to, really solidifies the fact that they love eachother.

Anyway, glad to see this gem back. Definitely one of my favorites.

re-upload? or a improved version of old? Liked this story by the way, I find luna cute in some scenes.

"If you're looking for fierce devotion, high-level weapon skill, and a lack of any and all practical intelligence, you go to the Marines," Best line ever. Glad it's not just me and my brother that thinks that.

This one was always my favorite. If I remember right, you had a sequel for it written(or in the works), but that was before your purge. Would you happen to still have it, or is it lost?


It was never put into proper development, sadly. It was when I was struggling to write much of anything at the time, and it just sat in development hell for it's entire existence.



"You army grunts are smarter than I gave you credit for."

"If you're looking for fierce devotion, high-level weapon skill, and a lack of any and all practical intelligence, you go to the Marines," Shining shrugged.

"And if I'm looking for a group of boyscouts that will be excellent at keeping old women in line and finding every wrong way to perform a task and still somehow succeeding at it?" Luna beamed.

"Then you go to the army,"

OMG I love this. I have to show this joke to a friend of mine. He was in the marines and has a brother in the army. They will get a kick out of this joke roflmao.

I thought it was M.A.R.I.N.E.:


They do but they are to proud to admit it. That and they break the Navy’s equipment while their at it. My brother has to spend all day fixing what they break.

Why the change in the endings?


Retcon for sequel purposes :raritywink:

I always like to keep some crayons around in case some jarheads get hungry.

I've heard it said that there is nothing truly marineproof, because there is nothing they are not dumb enough to get mad and and strong enough to break.

Real great guys to have around if you need something fucked right the hell up though.

That's a shame. Will you be considering going back and finishing it?

"I am the night!" Luna yelled, thwacking Shining across the head with her flimsy little hands. "Fear me!"

*Smol blu thot noises intensifies* :pinkiecrazy:

I approve! :trollestia:

I find myself highly disappointed by the new ending.

Yeah that's gonna be me by fall.

"Lmao, probably," Cadance said with a shrug.


who was the original author might i ask?

Buster is, but they’ve been having account issues

I still fucking LOVE how Luna is like "Welp. I'mma die. OKAY! Fuck me to death you glorious beast of a stallion!"

Did we forget to mention Luna is TEENY WEENY

I'm not sure if I just read porn or a meme, either way, 10/10 I haha'd a lot.
I am curious, however, what was the original ending like?


Luna ended up getting pregnant and passing out in a puddle of cum.

yikes... why account issues... why...

I was thinking "If Cadence knows about the seal, she definitely knows how to remove it!"

Hot as fuck. I loved Shining and Cadance. It's always so heartwarming to see a couple that knows that the best way to break a slut is with teamwork.

I desperately need a sequel.

I found the original with the old ending , https ://fimfetch.net/story/426144/over-the-moon
,remove the space (put it there just in case because idk the rules for that)

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