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I already love it💚
I don't know why, since I'm more into action/grimdark stories, but these Spike as an Author stories have always interested me.

And this one already seems like it's gonna be good:moustache:

I'm adding this to my Read Laters!

That cover art, the way a grown up, muscle bound spike is holding the book with an outstretched arm with confidence. It reminds me of an old fandom meme video:

It looks like he might qualify for an invite now.

I try with action being a big point in many of my stories so this will be a change for me. I do plan to have fun kind of action like chases and the like. Plus Spike having to try and be in two places at once kind of things. Thanks for reading! I'll try getting more chapters out when I can.

*bows* thanks! I'll try to add more things going on in the next chapter

Thank you, hope you'll enjoy it!

This looks very interesting. Curious, are the characters anthro or not? It's hard to tell.

Was this inspired by an unfinished fic about Spike being a romance author called cursive writer?

Because if it is...... HELL YES! PLEASE SEE THIS STORY THROUGH!!!!!

Spike as one of those authors? It’ll be interesting especially since he’s usually shafted to the background in canon.

give us more..
or i will publish more of my terrible written clop stories

Hmmm I don't see them as Anthro. I suppose though with Spike as the main character I didn't make that clear.

No actually I haven't read that one, was it good? May give me ideas on where to take this story as I could always use new ideas.

Yep Celestia wouldn't approve heh. I hope to keep it interesting with ponies trying to figure Spike out and him trying to keep that fame.

Mostly the ones whose cuties marks are in the picture maybe I'll include others but it will depend.

Haha some threat but I'll work hard on the next chapter! Hopefully I'll make it something good.

Even ones who don't have cutie marks like Gabby?

Gabby would be fun, course the book would first have to go out of Equestria and that is a good idea with Ember and Gabby being two who would actually try reading it.

Okay. From the image and the descriptions in the chapter I couldn’t tell if they were anthro or not.

Ahh I was wrong I did read this one back a long time ago. I quite loved it.

10111355 Make sure it has macro, hyper, and vore. Then it'll be the worstest! :rainbowlaugh:

Sad it was never finished
Hopefully your story can fill that void

suspensions arise

Spike is a wheeled vehicle now? And he needs a higher wheelbase to roll over obstacles? :pinkiecrazy: :raritywink:

Heh that is why I need an editor haha

And then Spike writes another novel: The Tale of Scroty McBoogerballs.


Interesting idea. I'm all in. It will be fun to see Shy fall for Spike and Discord get in the way. I'm excited for more. Very in character.

Yeah Shy was the character I may have a problem with as Discord will appear. I was thinking that Spike would flirt with her and she'd blush and enjoy the attention but never go after him, but Discord would get jealous and try to figure out who Emerald is. With his power I think he'd be one to figure it out fast.

Well gods tend to do that lol. Personally I like the idea of Shy going after Spike but it's your story so I'm game for what you got planned.

I was thinking Shy accepting a date or two would be nice but would Spike plot-block a bro? I'm not sure.

I just really love the two as a couple. I could see them working out out of all the six. With Twi being his sister and Rarity being....well just poison in general. Shy, Pinkie and maybe AJ seem like they could work well with Spike's personality and that's what makes it fun. Discord is eons old. I doubt he would would see what was going on fast and their friendship would be on the line...I like that idea.

Hmm you do have a point that I can see the two working real well with Fluttershy (And Applejack) being the ones that actually notice or care when Spike is mistreated. Any one of them three could work well. Discord's age is something that makes the ship for a lot of people and seeing the topic of this story is harem I may actually put Discord with Celestia and have Fluttershy with the other girls. Discord may still be jealous or annoyed if his normal tea time with Fluttershy and the time he is with Celestia is them going on about a stallion so it would still give him reason to go after Spike.

Now that's an idea and you're right. AJ and Shy were the only ones to give a shit. Sad but true. I like this idea a lot. Always one for Discord/Celestia though my personal favorite is Discord/Pinkie with how their personalities are together. But I'm excited for more.

Pretty interesting.

Wonder how Luna reacts to the book Spike wrote if she read it like Celestia did? :0

I actually have the idea of Luna being more of a critic of Spike's work.

Think it might boost Spike's book even more?

Criticism does have a tendency to do that at least sells wise but I think Spike will see it as a bit of a challenge to get Luna to really enjoy one of his books.

Their interaction is going to be fun to see pretty much.

Celly’s smart and Twilight even smarter. Here’s hoping Spike can hold on as long as he can.

I think this is my fear too. I have an r-rated book on hold and I wish to publish. Tricky part is, my family dont know that side of me so this reflects so much on my life.

Now that Emerald Flare is out in the open, mares be knocking on his door.

“.... I know a bit about writing blocks.....”

"Asimov had writer's block once. It was the worst 10 minutes of his life" Harlan Ellison
"Mark Twain" had the same problem
In his youth, Clemens was a steamboat pilot. He was always in debt, always looking for ways to get more money. He wrote a humorous story for a professional journal, poking fun at several people that he knew. But, when the time came to publish "A difficulty arose -I discovered a hitherto unsuspected streak of modesty in my character. I wasn't modest everywhere, but I was modest in places, and one of those places was in claiming credit for this article" So, he took the pen name "Mark Twain" (A steamboating term for 2 fathoms (12 feet) of water, the depth that most riverboats needed for safe travel)

Dude... I been out of school for 6 years now... I never expected to be schooled this hard again!

Don't forget Starlight and the other girls, Spike surrounds himself with loads of smart cookies.

If they can find him haha.

10158127 Not sure why, but this fic just turned into an intense session of Prop Hunt.

Knowing his pen pal, occasional write backs means no secrets between them.

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