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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight

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I always did have a soft spot for Cadance.

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The emotions if Thots are completely unknowable.

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Random guess that you had to change the cover art.

"shove his shaft into her womb" from what i have read that hurts a lot. Decent story, there are spots that need words to form a proper sentence and other areas that could use some refinment to make it a smoother read.
"If things were different, I would've chosen to be your wife." Just for cock size that helps reinforce the idea that she is a slut.

Alright I’ll delete it!

That was great. I hope you make a sequel to this story. Id love to see Shining Armor receive those devorce papers and how he reacts to Cadance pregnant with a pony/changelling hybrid. Extra points if she gives Shining those papers while pregnant with Thorax's foal and she's showing her pregnancy to really make Shining feel guilty for cheating on her with Celestia. I look forward to more of your content on FiMFiction

Not saying that you have to delete it. I was just stating what it feels like for that to happen to females.

WOW !!! just wow !!

Good story, reminds me in part of a comic that I saw in Derpibooru that is about Cadence being filled with lust due to Hearts & Hooves day (because she overloads love) and Shinig Armor has sex with her but he barely survives her lust. Yep, this story reminded me of that comic, but with Thorax, and since he's a changeling, I guess he wouldn't have much trouble having sex with Cadence, because the love she gives off would make him strong to please her.

In theory, these events happen before Thorax became King of the Changelings ... then, one could say that Cadence was the one who gave him enough love to "transform" into the King of the Changeling.

I saw the end of the story as something forced, but I don't complain, I liked it... it seems that Cadence has a perfect excuse to make Thorax her husband. (how lucky are you, Thorax)

Will there be a sequel?

Sorry about the ending; it seem like a good idea at the time, but now I’ll prevent having it in the future

And no; there’s no sequel

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Pretty sure the artist of the cropped art piece for this story is leinhart

You, sir, are a buckin’ GENIUS!!!

10156535 yeah! Apart from the fact that you were depressed for a while, which I missed, but wish you well regardless, most of your fics are worth reading!

cant find the fanart can you help me, can you link it or something

nice work on the story:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

Where can I find the cover on derpibooru?

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