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Pretending To Be Mine - PixiePony

Fluttershy is being stalked to the point of feeling terrorized and has acquired the help from her most loyal friend.

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Chapter 1

Frightened was an understatement. Fluttershy, one of the kindest and sweetest girls, was being stalked to the point of feeling terrorized. Unfortunately, the boy stalking her, Shadow Chaser, was around the same age and went to the same school, Canterlot High.

Fluttershy looked around for any sign of him before closing her locker. Spotting one of her friends, Rarity, she dashed in her direction. It had been a couple months now of his overbearing affection, without any end in sight. Fluttershy let out a sigh.

It wasn’t so bad at first. Shadow Chaser would give her gentle gestures and sometimes small gifts, to which Fluttershy felt overwhelmed. She hadn’t really thought about him in any romantic sense, and when Shadow Chaser finally confessed his feelings for her, she was made to feel guilty for denying him. Fluttershy really was kind, and it hurt her to make someone feel so let down.

Shadow Chaser, however, took the rejection as a challenge.

He would show up after her classes, try to walk her to her next one, or carry her books. Once, forcefully grabbing them from her arms. Each week the affection became more aggressive, both physically and verbally. The more of a fight he put up, the more tired she became.

Feeling herself shutter, Fluttershy wrapped her arms around herself protectively. Rarity noticed and looked around slightly.

“Any sign of him this morning?”

Fluttershy shook her head and lowered it. The last time she had seen him was when he was wrapping his arms around her and almost kissing her. She could still smell his cologne and feel his firm hands on her arms.

“Not right now, but-” She paused, not sure if she should tell Rarity. Her friends knew about him, but she tried not sharing details about their encounters, not wanting them to worry. Telling Rarity meant her friend would most certainly tell her other friends and it would become a huge mess. The benefit could possibly mean their protection. Fluttershy didn’t want to bother them with her own problems but she remembered how his hands felt on her, making her shiver again.

“He-” She hesitated once more. “Yesterday-” Lowering her head she sighed. “He tried to kiss me.”

With a slight worry in her voice Rarity cleared her throat. “He did what dear, I didn’t hear that last part?”

Looking up, Fluttershy felt herself confess. The emotion she had bottled up was too much for even her to contain. “He tried to kiss me, when we were alone, and he grabbed my arms. He’s scaring me, Rarity, I don’t know what to do.”

The shock on Rarity's face was clear as she continued.

“And I’m sure he’s around.” Tears in her eyes, as she let out a sigh. “I can feel it.”

“You need to tell Principal Celestia, or even Vice Principal Luna, about this.”

“Oh no, I-I couldn't.” She hung her head. Involving the authorities sounded harsh and troublesome. Fluttershy hated confrontation. “I don't want to bother them with something that's-” she paused trying to sound more convincing. “I-I guess not that bad of a problem.” The truth was he was interfering with her daily activities. She wasn't able to do the things she loved like she used to.

Rarity hummed low, and almost seemed like she wanted to say more, but dropped the subject. All her friends knew about him. They all encourage her to speak up and defend herself. What they didn’t know was the extent of her own resistance and that none of it seemed to be working.

Simply saying no was out of the question. Countless times Fluttershy had blatantly told him to go away and stop talking to her but Shadow Chaser would turn the conversation around, making her feel horrible that she even suggested not talking to him. She didn't want to be a horrible friend, although he wasn't much of a friend. But she couldn't stand knowing that she had hurt someone. She even tried avoiding him, but the effort was in vain because he seemed to know her school schedule, turning up between almost every class.

Many times, Fluttershy had thought perhaps his intent wasn't of ill-will. Maybe he really did just want to be friends even if he was sweet on her. Though in some way, he would always disprove that, showing a little more sinister intent than what she’d previously thought.

Fluttershy and Rarity headed to the small alcove by the main hall. The other girls were already gathered, like they did every morning, and they were greeted with smiles and hugs. As they talked, Fluttershy caught a couple glances from Rarity that indicated she should mention her problem to the girls, but Fluttershy wasn’t one to impose on others. It was her problem, not theirs, to worry about.

“So, how’s my favorite dress maker??” Pinkie Pie said, putting her arm around Rarity. Rarity smiled. “Personally, I’m doing quite well, but,” She paused and looked toward her friend. “I’m concerned about Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy’s eyes went wide at the sudden mention and all eyes turned to her. “Oh?” Rainbow Dash spoke up. “What’s up?”

Before Fluttershy could say anything, Rarity continued. “Well, you know that stalker boy that’s been following her around?” They all nodded as she continued to tell them what Fluttershy had said. Hearing the word out loud, it sounded intimidatingly frightening. Which made Shadow Chaser even more worrisome. Their outrage made Fluttershy find her voice. “I think ‘stalking’ is a strong word for it.” Rarity set a hand on her shoulder and shook her head. “Dear, he forced himself on you. You can’t even go anywhere without worrying about him.” Fluttershy looked down.

“Why doesn’t she tell Principal Celestia?” Twilight suggested. “Or even Vice Principal Luna? I’m sure either of them would want to help you.” Rarity let go of Fluttershy and nodded, as did some of the girls. “That’s what I told her, but she doesn’t want to bother them.”

“It’s not really their problem to deal with.” Fluttershy said quietly.

She was embarrassed at all the attention that was being given to her, although grateful for their help. All their eyes were on her. Looking at each of them, she could see concern, but Rainbow Dash’s expression made her pause briefly. She seemed quiet since the mentioning of Shadow Chaser and Fluttershy could see something more than just worry on her face. She wasn’t sure what, but it looked dark and thoughtful.

“It’s their job, Fluttershy.” Sunset spoke, tearing Fluttershy’s gaze away from her colorful friend. Sunset was smiling warmly at her and it made Fluttershy feel a little better. They were only trying to help. They cared about her, although the attention wasn’t something she was used to, she knew it came out of love.


“Trust me, they want to help. They’re there to help.” Sunset smiled and Fluttershy looked around at her friends. They all seemed genuinely worried about her, which came with a combination of feelings of comfort and embarrassment. Perhaps speaking up was the right thing to do. If anything, it would make her friends worry less, and that made Fluttershy smile.

“Alright,” She said nodding. “I’ll go during lunch today.”

After homeroom, Rarity and Fluttershy walked to their next class together, making idle conversation along the way. Right before Fluttershy was able to walk into the room she heard his voice.

“Good morning.”

Shadow Chaser had popped up behind her, smiling. “Oh, good morning Shadow Chaser.” She had assumed by this point that he had Algebra just before she did and liked to wait for her by the classroom door, before heading to his own class.

“I had gotten a little worried, you’re a couple minutes later than usual.”

Fluttershy shifted uncomfortably. “I-I was just talking with my friends before we left class.”

There was a slight glint that glossed over his eyes but disappeared quickly. Shadow Chaser never seemed to like it when she mentioned her friends. He was possessive of her and saw any obstacle to her affections as a challenge to overcome. He nodded. “How was homeroom?”

Fluttershy didn’t have time to respond before she heard Rarity speak up for her. “Homeroom was fine, darling.” She said it with an obvious distaste for the situation. “But we’ve got our own class to get to.” Rarity paused and gave him a glare for extra measure. “I suggest you get to yours as well, before you’re late.”

As they entered the classroom Fluttershy let out an audible sigh. “Thank you.”

Fluttershy’s class time, when not shared with him, was one of the brief reliefs she got while at school. She knew he would show up any chance he could. It had only been a short hour, but he seemed to show up right on cue to walk her to her Zoology class.

“You know, I don’t really like your friends much.”

Fluttershy stopped herself from rolling her eyes. “I know.”

“How about this, I carry your books for you,” Shadow Chaser began taking her books, Fluttershy’s protests falling on deaf ears. “And you sit with me at lunch today.”

She sighed. “No Shadow Chaser, please.” She tried taking the books from him, but he wouldn’t budge. It was usually pointless to argue when he made up his mind. “I-I’ve actually got something I’m doing during lunch today.”

Shadow Chaser paused a moment before continuing, giving a dramatic sigh. “Do you actually?” He looked to the side. “Or are you just trying to ignore me. Ignore the effort I’m giving to you.”

Fluttershy stuttered. “N-no! No not at all.” She cringed as she knew she was lying. But she didn’t want him to feel bad about it. Shadow Chaser was just overzealous with his affections.

He sighed, and he seemed genuinely disappointed. “I’m sorry you’re bothered by what I do.” He seemed to pout, and it made Fluttershy feel horrible. This situation was draining, and she was happy to see her classroom door in view.

“You’re not a bother. I’m sorry.”

He gave a small smile and she could feel the slight relief it gave. He was hard to push away when he thought she was to blame for something.

“I'll see you next class, then?”

Fluttershy nodded and he finally handed her books back, making sure to linger his hands along hers. She held back commenting and quietly walked away, trying to give him a small smile.

Another small relief of class time before what was becoming her least favorite, Art. Now Fluttershy loved art. She loved being creative and making things for her friends and her animals. Unfortunately, she shared the class with Shadow Chaser.

Clutching her books tightly to her chest Fluttershy let him walk her to their class. She didn't really want him taking her books again, it made her feel bad for his trying effort, and she didn't like the idea of owing him anything.

‘One more hour. One more hour.’ She repeated her chant in her head, willing the time to go by faster. He was constantly at her side during class, and she kept herself hopeful that this might be one of the last times he would bother her. It was hard, but she was putting all her faith in the principal and the idea that they could help her. It was all she could do to get through the day. And if she was honest with herself, it had made things easier, having something to hope for and something to look forward to.

When Rainbow Dash first heard that her friend was being followed to the point of being stalked, angry was an understatement. She was angry at the guy for tormenting Fluttershy. Fluttershy, of all people, and her best friend. She was angry at Fluttershy for not telling him to just fuck off. Although, it did sound like she had been trying. But, knowing her, it probably just wasn’t enough. She was also angry at herself for not seeing it sooner. Sure, she knew of Shadow Chaser and how annoying he could be, but how could she have not seen how much he had been following Fluttershy.

Some small part of her felt like this had been her fault. For not seeing the signs. She wasn’t sure how long this had been going on, but from what Rarity said, it sounded like a long while. The school year was halfway over, and it sickened her to think he had been following her all this time.

The school morning was a long one. Rainbow Dash kept looking at Fluttershy when she could, then glancing around the room. At one point during the day, she saw Shadow Chaser and tried to make eye contact, giving him the hardest glare she could. It was almost lunch time, she knew that he had the same lunch as them, and she was almost certain he had the class before lunch with Fluttershy. Her anger boiled further.

Luckily Fluttershy made it to lunch, stalker free, although they couldn’t be certain about her trip there. Briefly she remembered seeing him occasionally, during their lunch hour, talking with Fluttershy. Now that she thought about it further, Fluttershy had seemed a little more reserved and a lot quieter. Even for someone like herself.

Rainbow Dash kept her eyes glancing at Fluttershy, trying to imagine the pain she was going through. If anything, this was her fault, or at least the fault of their group of friends. For not seeing what was happening. For even seeing a glimpse of what was happening and passing it off as unimportant. Rainbow Dash swallowed. Well now they know. And she was going to do something about it. Anything. She needed to help her friend.

Rainbow made eye contact with Shadow Chaser as she saw him looking at their group of friends. He didn’t seem to be happy, but he didn’t seem invasive currently, making Rainbow a little more hopeful of the situation.

Fluttershy came and ate her meal quickly, saying how she was going to go to the Principal's office. They all smiled, gave her shoulders a squeeze and words of encouragement. Just those small things seemed to brighten her face, which in turn made Rainbow feel a little less worried as well.

As they watched Fluttershy walk away, Rarity looked back at the girls. “Someone should go with her.” She paused looking towards their problem. “Just in case.” The girls nodded and before anyone could say anything Rainbow Dash pushed herself off the bench.

“Hey, wait up, I can come with you.”

Fluttershy shook her head and put a hand up. “Oh, that’s ok, you don’t need to.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m already done with my lunch anyway.” Rainbow threw her remaining food in the trash, discarding the tray, and grabbed her own bag. When she joined Fluttershy, she motioned towards the doors.

“Plus, you know, he could be lurking around, waiting to bug you while you’re alone.” Rainbow looked away, giving another glare in his direction for good measure. Fluttershy blushed. “Thank you, Rainbow.”

Walking down the hall simmering in her contempt for the guy, she tried to discreetly look around and make sure Shadow Chaser hadn’t followed them. There didn’t seem to be much more she could do, other than acting as her protector. Rainbow blushed at the idea, it sounded a little more personal than she had first thought, but Fluttershy was her best friend. She wanted her to be happy and safe.

“Fluttershy, I know you don’t really want to do this,”

Fluttershy spoke softly. “I just feel like I’m a tattletale.”

“It’s not tattling when he’s disrupting your life.”

She was quiet for a moment and looked to the side. “I guess not.”

“You know,” Rainbow stretched her arms above her head. “I could tell him off for you.”

Fluttershy gasped slightly. “Rainbow no. We don’t need to use violence to solve this.”

“Oh, come on,” She let her arms down and pulled on her backpack strap, looking away. “I won't get in trouble. And the problem will be solved.”

“I don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

“He deserves to be hurt.”

“I don’t want YOU getting hurt.”

Rainbow Dash paused. “Oh.” She let herself smile and felt a slight warmth at the care in her friend's voice. But if she wasn’t able to fend him off, who would. She felt helpless that there was nothing she could do.

They made it to the employee offices. Rainbow held the door open for Fluttershy and she walked in, wearily. Rainbow Dash let Fluttershy talk to the secretary alone, sitting in one of the waiting room chairs. When Fluttershy was done, she joined her friend.

“Thanks for waiting for me, Rainbow Dash.”

“No problem.”

“I hope the girls are right. It would be nice to have some space again.”

Rainbow was quiet for a moment. She looked uncomfortably at her. “Has it really gotten that bad?”

Fluttershy hesitated. “I guess so. I’m not really able to do some of the things I used to do.”

“Like what?”

“Well, like your practices.” Rainbow gave a surprised look. Fluttershy blushed. “I-I really liked going during free period, but he almost always finds me out there.” Rainbow began to fume a little. “...W-what?” So that was the reason she never came anymore. Rainbow had noticed, but she hadn’t let her know how much she had missed her cheering.

Fluttershy backtracked slightly. “O-oh, it’s not so bad.” Rainbow gave her an incredulous look. “Maybe I can’t go to your practices, but I can still go to your games.” She paused but continued, less enthusiastically. “If I’m with the girls.”

“Fluttershy! He’s controlling what you do! Has he really disrupted your life like this? If I had known this, he’d be dead already.” Rainbow clenched her fists.

“No, Rainbow, I said I don’t want any violence.”

“But he deserves it.”

“No one deserves that.” She set a calming hand on her arm.

Rainbow looked into her eyes. “No one deserves what you’re going through, Fluttershy.” She could see her visibly soften. “At this rate,” She looked back to the Principal's door. “the only thing that could get rid of him is a protective boyfriend.” If Fluttershy wouldn’t let Rainbow physically protect her, she was drawn to the idea of her having someone who could.


The assistant called out and smiled warmly at the timid girl. “Celestia is ready to see you.” Fluttershy rose from her seat. “Let’s just hope Principal Celestia can help me.”

“So?” Fluttershy looked at the ground as they exited the secretary's office. “What did she say?” She could feel Rainbow’s eyes following her as they walked to their lockers. She didn’t know what to tell her. It hadn’t gone well at all. She kept quiet until they stopped walking.

“Well,” She was lost at what to do and she felt tears in her eyes. “She said that since there is no physical evidence of harm, that they can't really do anything.”

Rainbow stepped back, pulling herself away from her locker. “What?? That's bullshit.” Fluttershy could see her pause at the sight of her tears. She was never the best at comforting sadness, but Fluttershy saw her hand flinch, like she wanted to reach out to her.

She wiped some of the tears away and Rainbow’s hand relaxed.

“Sorry, but it is.” Rainbow moved to face Fluttershy, throwing her hands in the air slightly. “That's not fair. He's been stalking you for over a month now, isn't that enough??”

Dropping her head, she sighed defeatedly. “They have no physical evidence. So, no.”

“Fine.” Rainbow shoved her books in her backpack and slammed her locker, startling Fluttershy. “Let me take care of him.”

“Rainbow no,” She moved in front of her, stopping her from walking away. “I told you, violence won’t help anything. And I don't want you getting in trouble with the Principal.”

It was the only solution Rainbow Dash seemed to know but it didn’t sit right with Fluttershy. There had to be another way. Protection could only go so far. She then thought back to what Rainbow Dash had said earlier. Having a protective boyfriend.

Initially, when Rainbow had mentioned it, Fluttershy stopped to think about it. It was something she hadn’t really thought of before. Dating someone might deter his own affections. Let him know she wasn’t even available, although telling him ‘no’ should have been enough. Maybe physically seeing her with someone else could work. But Fluttershy didn’t know who she would ask that would do such a big favor for her.

“Then what are we gonna do?”

We. Rainbow was always looking out for her and helping her solve her problems, even if they weren’t hers to solve.

“Well...” Fluttershy paused. It was a crazy idea and was probably going to sound more crazy out loud, but maybe having a romantic partner really could deter him.

“I did think of a more passive approach.”

Rainbow looked interested. “Cool. What is it??”

She wasn’t sure if Rainbow would even be ok with this, but she had been the one to suggest it. “I'm not sure you're going to like it.”

“Well, if it's passive, it can't be that bad. Plus, you've been my friend forever. I would do anything for you.” Fluttershy smiled and felt herself blushed a little. Rainbow was always someone she could count on.

“Still, just, hear me out. You know how you said I could get a protective boyfriend?”

Rainbow Dash paused, confusion on her face.

“I thought maybe instead of a boyfriend, you could…” Her voice got quieter. “pretend to...” The last of her sentence was lost in a mumble.


She spoke up slightly, but still having a hard time finding her voice, it tapered off into an inaudible whisper at the end. “Maybe pretend to be my girlf-”

“Ugh, Fluttershy” Rainbow warned.

“Be my girlfriend!!” She said, this time much louder. Lunch was already dismissed, and the hallway was becoming more crowded. A couple heads turned at the sudden outburst, especially from who it was coming from, and Fluttershy covered her mouth quickly. Face going red. She could see Rainbow Dash’s face slowly heat up as she stared blankly for a second.

Quietly, in a more hushed but clear tone Fluttershy repeated herself. “Pretend to be my girlfriend.”

Rainbow Dash stared at her friend for a moment, trying to comprehend if what she had heard was correct. She could feel the heat in her face. It was true Fluttershy was her friend, her best even, and Rainbow had said she would do anything for her. But, how would acting like more fix anything. Trying to figure out how Fluttershy even came to that conclusion she shook her head, trying to rid herself of the shock.

“How- I mean what-” It took her awhile to say something coherent, as she found she kept tripping over her words. “W-why do we even need to do that?”

Fluttershy was looking away and she could see a blush on her face as well. It seemed this wasn’t the best choice that came to her mind either. “W-well, it shows that I-I'm unavailable.” She paused, still looking away. “Plus, I'm even more unavailable by liking girls. Like you said, i-it would just keep him away from me.”

Gaining her voice back, Rainbow cleared her throat and blushed slightly. “Can't I just let him know you're unavailable by pummeling his face in?”

Sighing Fluttershy looked at her. It was a hard look, considering it was coming from her most timid friend. She spoke in a warning tone. “Rainbow...”

“Wait.” It had just occurred to Rainbow what Fluttershy had originally said. “What do you mean ‘like I said’?”

Fluttershy paused briefly but it seemed she was prepared for the question. “Earlier, you said I should get a protective boyfriend.”

Rainbow Dash felt flustered and her voice cracked. “I didn’t mean me!” Sure, the idea of being able to protect Fluttershy was appealing, but everything that came with it didn’t seem to sit right with her.


Fluttershy looked surprised. “W-well I just thought that-”

“Why me?”

“O-oh. Umm,” She paused.

Her explanation wasn’t exactly what Rainbow had expected. She felt bad because the last line of defense had been set by Fluttershy’s friends. They made her believe in the authority’s power and that hope had been stripped away. Hearing Fluttershy explain, Rainbow had to admit, she had been very protective of her ever since she heard about how bad it had gotten. But she was always like that with her friends, especially her childhood friend.

“All I'm asking for is at least two weeks. Just walk to class with me and sit next to me at lunch.”

Rainbow Dash scratched her head in thought. The idea itself didn’t sound that bad and Shadow Chaser always seemed to avoid Rainbow, so her presence itself would help.

“It's not much different than what we normally do, just, more often. And we'll only hold hands or wrap an arm around each other. Nothing more, I promise.” That there made it sound more plausible. They were already such close friends; it didn’t seem like there was much more they had to fake. Rainbow blushed at the thought. They really were close.

Rainbow Dash shook her head. Essentially, Fluttershy was giving her permission to defend her, although she knew that wouldn’t come with actual violence. At least she would be able to keep Shadow Chaser away from her friend. She swallowed and stilled her nerves. She wasn’t much of a romancer but maybe going through this would be worth the awkward moments.

“Will you let me protect you?” Fluttershy seemed to pause at that. It seemed a little forward and Rainbow Dash blushed. “I-I mean, would I be able to keep him away from you?”

She was asking permission to be more physical in her protection, even if she had to be passive, though she still rather liked the idea of pounding his face in.

“Y-yes, but-”

“I know, I know.” Rainbow sighed.

Fluttershy looked at her with soft eyes and her voice determined. “Please.”

It was a compromise. And she was able to protect her friend. She was compelled to smile.

The bell suddenly rang, breaking their gaze with one another.

“You know I always help a friend in need. Ughhh, fine. Just no cuddling or sappy stuff, or” She paused, her cheeks lighting up. “Kissing, right?”

Fluttershy’s cheeks were as red as Rainbow’s felt. She looked away for a moment. “No, of course not.” She heard her clear her throat. “I-I wouldn’t ask that of you.”

Fluttershy then let out a long sigh, like she had been holding her breath the whole time and put her hand on her chest, giving Rainbow several thanks.

Rainbow waved her hand. “Yeah yeah, just be glad I’m such a loyal friend.” She adjusted the straps on her backpack and looked away, still blushing. “Now, Come on. Let's just get to class.”

She pushed herself through the hallway, Fluttershy shuffling after her. It really didn’t sound that bad, if she was honest with herself. They always hung out anyway. She was her best friend. Her best friend. She was going to be ‘dating’ her childhood friend. Rainbow chanced a glance to her side. There seemed to be a lighter step and something Rainbow hadn’t seen in a while, a real smile. Something tight began to pull in her chest and she took a deep breath to alleviate it. It would be worth it.

“So…” She paused and looked away. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Fluttershy look in her direction. She let out a deep breath she had taken.

“When did you want to start this?”

As they reached their English class, the girls could see a couple people looking at them and whispering to themselves. Rainbow and Fluttershy looked at each other. Great. They were already being talked about.

“Guess we better start now.”

Feeling her face heat up, Rainbow made to grab Fluttershy's hand but grabbed at the air as Fluttershy turned and walked to her seat. Rainbow laughed nervously and brushed her empty hand behind her neck.

“Or later, that’s cool.”

As she walked to her seat, she let her hand drop, trying to elevate the heat that had pooled in her palm. This was going to be a lot to get used to.

When class was dismissed, Fluttershy waited for Rainbow to collect her things before rising from her seat. She had free period next and decided to chance spending it with Rainbow Dash, watching and cheering her on during PE. She was used to Shadow Chaser finding her during this time, as he shared the same time slot. She shivered.

With every fiber of her being, she found herself willing this plan to work. She needed it to work. Fluttershy began thinking of all that the plan entailed. Things they could do or try. She looked at Rainbow Dash walking beside her and looked down at her hand. They would need to hold hands.

As they walked down the hall, her heart began pounding in her ears. It was one thing to suggest feigning a romantic relationship, but another to actually engage in it. Fluttershy looked at her feet as they walked towards the locker rooms and took a breath. Looking beside her slightly, she reached out and grabbed Rainbow’s hand. She heard her gasp and cringed slightly, making a faint noise.

“Is,” She paused but continued. “Is this alright?”

She heard Rainbow clear her throat as her voice cracked.


The warmth pooled in her palm and she was aware of the callus on her friend’s hand.

Fluttershy shrugged slightly. “We have to start this sometime.”

She felt Rainbow squeeze her hand tighter and the nerves in her stomach dissipated. She would get through this. They would get through this. It might be her problem, but she didn’t have to deal with it alone.

By the time school was over, the rumors about them had spread. Although, so far, their friends hadn’t directly addressed the issue, thankfully. Rainbow herself had gotten some looks during PE from Sunset and Applejack, but no questions.

She had met Fluttershy after her last class and from there they walked to the statue outside of the school. When the new couple arrived where their friends were waiting, they could see the question on their faces. Most of the girls looked calm, but Pinkie Pie was bouncing on her toes.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and let go of Fluttershy’s hand, crossing her arms.

“Yes, Pinkie? Do you have something to say?”

There was an explosion of confetti and Fluttershy let out a startled noise, grabbing on to Rainbow’s arm.


The other girls laughed slightly at the antics of their friend. Rarity cleared her throat.

“I think what she means to say,” She looked at them, smiling almost too innocently. “Are the rumors true?”

Rainbow scratched her neck and rolled her eyes.

“No.” “Yes.”

She looked at Fluttershy. They had spoken at the same time and she saw the color in Fluttershy’s cheeks. Their friends just looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. Rainbow gave her a questioning look and Fluttershy sighed but stepped away from her, letting go of her arm.

“Officially, we are together.” She said determinedly but finished with a quiet voice. “As far as the school is concerned.”

Rainbow cleared her throat. “It’s a tactic to try and keep Mr. Stalker off her back.” Their friends stared for a moment and then began nodding. Twilight spoke up.

“What happened to telling Principal Celestia?”

Fluttershy let out a heavy sigh, she looked distraught at the memory and it fired something in Rainbow. “They said she had no physical evidence. As if the stalking itself isn’t evidence enough!” She crossed her arms, grumbling slightly.

“What??” half of the girls said in unison. Sunset spoke this time. “How is that possible? I thought for sure they would at least try to do something about this.”

Rainbow looked beside her and saw Fluttershy curling into herself. The more they spoke about it, the more she seemed to lose her faith in fixing the problem. Rainbow clenched her fist.

“Well, we’ll take care of him ourselves.” The girls stopped and looked at her. “The plan is, if he sees us together, sees me with her, and sees her as unavailable, he’ll back off.” She smiled to herself and looked at Fluttershy, seeing her uncurl slightly. “Or, I’ll give him a reason to back off.”

Pinkie Pie walked forward and set her hand on Rainbow’s shoulder. Rainbow looked at her quizzingly as Pinkie fixed her eyes on hers. They stood there for a moment, Rainbow becoming increasingly uncomfortable under her stern gaze. There was a concentration in Pinkie’s face, as if she was trying to figure out a problem. Finally, she spoke.

“Are you suuure?”

Rainbow looked away and then back. “A-am I sure of what, the plan?”

Pinkie gave a knowing look and moved her gaze to Fluttershy then back to Rainbow.

“Are you suuure the rumors are fake?”

Rainbow became flustered and she swatted Pinkie’s hand away. “Yes Pinkie! I just told you, it’s part of the plan!”

Pinkie kept her smile, as if she knew something they didn’t, and it began to irritate Rainbow. She knew it was Pinkie just being Pinkie, but it made her pause briefly. What was she seeing that Rainbow couldn’t? Pinkie Pie backed off shaking her head.

“If you say so.”

Sunset cut in. “Just ignore her. We all knew something must have been up.” Applejack nodded her head. “Sure enough, we were all waiting to ask yall directly.” She smiled at Sunset. “We had suspected the rumors weren’t as true as they claimed to be.”

Pinkie shrugged, back to her bubbly tone. “I was just hopeful!”

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A/N: First chapter!! Again, this hasn't been Beta Read yet so I'm hoping the pacing is alright.

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