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More Cucking

You forgot to slip in a third thing along these lines. You need a third thing.

Hold on. How is male-on-female, the absolute original and most basic form of intercourse, a kink?

Eh, kink lists are more to just be aware of the sexual situations in the story. Male-on-female is just so we're aware that it's a dominant male, rather than female-on-male which is the opposite. It's just nice to know, really. Besides, even if it's not accurate Leech has been using a "kinks include" for so long now that it'd just feel wrong to not have it

Male on Female = Male taking the lead
Female on Male = Female taking the lead

This was a fun real, would have loved to see more of a reaction from Mudbriar on what's happening or rather more of his absence of reaction. I wonder if Maud is going to get him gelded after this?

Dat ponut thou:rainbowderp:

INB4 that one guy leaves a comment complaining. You know the one.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's invested in a Leech voodoo doll by now XD

Good thing he doesn't. I know what I would do with a Some Leech voodoo doll uwu :trollestia:

> Furiously scribbles notes to do something with voodoo dolls

For real, it's so underused.

Please. I'm a big fan of voodoo dolls, especially voodoo inflation.

Is there gonna be a sequel?

Maybe? This was a promo for an art pack and I really hadn't given much thought for a sequel.
That being said, I'm pretty sure I could come up with something.

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