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Those are some extraordinarily stupid preservationists; you can't truly repopulate a species from a single breeding pair, and... I was going to suggest physical distance as a proxy for genetic variation, but if Twilight was in her castle and Shining was in his wife's castle then that at least wasn't their fault.


Those are some extraordinarily stupid preservationists

The two ponies that get picked to repopulate their species are Twilight Sparkle, and her brother.

two ponies

Human tag: "Am I a joke to you?"

Hey, its obviously a reference to the old Noah's Ark myth. People back then didn't understand the issues involved in repopulating a species.


Another day, another clopfic of Twilight and her brother.:fluttershyouch::rainbowlaugh:


One month later...

"Okay... would someone explain to me why whatever the fuck these are are multiplyng like fucking guppies and theres five different kinds?"

"I'd like too, but last time we tried to quantify resonance fields with the nerdiest of our nerdy brains, she literally ejaculated said brains from every orifice, and then used another secret orifice previously unknown to man to then disgorge further brains."

"Fuck me, its the pink ones fubar all over again."

(I'm including thestrals because fuck you for killing off best tribe)

human =/= humanized

but okay.

I read the story, and I now understand why there was a human tag.

I jumped the gun there, and I'm sorry about that. Should've picked up on the whole "spacecraft" thing, but I was thinking "little green men from Mars" aliens, not humans.

D̡͍̘̻̩̩̲͘͞E̷̯̥͕̯͓̠̘̠͙̭̗̜̺͔̞̱̯̗̪͠Ų̨͍̺̣̱͍̣̬̩̖̲̫̜̗́͜͠S͉̬͕̠̟̟̗̟͖̙̻̕͠ ͏̬͉̩̰̩̳͔͇͍͕̘̝͎ͅV̢̲̫̠̮̝͕̻̕͢U̢̗̣̠̹̩̞̖̣̗̦͚͇̺͔̻͎L͍̯̣̰̘̙̲̝̭̣̞͜͜ͅͅṰ̢͙̞̻̤̖̖̺̫̯̱̳̗͠

skyace #10 · Feb 22nd, 2020 · · 11 · The Zoo ·

Maybe I'm just wired weird, but the underlying premise of THE ENTIRE WORLD DYING kinda killed the sexy. Not your best work, sorry.

You may be surprised to learn how often this plot is used for porn. Not usually incest porn, but porn nonetheless.

...I'm tempted to over think this and theorize you could be making some commentry about the fandom; specifically "us cloppers".
Then i realized, nah, it's just a clopfic and much the observers in the fic i couldn't tear my eyes away!:facehoof:

Each day we stray further away from CUMOME CLOSER TO BEING GOD

Oh great now I'm going to fall asleep thinking about Shakespearicles fingering my ass. No homo.

And im scarred

Well, there were options to deal with the meteor before it hit the planet even if magic wouldn't work on it since they knew of it before it hit.
Namely moving the sun or moon into its path, because that's a thing ponies can do. Or just throwing Pinkie at it.

Cool story though, it was fun.

I'm reminded of a joke from the Super Mario Bros movie where Luigi makes basically this exact mistake. (Yes, it was famously terrible even by the standards of video game movies; I maintain that most of the individual parts of it could be salvaged to make three or more good movies in completely different genres. Trying to put them in the same movie just resulted in a mess)

Probably should have done a dna test just to be safe. Or maybe attempted communication once the ponies proved capable of language. If nothing else drawing would have allowed them to understand each other. Mostly.

Fun fact for the author, a stallion's prostate is a bit beyond wrist deep. ;) Random things you learn working with horses. Well-written fic, I actually like that you didn't take the usual driven-mad-with-estrus route and let them think clearly throughout.

that was a sad start


a stallion's prostate is a bit beyond wrist deep

Your username is just so incredibly appropriate for this comment that it astounds me.

Shakespearicles, you are an inspiration. Your batshit insanity is a shining beacon in the darkness, burning like the raging wildfire of entropic devastation in the face of impending doom. A shout into the night, brief, terrifying, and never forgotten by the immortal denizens of the forgotten realms.

I can assume that there probably going to be sequels since there is 85% in which the Sparkles weren't the only ones captured.

As I've already stated, if they understood genetics well enough to think of that they would have realized they'd need more than just the one pair.

Actually this was inspired from a conversation regarding the endangered pandas in China that they have been trying to get to breed for years. And I thought, well, what if they're related? That must be awkward.

This story is the result.

When we go to Mars, WE will be the aliens.


Just ignore the narrative contrivances.


Next chapter when?

Indeed. Dibs on saying "Take me to your leader"!

;) Working as a broodmare manager for the last several years definitely teaches a person things they never thought they'd need to learn. I have tendinitis in my right wrist because the mare I was trying to give an ultrasound to got spooked and clenched. Our family has a rule at Thanksgiving. No politics, drama or job stories relating to horse bits at the dinner table.


And I thought my family gatherings were awkward...

The Ark of... Abraham?

No direct sibling incest in the Bible, unfortunately.

source pls? The thumbnail looks cute.

So uh... if these guys have the ability to abduct two of every species at once, couldn't they have just nudged the asteroid out of the way? I mean they have to have some kind of teleporter, or tractor beam, or even some kind of force field or laser/torpedo to just push it a bit.

There's also the fact that, ya know, Twi's not a Unicorn

this was kinda depressing to masturbate to but I did it anyways

There was father/daughter, though, with Lot and his daughters.

Thank you for shoving me that story, I honestly laughed for a minute straight.

>>> SAUCE <<<

Also, most FimFiction cover arts have a source button in the lower right corner if you hover over the image with your mouse.

Alabama: 100

I don't think that attempted meme really works here.

I mean In terms of biology, due to a lack of differing genes, the population is kinda fucked either way

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