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Pretending To Be Mine - PixiePony

Fluttershy is being stalked to the point of feeling terrorized and has acquired the help from her most loyal friend.

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Chapter 2

Fluttershy breathed a sigh of relief when she entered her room. She smiled as she watched Rainbow set her backpack down beside hers. In the safety of her room, she was able to really think about the situation clearly.

When Rainbow Dash had suggested they talk about their plan in more detail Fluttershy immediately offered her house, not just for comfort but as a courtesy. Her friend was doing so much for her and Fluttershy was overwhelmed with gratefulness.

“T-Thank you.”

Rainbow turned to look at her friend. “Thank you Rainbow, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t helped me.”

A blush bloomed on her friend’s face as she scratched the back of her neck. “Don’t mention it, Shy. You know I would do anything for you.” She smiled. “You’re my best friend.”

They both smiled for a moment and Rainbow was the first to look away.

“So, what more do you think we should do?” She sat down on the bed, leaning back on her hands. “I think it was good that we talked to our friends.” Rainbow looked away. “You know, before things got out of hand with them.”

Fluttershy laughed. “I’m pretty sure Pinkie Pie was seriously considering a party for us!”

Joining in her laughter, Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Yeah, Pinkie can be a little over the top.”

“Well,” Fluttershy sat down at her desk and pulled a small notebook out. “Let's write down some ideas.” She blushed, thinking of how serious Pinkie looked. “And rules.”

“Good idea.”

“Hand holding, walking to class, sitting at lunch together,” She paused, “This all kinda seems like stuff we do now.”

She heard Rainbow’s voice crack “You think?”

Fluttershy shrugged. “We could just do it more often. Besides the holding hands thing, I don’t think Shadow Chaser would think anything has changed.” She tapped the pen to her mouth. “What could we do to make it more believable?”

Rainbow Dash suddenly sat up. “We are not going to kiss, I told you that was off limits!” Fluttershy shrunk slightly into herself, more startled than embarrassed. “N-no Rainbow, of course not! I-I know that’s part of the deal.”

Rainbow looked slightly remorseful about her outburst. It sounded a little too defensive, but she was just as quick to apologize. “Sorry Fluttershy,” Fluttershy felt herself smile slightly. “It’s ok, I-I don’t think I would want to engage in too much PDA. Even if this was real.” She blushed at the thought. All the people in the school, staring at her kissing someone. And Rainbow wasn’t someone you just ignored. Everyone would be watching.

“How about that?”

Fluttershy was broken from her train of thought. “Huh?”

“What about nicknames?”

That was something they didn’t do often. Sure, they used the occasional shortening of the name, but they were usually more formal with their names.

“Sure,” She nodded. “Yeah, that could work.”

Writing down the names she knew, she looked back at Rainbow. “I can just call you Dashie.” Blushing she continued. “And you could call me Shy. O-or Flutters, i-if you want, that is.”

Rainbow gave a tight nod. “Good. Sounds good.” She made a face, scrunching her nose. “I don’t think I could call you any of those cutesy sappy names.” She laughed and Fluttershy saw a blush on her cheeks. “That’s not really my style.”

Rainbow paused a moment in thought and fiddled with her backpack string, with slight hesitation. “What about ‘Babe’?” Fluttershy blushed slightly but smiled. “Yeah, that would be ok.”

Chuckling slightly Rainbow continued. “I mean, it’s not that sappy of a name, right?” Fluttershy nodded and saw her friend smile to herself. She knew how Rainbow reacted to what she thought was ‘sappy’ things, not wanting to tarnish her image of being ‘cool’.

“Ok” Fluttershy moved to fold her legs underneath her slightly. “What else could we do?”

There was a small silence while they thought for a moment. Most of the couples in the school would either walk to class or just hold hands. Or make out, but that wasn’t something either of them wanted to do. They were such close friends anyway, it was hard to come up with anything more that they could do, at least publicly. After a while Rainbow spoke up.

“Do you even like girls?”

Turning her head at the forward question, Fluttershy blushed and saw Rainbow do the same. “I-I’m not sure.”

Romance wasn’t something she thought about a lot. A beautiful idea in theory but she didn’t have anyone she was interested in. She was always busy with her pets or her friends.

“I guess I never thought about it that much.”

Trying to picture herself romantically attached to someone, she thought of her crush in the 6th grade. A boy with blonde hair. She wasn’t sure if she could feel that way towards a girl or not. Looking at Rainbow she studied her figure. Even though she was a strong lean athlete she still had a woman's figure. Blushing, Fluttershy looked away.

“B-But maybe,” She smiled at her new discovery. “I guess I like girls.” Looking back at Rainbow Dash she nodded. “What about you?”

Rainbow blushed. “Huh?”

“Do you like girls too?”

Noticing her friend’s face becoming increasingly red by the second she giggled. Rainbow let out a broken laugh. “Yeah, you could say that.” Fluttershy perked up. It was nice to know her friend shared her interests. “Oh, well, is there anyone you like?”

Rainbow nodded. “Y-yeah, I mean I’m kinda into her. She’s pretty cool.” Fluttershy looked at her quizzingly. Rainbow sat up straight and put her hands out. “Ok, but please don’t tell anyone!” Fluttershy giggled and motioned over her heart, reciting Pinke’s famous Pinkie Promise.


“Ohh!” Fluttershy’s face lit up. “You mean that girl that used to be captain?” Rainbow nodded, smiling. “Yeahh, I know she graduated but she was really awesome. She’s sporty and loud and cool and-” Rainbow paused, when Fluttershy giggled, then blushed. “Y-yeah. Just, awesome.”

The next day, Rainbow and Fluttershy agreed to wait for each other and walk into school, hand in hand. As predicted, it seemed everyone now knew about their relationship. Rainbow Dash felt Fluttershy tug on her arm slightly, trying to hide herself in her side. Which ended up working fine, because it made them seem more like an item.

Something stirred inside her stomach. Everything they did as a ‘couple’ seemed to come so easily to them. Did they always look like this, like they were romantically involved? She looked at the faces they passed in irritation, the smirks, the giggles, the dreamy eyes. She rolled her own eyes.

It had been on Rainbow’s mind since Pinkie Pie had stared her down the day before. It was like Pinkie thought the whole thing was real and the idea that they were faking it was a lie. She shook her head. The thought made Rainbow bristle and she didn’t know why she became overly defensive about the subject. It’s what everyone in the school was already thinking of them. But coming from her friend, it felt like it meant something different.

There was also the thing Fluttershy had said the night before, that they already do everything couples do. Thinking of how close she was to her oldest friend it was hard to believe that their normal routine was anything other than friendly.

Rolling her eyes, Rainbow tried to look on the bright side. At this rate, Shadow Chaser was most likely under the same assumption as everyone else, that they were, in fact, an item. But today was the real test.

“Good morning,”

Seeing the frightened look on Fluttershy’s face, she squeezed her hand, letting some of her angry tension out and using it to comfort her friend.

“G-good morning, Shadow Chaser."

Shadow Chaser smiled. It was a soft look but had an edge of something Rainbow couldn't place. Either way, it made her uncomfortable. As he was talking to Fluttershy, he practically ignored Rainbow, as if she wasn't standing beside them. It made her a little miffed. To be ignored, as well as to see the discomfort he was obviously causing her friend. Once he offered to walk with them to class, Rainbow cleared her throat.

"I think we're fine. Thanks." She spat the last word and moved her arm to Fluttershy's shoulder, guiding them away from him. Her grip was firm, almost as if she was afraid, he would take Fluttershy right from her arms. Her hold tightened slightly.

When they were further down the hall, the sound of a soft voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Thank you."

She let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding and the grip on Fluttershy’s shoulders loosened slightly. She smiled. “That’s what I'm here for.”

During the school day, Rainbow would walk Fluttershy to class, and then dash quickly to her own classroom. She was a little strained on time but that was mostly due to the fact they would end up talking before the bell rang. Luckily, they shared some classes and Rainbow had pointedly pulled her friend along with her to her PE class. Since Fluttershy had free period, and Rainbow could visibly see she felt safer, they had agreed that during this time she would rest on the bleachers near the field.

Fluttershy sat comfortably on the bleachers, feeling the cool metal against her legs. She smiled to herself. She was excited to be there; she had missed watching Rainbow on the field. It was always fun to see her friends when they were in their element and Rainbow certainly exceeded when it came to sports.

Looking out on the field, she cheered for her friend. The small claps were drowned by the sound of the players, but she knew Rainbow could see her efforts. She could see her friend had a bright smile and a flushed face. It was simply beautiful and Fluttershy blushed at the thought. She let out a small laugh.

“Wow Fluttershy,”

She was brought out of her thoughts by a terribly familiar voice. She turned to find Shadow Chaser standing on the bleacher below her.

“I haven’t heard you laugh in a while.”

Fluttershy couldn’t help but cringe. She didn’t want to admit he was the reason that laughter died in her throat. She looked down at her hands in her lap.

“It sounds nice.”

Mumbling out a thank you, she saw him move to sit next to her. For a moment he didn’t say anything. They sat in silence, and for a moment she was grateful. Then that moment broke.

“I thought you might be out here.” He looked towards the field. “Since the news hit about you and your friend over there.”

She looked out on the field and could see Rainbow watching them. There was worry all over her face and Fluttershy was grateful she had noticed his presence.

Shadow Chaser continued with a slight pout to his tone. “You know, it hurt me when I found out about that. You, dating someone else. Someone,” He paused, and she looked up at him. “Unfitting for you.”

“I’m sorry,” Her voice was small, and she felt more hurt than he sounded. But even someone as invasive as him she knew had feelings too. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings.” That was only partially true. She wanted him gone from her life but not necessarily to hurt him. She sighed. This was all so complicated.

“Thank you.”

He began moving his hand towards her and she froze up.

“I can tell that sounded genuine. You’ve always been such a nice girl.”

He touched her hand and slid it up her arm. She had long since given up fending him off when he talked to her. That, she forced herself to deal with. But his touches were new and more frightening, and she didn’t know how to handle them.

“How about a kiss and make up?”

Fluttershy could feel her heartbeat in her throat and pressed her lips together in a thin line. She was petrified and didn’t know how to respond as he moved closer.

Holding back a cry of relief, she heard a loud shout from across the field. Turning her head, she saw Rainbow Dash running towards them, and with the speed she knew only her friend possessed, she was at their side in an instant.

“What are you doing?”

Shadow Chaser moved away from Fluttershy, but only slightly. He still had a hand on her arm.

“Babe, are you ok?” Rainbow looked at her, she wasn’t even out of breath but Fluttershy could see her face was flushed with worry and anger.

“Excuse us,” Shadow Chaser frowned. “We were just having a conversation.” His grip seemed to tighten slightly, and with it, the knot in Fluttershy’s throat.

Rainbow scoffed. “A one-sided conversation.” She crossed her arms, giving him a hard glare. “Get away from my girlfriend.”

With a grunt, Shadow Chaser pulled away, but didn’t move to stand up. Turning for a moment Fluttershy saw Applejack and Sunset run up behind Rainbow Dash, worry on their faces.

“She’s aloud to hang out with whoever she wants, you can’t control who she’s friends with.” It was more of a whine than a threat, but he crossed his arms, trying to mimic Rainbow Dash’s threatening posture. “Jealousy is not a very becoming trait.”

“I-I’m not-” Rainbow began to get flustered and moved closer in what Fluttershy knew to be a dangerous way. “Of what, being stalked??” Reaching for his shirt, she practically dragged him into a standing position, her fists balled into his shirt. Fear was evident in his eyes.

There were protests from her friends, but they fell on deaf ears. Sunset even tried to reach out to Rainbow but was swiftly pushed aside. Her fuchsia eyes were almost red with fury.

Fluttershy stood as well, a soft hand moving to Rainbow’s shoulder. Unlike Sunset’s, she wasn’t brushed off. Fluttershy let out a protest and could feel the blood pumping in her ears, fingers numb.

Pointedly ignoring her plea, Rainbow looked into Shadow Chaser’s eyes, her voice low. “Leave my friend alone.”

The fear slipped slightly into what Fluttershy could only call dark amusement.


Rainbow blanched a second and her grip tightened but before she could answer, the coach came running up to them, whistle blowing.

“Break it up! Break it up!”

Rainbow reluctantly let go of his shirt and rolled her eyes. As the coach came near, she had her hands on her hips. “What’s going on here?”

“Nothing Coach.” Rainbow replied and she moved to hold Fluttershy’s hand. Fluttershy gave it a squeeze when she felt their hands meet. It was grounding and she latched onto that thought.

Eyeing the couple, the obvious fear in the timid girls’ eyes, and the increasingly nervous looking boy, the coach motioned her thumb towards the locker rooms. “You two, head to the lockers. You girls, back to warm-ups.” And pointing to the boy, she gestured towards the school. “And you, get off my field. This is a class practice.” She stood her ground, eyeing Shadow Chaser with caution.

Shadow Chaser looked conflicted but nodded and fled reluctantly. He gave a small wave and a fake smile. “See you later, Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy was too frozen to respond as she was pulled away.

Once in the safety of the locker room, Rainbow let out an exasperated sigh. She looked at their hands, Fluttershy’s grip still strong. Her senses were starting to return to normal and she could feel the warmth radiating between them.

“Hey,” She turned to face her friend. “You okay, Fluttershy?”

With a small shake of her head, Fluttershy looked up at Rainbow. “I-I’m fine.”

“Did,” She sighed. “Did he do anything? I saw him get close to you, he looked like he was,” She hesitated, not wanting to relive the imagery. “t-trying to kiss you or something.”

“N-no, he didn’t.” She blanched, frowning. “I mean, yes he was going to but he didn’t.” She looked down at their hands. “You stopped him right in time.” Looking back up, Fluttershy let herself smile a little. “Thank you.”

Rainbow blushed and moved her free hand behind her neck. There was something about the look her friend had and the leftover adrenaline that gave her a warm numbing feeling in her chest. “Hey, Shy, it’s no problem.” She frowned slightly. “I couldn’t just stand there and watch him harass you.”

Rainbow finally let go of her friend’s hand stretching her fingers a bit. She hadn’t realized how hard of a grip Fluttershy had until they were inside. Her voice cracked. “I tried to get to you sooner, but it was hard to get away from the coach.” Rainbow had been livid when she saw him approach Fluttershy. They had agreed on no violence but seeing his hands on her made something inside of her snap. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt it was more than just the protection she felt for her friend. It was instinct and she didn’t really want to analyze it at that moment. She shook her head.

Fluttershy was still looking at her, the small smile she held returning to a frown. “Rainbow Dash, this is exactly what I was afraid would happen!” Fluttershy seemed to shake herself from her earlier terror and turned into what Rainbow could only label as her motherly mode.

Rainbow blanched. “I didn’t get hurt.”

“Wh-I know. There’s no way HE could have hurt you.” If Fluttershy didn’t seem so upset, Rainbow would have laughed. She remembered the genuine fear in Shadow Chaser’s face. That had been satisfying.

“But you almost got caught by the teacher! What would she have done to you if you actually punched him?” They were already close and Fluttershy put her hands on her friend’s shoulders. “You could have been kicked off the team.”

A brief glimmer of fear passed through Rainbow’s eyes, but it was gone in an instant. She rolled them. “Ah, come on, Fluttershy! I’m way too valuable for that to happen.” She briefly gave a smug smile. “Besides, I didn’t actually punch him.” It was a true statement, but she wouldn’t have felt at all sorry if she had.

Fluttershy only gave her a warning glare. Rainbow laughed and put her hands up defensively as Fluttershy let go of her shoulders. “Alright, alright. I won’t do that again.” She smiled. She didn’t know how Fluttershy had this effect on her but seeing her like this, headstrong and protective, was endearing. It was a rare occurrence and even though it was aimed towards her, it made her feel a little special that only she got to see it.

Fluttershy nodded and suddenly was hugging her. Rainbow felt the heat pool in her cheeks as she lifted her arms automatically.

“I was so scared.”

With more purpose, Rainbow tightened her arms around her.

“I-I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t stop him. I just- shut down.” There was a soft noise, almost as if she was going to cry and Rainbow pushed her face into her neck.

“I’m sorry Fluttershy.” She said quietly. The scent of flowers and sweet shampoo was all Rainbow could breath and she did, she breathed deeply. It was calming and they both needed calm at this moment.

“I wish I had gotten there sooner. I don’t,” she paused. Rainbow was never good at comforting, but she knew she had to try. “I don’t know what else to do.”

The rest of the day went by smoothly compared. They met up after school and walked home together. There was no sign of Shadow Chaser.

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