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There was a moral in that, somewhere. (Commissions & Patreon)

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Ah yes, my favorite rating for a clop story.

Hmmm...this has a setup for some hilariously perverted situations. :rainbowwild:

Story Approver

Please tell me this was a commission and you were bribed a large sum of money. I’m begging you.

You know something is happening when a story approver hopes that a story was written under duress...

Idk what i would do without your sparity stories, it fuels my urge to continue life.

I'm guessing the concern.jpeg is coming from people who aren't familiar with the cover art? Assuming it's a similar situation, it isn't that weird. Portal/voodoo/etc remote sex seems to be a relatively common idea in magical settings.

Oh boy new Sparity. I am intrigued. I remember that lumineko comic, it was p good. Hopefully this is too.

You'd think a story approver would be the last sort of pony to complain about story content they don't like. Mais non.

Ahh Mr.B you did it! You captured the stark anatomical juxtaposition between two xenophilic lovers that despite there feelings for one another, fInd it physically difficult to be together. A concept I struggled with and failed in my early attempts at writing. Yet here it is for all to see, no longer just an idea or concept lying just beyond my reach. I'm inspired to breath new life into some of my old projects.
Thumbs up, favorite,follow.

This will be interesting for sure. It is nice to see Rarity couldn't go through with cheating on Spike. It kinda sucks that her desires grew to the point she even considered it but at least she pulled back at the last moment. Tho I wonder will she ever tell Spike what she ALMOST did, I think she might keep that to herself. As of now nothing has happen and it would only hurt him. Even more so since she has just came up with a way to fix that issue. Oh this could be so fun to be sure. If the doll is magic that means best chance it will be a perfect fit for Spike, which would mean SHE would be a perfect fit for him lol. Which could be even more fun if he start to use it more and more, even in situations and times she wouldn't think he would be using it. Like in the middle of the day. I can see her trying to talk to someone or do something all while a SUPER horny dragon is just going to town on that doll for who knows how long. I love Sparity stories and they are a bit rare now so seeing more of these is always a great thing

Story Approver

I guess jokes go to die here, my B. :scootangel:

Imagine calling people ponies unironically lol

10090689 |10090694 |10090881

Jackripper is my pal, and thus, this is his way of showing his love—torturing me incessantly. Rest assured it's all in good fun and no harm should come in the making of. No need for downvotes and such, gang.

As for the perspective on the matter? The cover-art implies a child-looking Spike using a Rarity fleshlight and the story deals with them in a romatic and erotic situation. Despite him aged up, the outside still appears the same. His 'WTF?' is a bit justified in that regard. But nonetheless, I'm thankful for everyone checking out this story... despite how fucking strange it is.

F'naaaaaaaaa. I need a Monster.
~ Yr. Pal, B

You might want to mention he's aged up, then. I assumed this was foalcon, and if it's markedly "adult" you may get some disappointed readers.

Clop authors have to deal with a lot of shit from readers on their story pages, so I don't think it's surprising if somepony doesn't pick up on the sarcasm.

I think you need to reevaluate your friendship

Interesting start. Let’s see where this goes. Tracked for now, but a like you must earn.

Oh my this right here is so bloody hot! Also YAY FIRST!

I enjoy stories like this, a special gift with a hidden secret that results in fun times for both. This is the fourth story I've read like this and I can't wait to see more of it.

*coughs* Unless Rarity has some fascinating anatomical quirks, I think you meant vulva, not uvula. :twilightblush:

Nice happy to see another chapter of this so soon. It is nice to see that the spell works for ALL feelings of the doll. OH man just think if Spike start to decide to experiment with the doll. Like practice doing bondage knots on it, anal, getting his stroke count higher and higher, massages, so many things he could do to that doll to keep it a mess. I do wonder if Twilight finding out about the doll will give her a idea to make one herself? This is also good I think for the future of their relationship. Rarity seem to have a thing for how Spike handles the smaller doll. SO when he grows bigger he will be IDEAL for her at that time and she will be groomed for it.

Oh, my!! This is such a warm and intimate story! I'm very much enjoying the slow burn and how much they are enjoying each other.

Are fleshlights real? And why would someone make a fleshlight plushie?

They are definitely real I own like eight. As for why someone would make a plushy one to enhance the fantasy and to better allow them to have sex with their plush toys which is a thing some people are into.

The next few chapters are going to be very interesting, I can't wait to see how Spike starts acting when he realizes that the doll is actually connected to Rarity. Or how he reacts later when she comes back and he hasn't realized it until she starts talking to him about it. Either way this is going to be goooooood. :raritywink:

This is cyoot so far. Not a fan of RaraSpike tbh but I love the, plush aspect

Great chapter I like the build up... and the focus on her flank. As a rear man that is something me and Spike can agree on lol. I hope we get to see all the crazy situations and things Spike does to this doll. But that isn't undercutting the sweetness/saddness of this chapter. This was fun to be sure. I love your Sparity stories and I hope we can keep getting more for sure. I would love to get a older Rarity x older Spike. I think a story of a married Rarity who is having a affair with Spike would be too epic. Or a story where it is the flip and Spike if the older of the relationship and he has to lead and guide the young Rarity into intimacy lol.

This build up is intense and welcome. I can barely wait for more (and I bet Rarity feels the same), but I'm even more anxious for they talking about it later... And bringing the doll with them to their bedroom. I bet that'd make for one hell of a sequel.
What would you call watching your loved ones play with a doll of your own appearance while feeling all they do to it? It's beyond voyeuristic in the most delicious ways, and I bet Twilight's jilling the night away to it.

Fuck yes this is getting delicious!!!! Aaaagh, I cant wait for the next update!

Oh this better not be the final chapter! this is to great! I need to see Spike's reaction to finding out that the plushie is tied to Rarity and that she felt EVERYTHING! Loving this story keep up the great works!

Love these stories, and I love the new profile pic, makes me feel guilty though lmao.

This was a very interesting and great story. You really do a great job with the Sparity relationship and how it is shown in many different forms and stages. I think this was really fun and I don't want you to force more from this story than you feel is needed but I can't help but want to see more from this world and this dynamic that we are witnessing.

Perhaps after this story you'll do a new one.

I do wonder if Spike will figure it out first, or if Twilight or Rarity will tell him what kind of doll it is.

A toy can't duplicate the real thing.

This is adorable. And lewd. Lewdorable. Thanks so much for writing it!

I feel like the train and the departure has a huge and hidden meaning, correct me if I'm wrong but its suppose to represent them moving onto a new relationship or a new step into the relationship.

From what I can tell, it's very very nearly like you know... the real thing. I think they could get by juuuuuust fine with a Rarity and a Raridoll.

Well, so much for public perception, that's going to be in the papers for sure. Not that it matters, Spike is an adult, how he appears is irrelevant.

The relationship wasn't public before I think this is her way of saying she wants to make it public And take him with her

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