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I'm a RPG gamer who writes for fun, however I don't mind doing one shot stories, so pm me if you want to make a request

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Decided to leave Nobles home by coin flip. Picked the Alleyway by accident but stayed with this. Rolled 12 just made it. Ouch man...

I'm glad someone is already playing it, not sure how I'll proceed further yet, but I look forward to feedback from readers. However Adventure 2 will be more diverse and longer the the Prologue, since the Prologue is to merely set the stage. I thank you for participating nonetheless

well its interesting but you need to make it so that the choices are immediately viewable I ended up having to click through the chapters because I couldn't see the choice

But as I said I'm interested so keep it up and have a free follow

now having said that I leave you with this: Hoo

Comment posted by PressStart deleted Mar 1st, 2020

I think I fixed it, will this work? I put the links for the chapter choices in the author's notes

Yeah thanks for the fix I can't wait for what happens next

Now having said that I leave you with this: hoo

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