• Published 9th Mar 2020
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Lycanthropony - Amazing Ups

When Stella finds out the truth behind who she is, a were-pony, will she ever be the same?

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Introduction: I am


All throughout the history of Equestria, the tale of Hearth's Warming Eve has been told and retold time and time again. In the beginning, the Earth Ponies farmed and harvested, the Pegasi brought the weather to nurture their crops, and the Unicorns raised the Sun and Moon accordingly. When the three races began to argue, the Windigos came and fed off their hatred.

Blah, blah, blah.

Then eventually, the leaders of each Pony Tribe came to an agreement and settled Equestria. Everypony celebrated and sang and jumped for joy, because the power of friendship had brought the world to peace.


Ever since the first Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony in Equestria has supposedly lived in harmony, flourishing and thriving with the friends they make. Ponies everywhere have always kept faith in the power of friendship. They thought that that special friendship, shared between the three pony races, was the reason Equestria is the place it is today.

They were wrong.

They were always wrong.

But there are a few that know the truth. It nags at them, every day and night. It pierces through the fibers of their brain; It burns in the back of their skull. They live far from any civilized ponies, away from anywhere that they're knowledge might taint the rest of the world. So they stay away, and live with their heavy burden, the burden of truth. The burden of knowing.

Knowing that it was a lie. That it was always a lie.

I am one of those few.

My very existence is a secret. My unimaginable knowledge came with a curse of unimaginable consequences. I know things that some ponies couldn't even think of. Things that regular ponies couldn't come up with in their wildest dreams.

But most of all, I know my story. I know how I learned to deal with the pain of being different, how I forced myself to forget the life I left behind when the rest of the world shunned me.

This is my story. This is the truth.

And I'm not afraid to tell it.