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Rise of the Dark Signers: Call of the Immortals - Dalek-Galvo

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Awakening of the Shadows: Rainbow Dash vs. Lightning Dust Intro

There was a time long ago in the land of Equestria where Nightmare Moon had never existed, and so, the two sisters of day and night ruled over all of Equestria. Their names were Celestia and Luna, and they vowed to rule over all the land in peace. That was until Equestria during the 5th Great Galloping Gala was attacked by several evil creatures that came from a realm known as the NetherWorld. These monsters were called EarthBound Immortals and they were resurrected by a group of evil Necromancers known as the Dark Signers, who used their wicked minions and dark magic to instill terror and chaos throughout Equestria. But, these monsters were all led the most powerful of them all, Xolotl, Lord of the Immortals, they cause untold darkness and terror among the land of Equestria. So the legendary warriors known as the signers were sent out by an ancient monster known as the Crimson Dragon to fend off the Dark Signers and rid the world of the Earthbound Immortals. In the end, the Earthbound Immortals were defeated when the Signers summoned the 6 great signer dragons and they were finally banished for eternity in the Neitherworld. Then the Dark Signers, lead by the Shadow King went into hiding. And peace was finally restored, for the next millennia, the signer marks were passed down from generation to generation which is still going on even now.

Meanwhile, in the Human world, A young and spirited youth named Rainbow Dash was testing out her new shiny duel runner around the city to see how fast it could go. When it took off, she was having the ride of her life. "YAAAHOOOOO," Rainbow Dash cried in excitement as she watched her runner whirve and zip through the new Duelist City. Aww yeah, I'm having the ride of my OOOWWWWW, she then felt a burning sensation on her arm causing her runner to swerve and crash into a wall, Her Duel Runner was fine, but the wall was destroyed. "Oh geez, I better get out of here before sector security shows and gives me the lecture. Rainbow Dash got back on her duel runner and high-tailed out of there before Shining Armor and the rest of sector security showed up to observe the damages. When she returned home she looked at her arm to that there was a mark that looked like a tail. "Hey, how did that get there? I don't remember having any tattoos on my schedule list. Rainbow Dash ignored it for now as she had had a very busy day today and was drowsy. and changed into her pajamas and fell right to sleep the instant her head hit the pillow.

Meanwhile, that same night, in a dark and gloomy temple, there was a table inside that had 6 figures in cloaks sitting all around the table. "So, Celestia and her Precious Signers have finally made their move in this game of fate," The Shadow King said. "But, no matter, the shroud of shadows will fall upon this world, as the Spiral of Despair and Misery shall envelop the world and it will be consumed by the shadows." As he said this, the other figures eyes started to glow purple. "Now, we shall cast our pawn upon the sleeping signer and show this child the power of the shadows."

As Rainbow Dash was sound asleep, having a pleasant dream, her rest was suddenly interrupted by what seemed to be a rock thrown at her window. At first, she shrugged it off and went back to sleep, but then the sound of a much larger rock startled Rainbow Dash out of her bed. When she looked out the window, she saw a figure in cloak signaling her to come down. Not only that, but her window had been cracked do to the bigger rocks impact. "Ok, now I'm mad," Rainbow Dash said as she stormed out of her room and came outside. She was so mad she wanted to scream at this guy, she didn't care if it woke up her neighbors. "HEY YOU, YEAH YOU, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! WHO ARE..." She stopped her angry tirade when she noticed the purple mark on her arm. "Hey, what's with that mark on your arm." Said RainbowDash in Confusion and in grogginess due to exhaustion.

The Figure replied in an echoey voice, "Why don't you duel me and I'll tell you what you want to know." "Alright, then fine, we'll have a duel, could be a good way to blow off some steam." Rainbow Dash said as she pulled out her duel disk and prepared to duel.

Rainbow Dash: Life Points 8000

Lightning Dust: Life Points 8000

"My turn," Lightning Dust said as she drew her first card. "I'll start by summoning shield worm to the field in defense mode."
"Then I'll put two cards face-down and end my turn."

"Alright, my turn, I summon speed warrior in attack mode.". "Thanks to speed warriors special ability, its attack points are doubled than its original amount,
Speed Warrior: ATK 1800, DEF 400.
"And I'll also activate the spell card rush recklessly,, when I play this card, I can choose any monster on my side of the field, and gains 700 attack points until the end of this turn."

Speed Warrior: ATK 2500, DEF 400

Speed Warrior, attack her shield worm.

Speed Warrior: ATK 2500

Shield Worm: DEF 2000

"Alright, I put one card face down and end my turn. Your move, cloak guy."

"Heh, I activate the Call of the Haunted trap Card, , this card lets me bring any monster back from my graveyard and put it in attack mode, so I'll bring back Shield Worm. Then I'll summon Worm Drake in Attack mode. Then I'll activate the magic Card Worm Bait This allows me to summon two worm tokens to my side of the field. And now I'll sacrifice my 2 Worm Tokens to summon Dark Tuner Havoc Rogue.". And then I activate the star changer spell card with this, I can decrease any of my monsters' levels by one, so I'll use it on my Shield Worm to decrease its level to 3. Now Dark Tuner Havoc Rogue, go now and absorb the energy of shield worm, let the shadows rise!" The Shadow Pawn said as her Tuner Monster merged with her shield worm and both disappear. "When the shadows are devoured by even darker shadows, the curtain opens to reveal a world without light. Come forth, Dark Diviner." ."

Oh no, I've now gotten myself in a pickle, if I don't pick the right card then I don't know what this creep is going to do." Rainbow Dash worryingly thought. "I have to defeat this creep before its too late."

Author's Note:

Hi everyone, DalekGalvo here, here is the Fanfic I've been meaning to write for some time now. I hope everyone likes what they see right now. Be sure to comment on how much you liked this Fanfic, and leave a thumbs up.

So, so long, farewell, and ALLONSY!!!

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How does everyone like the story so far?

If no one saw this by now, Rising of the Earthbound Immortals is the theme of this story, not Hyperdrive.

(Sorry, that was a little rude, but still.)

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