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A little microcosm of depravity with a heart and purveyor of timely smut

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This is incredibly solid. The perfect edge of teenage libido overriding anyone else's agency, that's the stuff I really enjoy. The setup and premise has enough tension, and Cressie's power is finicky and limited enough to not leave things boring, which is always a tough risk in this genre.

All of your writing has solid pace and description and is pleasant, and I'm not exactly sure which of many ways things could go next, but I'd be interested in seeing all of them. From the sheer confidence future-Cress oozes in the opening paragraph, I'm sure it'll be a fun ride. Hope we get to see more.

I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. You didn’t spend too long establishing the scene, were patient enough to build up expectation before you moved to delivery, and portrayed your characters with a degree of realism that made every interaction seem more legitimate.

I’d be cautious about not showing the mechanism through which the MC is changing things, as it leaves the reader feeling a bit out of the loop. I will admit that I’m forced into wondering how the current effect was accomplished, but too much and it might lose the vicarious sense of control that’s gifted by seeing through the eyes of the MC. Again, not meant to disparage, I’d just recommend being mindful.

It’s a very interesting concept, one I haven’t seen explored before. I’m curious to see what you have planned, and hopeful that with such a flexible and powerful tool your main character won’t shy away from being truly creative instead of limiting himself to the simplest of uses. Altering history, changing personalities, biologies, appearances, knowledge and skills, the recent past. How does the device handle subjective viewpoints? For example, if he rewound the recording and replaced “6 or 7” with say “9 or 10” would she get objectively better looking, or would her appearance change according to what Double considers beautiful as he was the one making the remark?

I’m eager to find out. Thanks for your hard work.

Thank you for the compliments. I hope the story continues to live up to expectations.

Thank you too for the compliments. As far as not showing certain aspects of the power in use - such as not including his talking points around Periwinkle between C.2 and C.3 - was more to not make it so readers had to go through a vague outline as listed by Cresh, followed by the detailed, but very much similar, encounter on the field. Later chapters do, and will, have a bit more of Cresh's remarks into the microphone, in partial or full detail, with feedback coming at him more real time, sort of like the first incident in C.2, but... different.

Hell yes, accidental enslavement! Now that's a good way to quickly slide into complete depravity. I'm very curious to see Cresh's reactions once he gets a clear head again, I'm kind of expecting an adorable bundle of frazzled nerves.

Good job with the sex scenes, you highlighted enough strong, visual moments to be very hot, while keeping the pace and tone up to really focus on the situational sexiness that this story is about.


Not quite the porn I was hoping to get out of this tonight, but I can live with that, because it's definitely interesting.

I like that the recorder just keeps doing stuff without presenting any clear rules - it makes it much more reasonable to accept Cresh not dedicating himself to a perfect plan to solve every problem, if he doesn't actually know what he can do. I'm very glad he experimented with trying some physics-defying tricks last chapter, though, and even more pleased that they worked. indulge my transformation fetish pls kthx

The absurdly wavering confidence levels feel really natural and fun. Berry is great, too, when she gets moments to show off. I do kind of feel like the girls are suspiciously acting as non-characters in a few places they shouldn't – there's a level of magical acceptance from becoming slaves that explains that, but I'd still like to see them, uh, talking to Cresh, and providing some curiousity and perspective on the magical reality alterations they're on some level cognizant of. Or at least his emotional baggage! I kinda expect that at the start of next chapter, though, so I don't want to be too critical there...

One of the fascinating little bits I want to call out is Cresh's decision to tell Peri to cut off her other dates - even at that point, where he wants to not want to be these girls owner and to have completely changed their lives, he has the direct subconscious spark of possessiveness that he doesn't even consider letting her keep acting as she would have. Which her enslavement apparently wouldn't even have effected! Very interesting touch.

I understand that this chapter certainly lacks the pornographic touches of the previous, but I felt it necessary. Berry and Spry shall be getting better stints in the spotlight as we progress, but between resolving certain issues and my own story-blinders, I can see how their characterization has faltered a tad at the start here. No worries though, next chapter, in all hopes, shall bring the feels, the sexy, and characters in a better, stronger way.

there are 2 possibilities i can think of on why the father came crying.
1. the mother died
2. the device already knew what crescendo would do and already cured the mom

Dangit, Cresh, take some time to think about what you say! You don't want something that's easiest interpretation is 'all her organs already failed' or something, be careful when messing with your mother's life! Is it bad if I kind of want that to happen, though, and for him to go into full bullshit 'Then the boy's mother got up, miraculously returning from the dead in full health, and no one questioned how this was possible ever' afterwards, though?

I definitely don't believe the girls when they say they would have wanted this – that's 100% rationalized mind control talk. Cresh is in a pretty rough state, though, so it's probably what he needs to hear in order to not do something stupid.

He's definitely very cute, but 'didn't exert full control to destroy your mind and agency' is a pretty low bar, Spring. I'm kinda worried about you. Berry I can totally empathize with, though!

Spoilers... until the next chapter drops in a few hours

Terrible? No. Sometimes we wish for the hardest realities followed by quick fixes just for fun. As far as how sound the answers the mares gave were, well...

Good to hear there was a reaction. Hope you continue to enjoy!

Oooh, escalation! (sorry for being busy a few days, I've still been following along intently!)

Gotta admit, for half this chapter I was expecting it to just be a porn flick that Berry or Raven had pulled out, but hmmmm. I'm guessing at magic notepad? That's exciting! ...mainly because there's a very slim chance he and Cresh fuck as part of their eventual conflict and I really want to see that. :twilightsheepish:

The nurse chapter was really fun and just hot, I like Raven, and I think she's probably important to drive Cresh's ego and decision making in a way the others can't. I'm also very glad she has the sense to not use the dangerous magical artifact to indulge her kink – well, sort of. It definitely would have been hot to see her explaining to Cresh exactly what to do with it, but he'd have to have a different mindset to make that scene work.

Thank you as Always for the comment. The last few chapters have been fun to write to say the least, and there’s more yet to come! Time to flip this cassette to side B!

"I know you made this party extra special, and I'm glad you were so careful about it all, but right now we need to introduce you to some ponies!"


Alright. I want to see how this goes.


"Thanks for not forcing me to suffer ego death." is kind of reasonable, really.

I like this story a lot. This chapter especially bc you get to see a side of Cresh that you didn't before. Keep up the good work.

I don't get it. Why did he punish Berry? For having too much sex on a party he turned into a sex party? :applejackconfused:

Pinkie also seems surprisingly chill about Cresh manipulating everyone. The guy can alter people’s perception at willy-nilly and has proven that he has no qualms doing so. For all she knows he’s one step away from taking over Equestria.

Thank you for the compliment, hopefully you continue to enjoy the story.

More so that at various moments beforehand Berry did some of her aggravatingly sexy antics, at which points Cress noted that he would have to get back at her somehow. Giving her some comeuppance for being a tad bit of a sexy pain.

So I'm curious. Does this mean the story ends when side b completes? Because Cassette tapes kinda only have two sides...

"W-well..." A small voice began, and we all looked over in surprise to Fluttershy who had the four setting down in front of her. Her face was more red than yellow; I almost wandered if she had poured punch on her head at some point.

Er, was that supposed to be 'wondered'?

Cassettes with over than 3 dimensions tend to have more sides.

I'm not sure what you are getting at. If you mean it has a top bottom, two sides and a front and back then yes. However most cassette tapes I've ever seen only have a side A and a side B THAT YOU CAN RECORD ON.

So either there's another tape, or this one tape breaks the laws of physics.

It was, thank you for the catch.

Well yes, but actually no. The whole thing is up in the air. Depending on the response I get as I continue and how I feel going forward, I may or may not go passed this Side. At the moment I feel I can, but I reserve the right to second guess myself later on.

Hm, curiouser and curiouser.


Isn't Pinkie supposed to be the thicc one?

"I want him cleanly. Get me the intelligence and we'll get our plan together properly . No mistakes, Gunther, and no rush. We real him in nice and slow and he might just find himself handing the artifact over willingly. After all," Silver nodded to the abandoned bakery, "he did put on quite the show." Gunther huffed, and flew away.

i think the correct word is reel

looking forward to see where the story goes

councilor who then asked me if I had had a cutie mark.

that would take them to the hotel where we'd be staying.

knocking on the door to be let in no later than half past seven." I nodded, as did Double.

The cab departed with a honk of the horn by the cabpony, leaving us two to our own devices.

How did he honk? With a cab horn or a horn strapped to his neck? Like Bert had in his one man band in Marry Poppins?

I whistled to myself. I knew I had only to wait for a few moments as the recorded points I had put into the cassette of my life took their course. I watched after my second knocking as the face of the mare peaked out. She was still as beautiful as he recalled; a six or seven indeed, Double. She opened the door and walked to the front door, a slight swaying in her hips, exciting me only more. She unlocked the door and opened it.

though now I could hear her needy breaths as she approached.

I'm confused, why does this story have a human tag and why are these ponies making Star Wars references?

Lining up behind my part of the conga line, I lined my dick up for entry. Ahead of me, I could already hear Periwinkle moaning in pleasure.

What had been agreed to be our final round, we did in the back of the house.

It was just Berry and I while Peri went about cleaning the front of the house,

I could only smirk as I let her finish, giving a quick glance at my watch.


Thank you, and glad to hear.

The second 'had' was on purpose. Allow me to demonstrate a grammatically correct sentence that does it better. "All the faith he had had, had had no effect."
As far as the horn is concerned, I hadn't thought it an incredibly important concept to understand for the sake of the story, and so I didn't add it as it would've dragged out an unnecessary detail that really would've added very little. The cart, as I had imagined it, had the twin spokes between which the pony was set to pull it. The horn was fixed to one of those spokes so it was easy to reach.
Thank you for all your help with the grammar, there's only so much a one man show can do. There are some corrections you suggested that I see as unnecessary, but to each their own.
Specific response to this critique: Saying 'Front of House' and 'Back of House' is more of me being used to restaurant lingo. We use the phrases front of house and so on to refer to the areas of the establishment. I've never worked at a place like the shop, but I could imagine them calling it using the same terminology. In these pieces of lingo, they don't use definite or indefinite article as the word 'house' isn't calling the establishment a 'house' but using the word to refer to the establishment as a singular unit with all areas accessible to customers falling under 'front of house' and all areas restricted to the workers to 'back of house'.

The human tag was added mostly because the ponies in this story are all but human. I have considered removing it as Anthro does fit a tad better. As far as references to Star Wars and other intellectual properties, I seemed to recall that there were references to any number of intellectual properties in the show proper. It's honestly just a joke.

you willing to risk the germs of the past few second hand stores we've been to?"

and just as I was about to touch them where it counted, my hands left them entirely.

useful in my estimation that the benefit gained from destroying it.

After a moment, I let my head hit the pillows again, going back to my reading, figuring that it wasn't important.

"And you controlled those mares?" She asked me in a thin whisper, as if she couldn't breathe.

I looked to Raven, my eyes asking the same question.

Pleased to meet you and you and you, and you too Berry, though I already know you!

only arrived less than ten seconds earlier,

I see this guy as a typical journalist.

Do you know how hard it is to try and pull off something like this normally?

"Sure do! Ooh, I gotta go get the cakes out of the oven!" With that she entered hyperspace once more and was gone,

Pinkie I’m sure the Cakes would have been find staying upstairs. There’s no need to shove them in the oven!! :rainbowwild:
Edit 3/16/2010:

It seemed to be that though I had said it would no longer be awkward

This time, Applejack was quick to respond with a laugh as she tossed her nine to the center of the circle while taking to her feet.

the rest of the cards making a quick trip to the center.

Please let someone say, “I want seven to eat nine.”

I wanted to object to that, but Berry was in too much of a flow to notice my weak attempt at interrupting.

Just a question, how antho are they? How do you wear heels with hooves? Do they have tails, horns, wings, snoots? I'm confused now.

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