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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky

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This was really cute ^^

Wait, is having a tutor optional or does everyone have to have one?

I suppose it depends on the Individual. In order for this to work, the hippogriff has to be willing to have a Tutor. While there’s no rule that they have to, the mindset of having one is kinda similar that it’s best to undergo training for doing something like brain surgery or flying a blimp. To them, you can be in a relationship, get married, and have sex without a tutor. But it would be seen as crazy as climbing the Himalayas in your slippers; you can do it, but it’s just very, very difficult to do.

You know, he could just say "Well, if you want to blow something" while waggling groucho marx eyebrows over the birthday cake and be a lot less pretentious.:trollestia:

I kid of course.:rainbowkiss: As for what's actually in it... eh, really, this one doesn't strike me as something I can really take the mickey out of, so I'll leave you all to it.

Who am I to judge? To each their own.

Oh my god I wish our culture could do this, it’s an awesome idea! Also nice work on the story from the plot to the porn! I do have a question was that How to please your stallion 101 a reference to another story on this sight? Cause if it was love the link!

To answer your question, yes, it is. And it was written by His Holiness, TheVClaw.

I knew it, glad to find another fan of his!😁👍

You know what? For being such a good sport, I'll give this a look through and get back to you with all my knowledge of societies for bear and give you my critique overall.

Well this was an interesting read, and it's always good to see your stuff, keep it up.

To the author - Oh my god wow!
hi! you haven't from me in a long while i'm still trying to get rid of this laptop!:twilightangry2: held off for almost a week then i finally began to read it on a Friday then finished on Saturday.

here's the review...such a cute, adorable yet sexy fic you've written:raritystarry::heart::heart::heart:
terramar needs more love (in stories & fanart) also that little easter egg of How to please your stallion 101 taken from the Vclaw's fic makes it more interesting:raritywink:

Now I want to see a sequel of process to where Eros tops

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