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1: Scootaloo 2: Rumble 3: Sweetie Belle 4: Apple Bloom 5: Fluttershy


Scootaloo gets partial advice from Fluttershy about how to fly, but blows off Fluttershy's training and the meaning to the instructions she gave

inspired by A Matter of Perspective! by NTL

'Gliding Through Dreams' is complete, go check it out.

When I started writing fanfics I thought that I would turn out to be a novice writer, I had expected very few views, a few thumbs down, and no favorites. I finished writing the story at 1:43am and published it a minute later, when I woke up I had not expected anything, I went to fimfiction.net to see if any stories I was reading had updates. What I found was 97 viewers, 12 thumbs up, 11 notifications, 5 favorites, 3 comments, 1 offer to pre-read, 1 watcher, and 0 thumbs down. You are all amazing and although I already was planning to write the next story no matter how bad this story did, but after seeing the support that all of you give me I am more inspired to write than ever. Thank You and from here on I am dedicating all my stories to you, my wonderful readers.

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Well, she had to get it eventually, if only by luck! :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, I wonder how Pegasi learn how to fly? I suspect that it is something like the method eagles use: kick 'em off a high ledge and catch 'em until they learn to glide. Repeat until they learn to flap. If I'm right, Scootaloo did it without her parents around.

I didnt think that RD would ttake that much joy in anothers suffering

Also do i detect a hint of douglas adams in your writing

I liked reading this story a lot; it does a good job of realistically portraying Scootaloo's determination, and the mistakes she makes sound likely rather than forced. However, I think the story is held back by a number of errors in grammar and spelling, like how "decent" should be "descent.". If you'd like, I could run through it and tidy those up, then send you the revision in a PM.

That would be greatly appreciated. I had no pre-readers considering I didn't know anyone willing to. also would you be interested in pre-reading my other stories?

From what rainbow could see Scootaloo was perfectly fine (although still covered in tree sap), and just jumping off a cliff hoping it would let you fly is a laughable idea idea to anyone, Applebloom didn't laugh because she saw the crater and thought Scootaloo might be hurt (Rainbow didn't see the crater until just before she apologized), and Fluttershy isn't one to laugh at others for any reason.

and if it seemed like there was a hint of Douglas Adams it was unintentional. the only place I might know him from is Monty Python but even then it is unlikely I pick anything up.

1124437 do you know of douglas adams because a method acheving flight, according to him, is to learn to fall correctly ie paying attention just untill the very last instant before you hit tge ground

unfortunately not, but it seems it might help to continue the series.

1124508 if you do get interested he wrote the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series

yeah, I looked him up before I replied to your first comment, I wanted to see who you were talking about

1124554 the books are pretty good i highly recomend them

Absolutely! If there's one thing I can say for myself, it's that I'm great at editing. (So much so that I'm constantly revising my own stories and never getting around to posting them...)

ok, thanks. I don't have much time to read a book because I start school in a week or two, but I will check it out when I get the chance.

I wrote this story in two nights so I'm not worried about not having time to write the other stories, the work load should be simple.

1124617l in any case the books are fairly short so they most likely wouldnt eat up too much time

i'll be able to find time... i hope. I've probably read longer fimfics ie: Fallout Equestria (The very first fic I read)


A story of mine inspired another story? Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, believe it. I recognised you from some of your comments, so when I saw that you wrote a story I had to read it. it was a great inspiration to begin writing, and an even bigger one on what to write, (Fluttershy aiding Scootaloo, I would've never thought of that).
By commenting on my story you have inspired me again, in more ways than 1. I hope you continue writing fiction as your story instantly made it to the top of my favorites list. i am currently in the middle or writing the second story,) i know I'm a fast writer, but I also get stuck more often, and might take a month to write a story that should take a day). Thank You and continue to inspire.:pinkiehappy::heart:


You're not supposed to pay attention to the ground, that's what makes it rush up at you. You have to be able to acknowledge it from the corner of your eye while something else makes you completely forget about hitting the ground. Too bad Rainbow Dash got there a few seconds late.

Cute story, I like.
It might work with writing as well as flying. Try it out, I hope to see more of your stuff.

1128669 its been a few years calm down

Sorry, didn't mean for that to come off so rant-like. My goal was to make the joke that if Rainbow Dash had gotten there a few seconds earlier Scootaloo would have forgotten to hit the ground. I don't make words very well after a 12 hour shift.

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