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Pretending To Be Mine - PixiePony

Fluttershy is being stalked to the point of feeling terrorized and has acquired the help from her most loyal friend.

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Chapter 4

During the next week of school, Rainbow Dash lived in blissful agony. It had seemed every time they kissed or were intimately close with one another, Shadow Chaser would leave them alone. He might nod his head to them but continue by. This seemed like a breakthrough. Rainbow also didn’t mind the intimacy with her friend, much to her own dismay and even felt herself craving the attention.

She wasn’t sure why it was so comfortable and enjoyable. The more she thought about it, the harder it became to look at her friend the same. Fluttershy was exceptionally beautiful. Rainbow had never doubted this fact, but seeing her in a romantic light, made the fact stand out. One day it almost hit her square in the face that to her, Fluttershy was probably the most beautiful girl in the school.

Rainbow had spent a full night agonizing about what that meant for their friendship. It wasn’t only her beauty but the tender care she showed towards others and, Rainbow wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking, the special tenderness that was directed towards herself. The look of happiness on her face that came when Rainbow entered the room.

Her chest felt warm just thinking about her.

Their second week of being a couple was coming to an end and it had seemed the plan had actually worked. Over time, Shadow Chaser was gradually keeping his distance, even when Fluttershy was alone. When seeing Rainbow or her friends around, he wouldn't even bother to approach and Fluttershy said in the class she shared with him, he now would almost ignore her.

Rainbow felt it might be a ploy of his, but it was exactly what they wanted.

If Shadow Chaser stayed away from them, they might not have to continue their charade anymore. Rainbow decidedly ignored the sinking tight feeling at the thought of ending the closeness they had developed.

During her break in PE class, Rainbow sat relaxing on the bleachers, with her back to Fluttershy and the timid girls’ hands in her hair. When it came to Fluttershy, Rainbow had almost no willpower. So, when her friend had suggested she braid her hair, she shrugged but agreed. Fluttershy had clapped her hands together and giggled to herself.

With a fist on her blushing cheek she tried to hide her enjoyment of the action with a pout. Something Rainbow wasn’t expecting was the sensation of Fluttershy’s fingers running through her hair. Almost massaging her scalp, so light and gentle, gathering the hair in her hands. She tried not to close her eyes and lean into her touch. It was relaxing and Rainbow, although embarrassed at caving into something so girly and sappy, was glad she had agreed.

“Your hair is so beautiful, Dash.”

Rainbow had been drifting into a leisure mindset and was startled out of it. “It’s perfect for braiding.” Rainbow blushed at the compliment. “The strands are like the grain of wood, it shows off the veins of color, all intertwining together.”

Frozen, Rainbow didn’t know what to say. No one had ever complimented her like that. Sure, she had gotten loads of compliments about her athletic skill and agility. But she wasn’t the most feminine girl out there and beauty wasn’t something she focused on.

Her voice cracked as she quietly thanked her, putting her head in her hands as she let Fluttershy finish her styling.

“All done!” She sang, and Rainbow Dash turned to look at her, face still warm from her blushing.

“Thanks Shy.”

They smiled at each other for a moment before Rainbow was called onto the field again. Breaking away, she jumped up and ran into the game. Sunset and Applejack complimented her on her hairstyle change. All she could do was scratch the back of her neck and awkwardly thank them.

The rest of the match, Rainbow Dash was barely able to get her head into the game.

The moment she shared with Fluttershy had felt so different. It wasn’t new, and that was the part that was freaking her out. Everything felt so natural, like having Fluttershy’s hands entangled in her hair was something she wanted to feel every day.

Stopping dead in her tracks, the opposing teammate who had been right behind, almost slammed into her. Rainbow Dash’s heart began to race.

Fluttershy was something she wanted every day.

Enjoying the closeness and craving the small kisses they shared was one thing but needing to be around her was a completely different playing field. She hadn’t wanted to put a label on the feelings she was going through but somehow ‘crush’ didn’t seem to cover it.

It felt hard to swallow and Rainbow looked at her surroundings. There were a couple of her teammates staring at her, but her mind couldn’t focus on who. A lump still in her throat, she spoke up, the sound deafening in her ears.

“Hey coach? Can I take a breather?” Her coach looked like she was going to say no but apparently Rainbow looked just as panicked as she felt, and she dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Not waiting for her to change her mind, Rainbow ran towards the locker room, realizing that the lump in her throat was her heart.

Fluttershy felt strange to admit it, even to herself, but being able to run her fingers through Rainbow Dash’s hair had felt so amazing. Her hair was so soft, and it warmed her cheeks just thinking about how she had just let her do it. She hadn’t really put up a fuss.

It was similar to their intimate cuddling, it gave her that same feeling, that Fluttershy was trusted. That Rainbow trusted her enough to hold her, to put her hands on her. That idea made her blush intensify and she felt a warm flutter in her chest.

Ever since the first kiss they shared, her mind had been in a blissful state. Something about being around Rainbow and how comfortable she was being intimate with her made her feel like things really were going to turn out okay.

Fluttershy had been contemplating what all that really meant.

There was a shuffling sound beside her and to her annoyance she saw Shadow Chaser walking over, breaking her from her revere. This time, the warm feeling in her chest kept her grounded and she was able to simply give him a tight smile. When he didn’t leave, she sighed.

“Please leave.”

Her time away from him had given her the courage and really let her see how badly he had affected her life. Shadow Chaser had his hands in his pockets and swayed back and forth slightly.

“I just wanted to say Hi.”

Fluttershy moved her eyes back to the game and noticed Rainbow Dash run towards the locker rooms. Before she could wonder what Rainbow was doing, Shadow Chaser took her silence as an invitation and sat down next to her, luckily though he had given her a breath of distance. After a short pause he spoke up.

“I miss talking with you.”

He was quiet and Fluttershy felt slightly ashamed mixed with irritation. She hated feeling like the bad guy in this situation. He seemed genuinely sad that he couldn't be around her anymore.

“Are you avoiding me?” There was hurt in his tone and Fluttershy shook her head.

“Of course not.” She lied. If she really thought about it, he had been the one avoiding her. Though, through her own efforts to make it happen. “It’s just- well,” She put her hands up defensively. “I’ve just been busy with school and the animal shelter and my girlfriend.”

The last word had his features shifting. He had almost looked like he understood that she was busy but when she had mentioned Rainbow Dash, his face hardened.

“I’m sorry I’m not good enough to hang around anymore.” He crossed his arms. “If she is purposely keeping you from me then maybe she isn’t as good a girlfriend as you think.”

“She is.” She said harshly but then hesitated. “It’s not that.” She wasn’t comfortable lying but her good nature always seemed to get the better of her. “I really have been just busy recently.”

She hung her head in defeat. He dropped his arms and sighed.

“I forgive you, Fluttershy.” Fluttershy held an eye roll she felt coming, something she would never do in front of anyone, but he seemed to push her limits. Shadow Chaser lifted his hand and placed it on her shoulder. “Let’s not fight about this.” And he pulled her close for a hug.

She tensed and didn’t bother pulling her arms up to reciprocate. She felt like a stiff board in his embrace.

“I know you’re busy and I know you’re being naive about this whole Rainbow thing.” He practically spat her name as he pulled away and it made Fluttershy bristle slightly. “But it’s ok. You’re just too nice sometimes.”

He smiled, an almost genuine smile, and it made her skin crawl. He was being presumptuous, and she hated that he always made her out to be the one at fault. She was tired of this. She was tired of just taking it. And she was tired of the emotional turmoil he put her through.

A couple nights earlier, she had been at Rainbow’s house, talking about the situations Shadow Chaser had been putting her through, ever since he started following her. There was one thing that Rainbow had said that stuck in her mind. ’Just because he had feelings for her, did not make her responsible for those feelings’.

Without thinking about it she let out a frustrated sigh. Shadow Chaser raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You know what.” She found herself saying. “I am too nice.”

Fluttershy turned to face him, steeling her nerves. “Please leave.”

He paused, having trouble processing her comment. “Uh, what do you mean, I just got here.” He laughed it off forcefully and moved to sit closer.

Fluttershy stood with a purpose.

“I told you to leave. Would you please go away.” It wasn’t a question and Fluttershy could feel the adrenaline running through her.

“You know,” He said, standing and pointing a finger at her. “You’ve changed. I think Rainbow Dash has been a bad influence on you.” He crossed his arms. “You weren't ever like this before you started dating her.”

“And what about the last 12 years of my life that she’s been present?” Fluttershy crossed her arms as well, challengingly. “She’s been the best influence in my life that anyone ever has.”

She walked close to him, feeling her heart race.

“Go away.”

Shadow Chaser blanched for a moment. He rolled his eyes and put on a smile.

“You’ve never wanted me to go away before,”

Fluttershy could tell he was trying to be charming but her patience for him had finally been spent.

“That must mean you don’t mean it.”

He lifted his hand to her arm, and they were both surprised as she batted it away. She felt the shock on her face but covered it quickly.

“No, I have never wanted your company. You always talked over me or pushed me into silence.”

Sitting back on the bleachers she stared out at the game, as if nothing had happened.

“So, Go. Away.”

She could tell Shadow Chaser was stunned into silence. He hesitated for a moment and she thought he might reach out to continue, but he balled his fist and walked away with what she could imagine was a combination of sulk and shock.

Fluttershy breathed. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she couldn’t keep the smile from her face.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” She practically vibrated as she giggled to herself. “That felt so good!”

By the time the game was over, Rainbow Dash had calmed her nerves a little. Fluttershy was her friend and somehow, she had become romantically attracted to her in their weeks of acting as a couple. Blanching, she sighed. That wasn’t right though, Fluttershy was, out of all her friends, the closest friend she had, and she began to realize, she was much more than that to Rainbow.

Sunset and Applejack voiced their concerns when they entered the locker room, but Rainbow had cooled down by then. She brushed them off fairly easily, though she could tell they weren’t convinced. She didn’t want them to know about her realization about her best friend, she wasn’t even sure about it herself and the less they knew, the less they would worry.

That might have been truer for herself than her friends, but she held onto that idea.

By the time Rainbow left the lockers, she felt ready to face Fluttershy. One look at the beaming smile on her friend's face told her otherwise and she felt her cheeks warm.

“Hey Fluttershy-”

“Rainbow Dash!” She was momentarily put off by the outburst from her timid friend. It was endearing to see her so enthused. Something like butterflies were tumbling around in her stomach.

“What’s up Shy?”

They started walking as Fluttershy began her story. She relayed how adamant she had been towards Shadow Chaser and what she had said. It was a little surprising but mostly relieving.

“I actually raised my voice! Me!” She blushed as she smiled, the adrenaline still running through her and it made Rainbow weak at the knees. “I was so assertive.”

Rainbow smiled and put her arm around her friend’s waist. It was like fire under her hand. “I knew you had it in you Fluttershy.” She squeezed her against her body and almost regretted it, feeling the warmth it sent through her. “You’re so much braver than you realize.”

Fluttershy giggled and Rainbow could feel her blush all the way up to her ears. It was melodic and she hated herself for wanting to hear it all the time.

“Maybe he’ll finally understand that he can’t manipulate you anymore.”

It was true, the next day he hadn’t looked in their direction nor had he even spoken to Fluttershy. Perhaps, and it might have been too early to tell, he had moved on. Or at the very least, realized that Fluttershy wasn’t someone he could push around anymore.

That sinking feeling from before made Rainbow’s hands fidget and she found she couldn’t sit still through class, impatient for it to end so she could see Fluttershy again. If he was leaving her alone, that meant they would have to stop dating. Fake dating, she reminded herself. That wasn’t something she wanted to give up.

Finally, the bell rang, and she bolted out of the class, almost leaving her bookbag in her haste. If Fluttershy was something she wasn’t going to have anymore, she was going to drink up the attention for as long as possible.

Standing near her locker, Fluttershy was digging through it and, it looked like, humming to herself. Rainbow Dash breathed a sigh at the sight.

Mentally shaking herself, she stood up straight and walked towards her. Being around her friend had made her soft and sappy. Though, she was reminded of Fluttershy’s comment at the beginning of this charade, that if this were real, she would be just as sappy. She smiled to herself. Fluttershy had been right.

Fluttershy looked up for a moment and smiled, and the wishful thinking in Rainbow felt maybe she smiled a little brighter because of her presence.

At lunch, Fluttershy brought up the topic Rainbow had been avoiding all day.

“You think we should plan a breakup?”

Rainbow scratched the back of her neck and shrugged. “I mean, he’s stopped bugging you for the most part, right?” Their friends were discreetly looking away, but she could tell they were listening in. It made her more nervous than she already was. As if they could see the struggle of affection on her face.

Fluttershy nodded and looked around slightly. “And I think if he does bother me again, I know I can stand up to him.” Rainbow smiled and brushed her shoulder against her friend. They were sitting close but hadn’t been physically affectionate as much today. “You sure can.”

Rainbow wasn’t sure if this was from Fluttershy wanting to break it off, from her maybe somehow finding out that Rainbow had feelings for her, or maybe it was her own doing, not wanting to overstep any boundaries, even though they had established boundaries early on. She felt like maybe she was deceiving her friend if she indulged in their fake affection while knowing how much she wanted it to be real.

“So, you think it’s a good idea, then?” Rainbow faltered. She thought it was a horrible idea, but she just stumbled over her words, looking up at the others to see them quickly look away. She glared at them slightly.

Fluttershy seemed to notice as well and giggled a little. “Why don’t we just talk tonight.” Rainbow Dash cleared her throat and smiled. “Sure thing, Shy. How about we go to my house?” Fluttershy nodded and they continued their meal.

Fluttershy had been contemplating Rainbow Dash’s words the other day. Shadow Chaser not manipulating her or bothering her would be unimaginably freeing. It had been so long since she could just sit in peace without him bothering her or having to use Rainbow as a shield.

Rainbow had been doing a good job at fending him off but, since their plan was working, it seemed appropriate to end the agreement they had started only two weeks ago. It was funny to think about it, what it would be like to not need Rainbow’s help anymore. Obviously, their routine wouldn’t change much since they were always near each other in the first place. But that would mean no hand holding. No guarantee of a spot next to her at lunch. Not as many walks to class.

Fluttershy's mood began to deflate as she walked with Rainbow to her PE class. It was something she hadn’t considered, giving up this closeness that had formed through their charade. Looking at Rainbow as they walked, hand in hand, she realized she didn’t want to give it up.

Her eyes widened.

She must have had a physical reaction because Rainbow was looking at her and reaching her hand towards her face. Feeling the warm calloused hands brush against cheek, she tried her hardest not to close her eyes and sigh, drinking in the affection.

“You doing ok, Shy?” Fluttershy nodded, feeling a little lightheaded. This was something she needed to think about later, when Rainbow Dash wasn’t in front of her, muddling her senses.

“I’m ok Dashie,” She smiled and blushed, really seeing Rainbow’s beauty in a new light. Her fuchsia eyes were something she felt she could get lost in, and the worry was disappearing from them. She noticed Rainbow sporting a blush as well but dismissed it, shaking her head.

Rainbow smiled and scratched the back of her neck, pulling away slightly. “You know, you can still come if you want.” Fluttershy wasn’t sure what she was talking about, she must have missed something Rainbow had said previously. Her confusion must have been visible because she began to elaborate.

“If we’re not doing this,” She hesitated, gesturing between them. “thing anymore, you can always come and watch me practice. Or- I mean, come to watch the practice.” She chuckled nervously.

Fluttershy wasn’t sure why but the hesitant tone in her voice seemed to show how important it was to Rainbow that Fluttershy would be there.

“I’ve always enjoyed my favorite cheerleader.” There was a glow about her smile that spread to Fluttershy and she felt her stomach twist at the thought of being wanted like that. It wasn’t the usual worry knotting in her stomach she was used to feeling. This was something different.

Not different, she realized. It was the same feeling she got when Rainbow wrapped her arms around her or when they kissed briefly. When they walked together, hand in hand to class, or when Fluttershy found her friend waiting for her outside her classroom. With a breath, she realized everything started to make sense.

Fluttershy blushed, feeling a lot shyer than she ever had in front of Rainbow.

“Of course, Dashie,” She tilted her head so her hair fell in front of her face, trying to hide, as if Rainbow could see the realization in her eyes. “I like being there to watch you play.”

Slowly, Rainbow lifted her hands to Fluttershy’s face again, brushing the hair aside and behind her ear. She wanted to see her face and Fluttershy realized it was almost as if she was brushing away the timid feelings, like she wanted to see the expressions her face was making. Fluttershy breathed slowly, feeling her heart do a small flip.

It wasn’t anything new that they were doing, Fluttershy used to always come watch during her free period, even before all this happened. It was strange, that the idea of her willing wanting her to be there, not just to hide, but to watch her, gave Fluttershy an odd lump in her throat.

Rainbow swallowed thickly as she smiled. “Thanks, Shy.”

After school, they had decided to meet at Rainbow Dash’s house. Her parents could be a little overbearing at times, but they were away for the night, giving them a comfortable private place to talk.

Fluttershy had been thinking about her feelings all day. They were supposed to be discussing their ‘break up’ but it was increasingly becoming something she didn’t feel ready to do.

Perhaps she could suggest the prospect of continuing their relationship. But she knew it wouldn’t be the same. Fluttershy wanted it to be real, and if they continued their charade like they had been, she felt that she would be misleading Rainbow, or at least being selfish.

Watching Rainbow spread out on her bed, laying with her hands behind her head, her shirt inched up slightly, making Fluttershy look away with a blush. She had seen her bare skin countless times before, but this was different, she wanted to see her skin, to touch her skin. She felt her cheeks darken more.

It felt unfair. Fluttershy had been able to feign a relationship with her best friend, ending up falling head over heels for her in the process, and she wasn’t even able to properly kiss her.

She looked towards Rainbow, smiling slightly as a thought occurred to her.

Maybe she could just tell her how she felt.

Fluttershy cringed and hid her face again, behind her hair. It was a very bold move and she wasn’t sure how her friend would react to such a confession. Especially after everything they had been through during the past couple weeks. It was hard to think someone as bold and cool as Rainbow Dash would even think about dating a shy soft-spoken girl like Fluttershy.

Rainbow had even admitted to liking Spitfire, weeks ago when this whole thing had started. Fluttershy looked around her room, with all the posters of female athletes and loud colors. Fluttershy knew she could never measure up.

However, the close and long-lasting friendship she had with Rainbow told her otherwise. Even as children, Rainbow had stayed by her side, defending her at her meekest. If she could be such good friends, best and closest friends, with someone who was so different from herself, there was no reason she couldn’t feel romantically towards her as well.

Rainbow looked soft and hesitant, unlike her usual deminer. She cleared her throat but was still looking away from Fluttershy. “So uhm-” There was a pause before she continued. “How do you want to go about this break up?”

It felt right to be honest with her. Rainbow was someone she could trust with the truth. Someone she knew wouldn’t throw her feelings aside as unimportant, no matter if she reciprocated or not.

The thought of Rainbow actually liking her back made her smile and fluttered the inside of her stomach. These feelings might be easier to handle if she was honest with her friend and herself. She wouldn’t feel like she had anything to hide and felt she’d be a lot more comfortable around her friend if she admitted her attraction out loud.

“I don’t really-” She hesitated and sighed. “I don’t want to break up with you, though.” It was said softly and very scared. Rainbow then looked over, a small surprised look on her face.


Fluttershy fiddled with her hands but kept her eyes on Rainbow. “I don’t think we should break up.”

Rainbow Dash took the words in, processing them for a moment. Fluttershy realized she hadn't phrased it like she should have when Rainbow spoke, sitting up on the bed.

“Do you think we still need to continue; in case he starts bothering you again?”

Fluttershy sighed to herself and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and, in that breath,, organized her thoughts enough to say what she had originally wanted to.

“Dashie, I think I might really like you.”

There was silence and she peeked through her eyes, gauging her expression. It wasn’t a bad one, mostly one of confusion and surprise. She decided to elaborate.

“Romantically. I like you and I want our relationship to be real.” She smiled shrugging her shoulders. “I want you to be my girlfriend.”

When they had originally gone over to her house, Rainbow was in a state of dread. She was upset that they had to end things when she had just started to explore her own feelings about the situation. It wasn’t something she was looking forward to in the least.

As Fluttershy sat there, beside her bed in the computer chair, all Rainbow could think about was how much she was going to miss looking at her. They saw each other all the time before this whole thing began, but now she wouldn’t be allowed to look at her as much as she had been.

When Rainbow had asked about the breakup, Fluttershy’s answer ended up turning her whole world upside down. More than when she had realized how she felt about her.

She was staring, she knew she was staring, but she couldn’t find words to say, let alone fully process what her friend had just admitted.

Rainbow let out a breathless laugh and covered her mouth. It couldn’t be possible. Her brain was probably playing tricks on her, with the desperation she felt towards her friend, and now, it sounded like, she was admitting the same thing she had been torturing herself over for the past several days.

“You’re joking.”

It wasn’t eloquent and she cringed as soon as she said it. Fluttershy looked down at her feet and shrugged.

“You don’t have to feel the same but,” She paused slightly, hesitating. “Is it that hard to believe that I have feelings for you?”

Rainbow Dash let out a slight chuckle and scratched the back of her head, looking at her own feet across the bed. “Yeah, extremely.”

Rainbow smiled slightly. This was all so surreal. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m awesome.” sighing she continued. “But- we’re just so different.”

Fluttershy nodded, looking up and Rainbow realized she hadn’t admitted to her own feelings yet, leaving her wondering in her confession. “That’s never stopped us from being such close friends, for so long.”

She sounded hopeful and Rainbow looked up at her. “But friendship is a whole lot different than romance.”

Her cheeks began to blush as she let the idea into the open. Leaning back on the arm behind her head, she paused. She paused for a while just looking at Fluttershy with dusted cheeks. Rainbow was still hesitant about the idea that Fluttershy really liked her but she would never lie to her like that. Rainbow knew she owed Fluttershy her own confession. Even, by some chance, she was hallucinating and what her friend was saying wasn’t what she thought.

Finally, she spoke in a soft crackling voice.


Fluttershy blushed, stammering. “W-why what?”

“Why me?” She pushed herself up again, gesturing with her hands. “I’ve always pictured you liking… I don’t know, someone calmer, sappy, more caring…”


“More like you.” It was true. Rainbow was worlds different from Fluttershy. It’s why it was so hard to believe that someone as sweet, kind, and beautiful as Fluttershy would even think about being with someone as brash and thick headed as her.

“Rainbow Dash, you ARE caring. And don’t try to act like you’re not sappy.”

Rainbow whipped her head around and spoke up in protest. “I’m not sappy!!”

Fluttershy giggled. “Right, that’s why you have matching slippers for your pet, Tank.” Rainbow blushed. “Th-that doesn’t count. That’s different.”

“Because he matters?”

Rainbow looked into Fluttershy’s eyes and stared a moment. She had to tell her. She was holding back the inevitable and couldn’t sit in fear. Fluttershy, of all people, had been the one to confess first. The least she could do was let her friend know how she felt.

“You matter.”

Fluttershy visibly gasped, holding her breath. “You matter so much.” Rainbow pushed herself up fully, swinging her legs off the bed.

“Really?” Rainbow nodded blushing. Fluttershy looked at her for a moment, a blush also visible on her cheeks. It was simply cute and made Rainbow Dash smile.

Fluttershy spoke up. “I thought you liked athletic girls?” Rainbow laughed and her smile widened. She shrugged. “I thought I did too.”

It was time for a real explanation from her side. Fluttershy had made her affections known and Rainbow wasn’t sure she could sound half as endearing as her friend had. Feelings, important ones like this, were something that she usually didn’t show much of.

“This past week-” She paused and rephrased. “The time I’ve spent with you-” She let out a frustrated sigh, slapping her hand on her face.

“You know I'm no good at this stuff.”

Fluttershy leaned forward and put her hand gently on Rainbow’s shoulder. It was warm and sent a tingling sensation down her arm.

“I know.” She smiled and Rainbow pulled her hands away from her face. “And that’s ok.”

Rainbow slowly grabbed the hand that was on her shoulder, stroking her yellow skin. “Can I-” She swallowed. “Can I use actions, instead of words?”

Fluttershy blushed as she smiled. “That’s what you do best.” With no hesitation Rainbow pressed herself against Fluttershy, locking their lips together.

There was the spark again. The same feeling in the pit of her stomach. However, this was worlds different. This was meaningful and Rainbow felt her heart swell as the sensation enveloped her. The few kisses they shared before, including their first kiss, in front of the school, wasn’t even something she considered counting anymore.

Fluttershy hesitantly lifted her hand against her arm, tugging Rainbow forward with the slightest of effort. It gave her a surge of confidence and she opened her mouth wider, sliding her tongue against soft pink lips. Unlike the kiss they shared in the lunchroom, Fluttershy was welcoming this time and let herself deepen the kiss. Rainbow sighed as they began to explore each other’s mouths.

When Monday came around, they walked to school together, this time as an official couple. The weekend had been spent cuddling and reveling in the reality of their new relationship, or more like their developed relationship. They had also broken the news to their friends. Everyone responded with enthused messages, both getting many video calls from Pinkie Pie, which they pointedly ignored, and Rainbow felt ready to face their excitement in person.

Like their encounter weeks ago, Pinkie Pie threw an explosion of confetti in their faces, Fluttershy gripping Rainbow’s arm in fright. This time, she wrapped her arms around her securely, reveling in the fact she was allowed to.


There was laughter and Rainbow let Pinkie engulf them in hugs. “Told you I was sure!”

Rainbow tilted her head and looked at her other friends. They shrugged and looked towards Pinkie again. “What are you talking about?”

Pinkie Pie gave Rainbow a familiar look. It was the look she had given her when they first came out to their friends about the plan. Like she knew something Rainbow didn’t. Suddenly it dawned on her.

“You knew??” Pinkie just laughed. “You knew! Before we even knew!” That’s why she had been acting so weird before and why she had been so unsettled by it.

“What can I say,” She shrugged and smiled widely. “Always trust the Pinkie Sense.”

Author's Note:

A/N: Final chapter! This is the messiest chapter yet. The ending came together all too quickly for my liking. I plan to fix it but again, I was very excited to release this! :rainbowwild:
This story has been on my mind for a long time. I've edited and worked on it for 3 years and I hope whoever reads this, found as much fulfillment in the love of FlutterDash as me.

As always, critique and comment! :rainbowkiss:

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This is a very sweet EG FlutterDash story! Enjoyed the whole thing from the beginning to the end! :twilightsmile:

If this is the final chapter, then don't forget to mark this story as "complete". Sorry that I'm being a pain about this!

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Oh thank you so much!! I'm so happy I got the real feeling of FlutterDash down. They're an amazing couple and I loved exploring their feelings like this. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :heart:

“I’m sorry I’m not good enough to hang around anymore.” He crossed his arms. “If she is purposely keeping you from me then maybe she isn’t as good a girlfriend as you think.”

Man that line...just...makes me sick.

It is the classic example of stalker behavior: manipulate your target into distrusting the people around her.

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Keeping the antagonist in the story until the end I think was a good way of giving the story arch a good pay off and give the final resolution more substance. The fact that the relationship gave Fluttershy the confidence to face her problems alone is a great example of why the flutterdash ship works so well in the first place. Then the fact that the relationship is no longer needed and yet still wanting it being the final push they needed, that is a perfect way to get their feelings out in the open.
Also, you had some killer lines sprinkled throughout. "... the lump in her throat was her heart." My personal favorite, and oh so good.
The only criticism I think I could level is that the very last part was not the way I'd of liked to see it end. You kind of end it on a joke. It would be fine but it's not the best pay off to the emotional scene that led to it. I did something similar in mine, but I made sure it wasn't literally the last line of the story. But it's honestly not a deal breaker with how good everything was leading up to it.
Have a fav, you've definitely earned it.

Characteristic of both a stalker and an abuser. Maybe not the way of physical abuse, but emotional abuse - in that he's trying to make her think she's made some wrong decision.


The goal of an emotional abuser to make someone psychologically dependent on you. Making you question your own decisions is one of those things.

I especially despise that kind of mistreatment.

Oh thank goodness. I'm so glad it wasn't too fast pace. I felt like I had rushed the end but maybe that's my insecurities. And YESS good. That's exactly what I wanted to show. That her relationship with Rainbow wasn't only for romantic realization but also to help her be stronger herself. Rainbow's belief in her friend helped Fluttershy see how strong she really can be on her own. It's why I love their dynamic so much.
Ohh thanks!! I love when I come up with creative lines like that :rainbowkiss:

Ok, I can see that. It kind of breaks the glow I had achieved. I guess I wanted to keep it light and the little ending I had in the first chapter with Pinkie was stuck in my head. So I kind of rounded that out but I think I should have just let it go lol :twilightblush:


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