• Published 28th Oct 2021
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Ratchet and Clank: Family of Heroes - Blackdrag-rose

Starswirl and Autumn Blaze grow up on Veldin with a Lombax called Ratchet, where they'll begin an epic journey to save their galaxy from the dangers that plague it, unaware of the dangers that exist in their universe.

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Commando: Aranos Prison

Ratchet had no idea how long he had been out, not without checking his armor or an internal clock, but he moaned as he regained consciousness and discovered that he was resting on a metallic bed that was just long enough for someone like him to rest on, though that was followed by him discovering that he was resting inside what appeared to be a cell, as if he was in a prison of some kind. If what he remembered was correct this meant the Thugs had transformed Angela's lab into a prison, why he had no idea and suspected that it had to do with whoever had hired them, the better offer provider, but as he thought about that he remembered what had happened before he blacked out, they had walked into a trap, like Clank had been worried about, and the Thugs had captured them, shocking them into submission. Such a thing made him take a moment to wonder where his siblings might be, since it didn't look like anyone else was inside this cell, save for his friend since it looked like Clank was standing near one of the laser walls, using a cup to see just how strong the laser walls were, which he was pleased to see since it had to be what woke him up or helped him wake up. The odd thing he discovered not a few seconds later was that his wrench was resting nearby and he still had access to his arsenal, meaning the Thug Leader felt that he had beaten them and this happened to be a way of taunting them, that they had their weapons and had no way to escape this area.

"Hey, thanks for the annoying alarm." Ratchet remarked, where he took a moment to pull himself off the bed and quickly stretched his arms to make sure nothing was sore, even though he was getting over the effects of being shocked like that, before standing as he stared down at his friend and glanced at their surroundings, finding a weapon Vendor on the other side of the wall or fence in front of them.

"Sorry, it was a way to distract myself." Clank replied, where he turned and dropped the cup on the ground, though since Ratchet knew his friend he suspected that he must have studied the area that they were in while he was doing that, more as a distraction for any Thugs who might be aboard the ship, before he sighed, "I am afraid that, after analyzing the area that we have been left in, that there are next to no means of escape, save for using magic to teleport to the other side of these laser fences. Also, your siblings are fine, as Starswirl is in the room to our left and Autumn is further beyond him, in what seems to be the final cell of this block... but, um, it appears that she might be stuck in her anger form and is waiting for something to happen."

Sure enough Ratchet found that Starswirl seemed to be studying the area before attempting to use his magic to escape with a teleportation spell, or maybe a portal spell, though after that he found that Autumn was surrounded by the flames of her anger form, or whatever they were going to call it since he felt it needed a name, though she seemed to be waiting for something important to happen.

"And Angela?" Ratchet asked, because it seemed strange for the three of them to be here and not Angela, especially since she had been part of their group before they had been shocked into submission, though he was concerned for her safety, as there was no telling what the Thugs might do to her.

"I do not know, but I can only guess that the Thug Leader has plans for her," Clank answered, since the figure seemed like the type to hold a grudge over something, regardless of what caused it to happen, though while Ratchet considered what he had said, especially since he knew his friend liked her, they heard a sound as a vent to the bed's right popped open and they found a small robot, a modified Infobot with a reddish pink coloration to her form, pushed it open before beckoning for him to follow.

Ratchet said nothing as his friend followed after the modified robot, as it looked like they might have found their way out of their cells, to which he sat on the metallic bed and stared at the laser fence that was blocking the way forward, taking a moment to think about why the Thug Leader wanted Angela, because both he and Clank clearly thought it was weird for her to be the absent one, but he resolved to find and save her. It wasn't just due to the fact that she was possibly the only other Lombax in existence, save for his missing sister, it was mostly because he liked her, he had a crush on her and was sure that she felt the same way towards him, so he wasn't about to let the love of his life be taken and held against him, but to make sure he didn't do anything crazy he focused on his necklace. As he thought about that he was sure that both of his siblings had noticed how he and Angela had acted around each other during their visits to the other planets, which meant that they knew how much she meant to him, something that might also explain Autumn's anger, she was enraged by missing someone she considered to be part of their family, even if it wasn't formal yet. In that moment he sighed for a few seconds and decided to stand up, glancing at what was on the other side of the fence as a group of Flame Bots just so happened to walk into the cell block and took a moment to glance at him, not to mention his siblings, moving around like they found something about this situation to be hilarious... though as the fences fell, causing them to pause, Ratchet was the first to move as he leapt out of his cell and smashed his target with his wrench.

Sure enough Starswirl used his magic to crush one of the other robots, allowing him to step out of his cell, though as they did that Autumn stepped out of her cell and stabbed her target right in it's metallic chest, causing the robot to pause as it realized what was going on, before she tore it's core out and crushed it with ease, though after that she staggered as her rage form seemed to withdraw, hence why Ratchet and Starswirl caught her.

"Don't worry, we got you," Starswirl commented, though this time around he was happy to see that Autumn wasn't taken out of the adventure, like what happened when they were back on Umbris and Autumn's other side was awakened by the betrayal none of them had seen coming, though she did seem weakened by however long she had been stuck in her other form, something he was sure they might need to help her with at some point, "How are you feeling?"

"Tired... but ready to fight." Autumn replied, where she sounded like she was tired, which made sense given everything she had been through since they reached Boldan and were ambushed, before they were brought back to Aranos and locked in these cells, or at least she assumed that they were on Aranos, unless the Thugs moved Angela's ship to another planet, but in the end she chuckled for a moment, "Clank certainly came through for us..."

Ratchet nodded his head as he quickly checked the Vendor for any new weapons, where he found two new weapons, one called the Shield Charger, which seemed to form a spherical shield around whoever was using it and it had been designed to take damage before disappearing, saving the user from harm, while the other one was an incredibly expensive and very powerful weapon called the Zodiac, Megacorp's RYNO when he thought about it, though he only purchased them so they could have the complete arsenal from this galaxy. With that done he handed the pair of weapons over to Autumn, mostly so she could stay back and study them while he and Starswirl dealt with the enemies that would be standing between the three of them and the exit, especially since the path brought them to a chamber that had no walkway to go forward, save for a platform that three Flame Bots were resting on, who were knocked into the lava below them. Of course that was the moment they discovered that the Magneboots were needed, as the platform turned a little after they jumped onto it and brought them to a long platform that they had assumed was part of the wall, but as several bots lowered themselves down so they could fire at the siblings, using a thread of some kind, Starswirl waved his hand and knocked them out of the way with a little bit of magic. After that they used another platform that moved them down to a doorway, turning like the last one the siblings had walked on, and it brought them to a passage, where Ratchet found a pair of walls to Wall Jump on and did so without delay, allowing him to open fire on all of the enemies that happened to be up here, a number of Flame Bots who reacted to their presence as his siblings joined him.

Once they cleared out the area that the Flame Bots were located in they discovered that there was no easy way for them to move forward, to which Autumn found a Wall Jump wall and a platform that was near it, something that disappeared as another appeared a short distance in front of it, so they took turns jumping and navigating their way over to the highest point of this chamber, before using a lift to reach another part of the ship, even though they were sure that Clank walked under the lift after some time.

"What the... what's a wrench doing here?" Ratchet asked, referring to the red colored wrench that happened to be up at the top of the lift, when it reached the area that it connected to, though it looked a lot like the wrench he had started with and it seemed to have a few orange bits, meaning it had to be stronger than either his original weapon, the blue one they found back on Tabora, and the combined wrench he currently carried, "Autumn, do you think you can manage merging the two weapons together, like you did back on Tabora, or should we wait until your ready to go?"

Autumn said nothing as she raised her hand and Ratchet found that both wrenches floated into the air for a moment, as the blue one took on the shape of the red one in a matter of moments, all while a flame design of some kind, which likely came from the red wrench, appeared on the handle, though once both wrenches were gone, and a stronger one was left behind, she stopped her magic and let Ratchet claim the improved weapon. With that done they found that the only way to move forward, and leave the chamber that had a bunch of red plasma that looked and acted like lava, was to use one of the vanishing platforms and quickly traverse the path it created for them, bringing them to a walkway that needed them to use their Magneboots once more so they could follow the path. It was in that moment they got their confirmation on the planet that they were currently on, as Ratchet, Starswirl, and Autumn found the icy mountains of Aranos passing them by as they walked outside the ship, meaning the Thugs had definitely taken over Angela's lab and tried to convert it into their ow prison ship, but Ratchet was sure that with some work and a lot of effort they could fix it right up. Of course, knowing his sister and her love of tinkering with things, he suspected that she would turn this ordinary planetary ship into one of the more important starships, capable of moving from planet to planet, so it would be turning a flying lab into a mobile base for Angela to use, and maybe them if they were lucky.

After thinking about that they found some sections rotating to reveal some Flame Bots that were waiting for intruders, to which Autumn sighed as she used a bit of her own magic, not a lot since she didn't want to push her luck right now, and let out a few small blasts that struck the areas their enemies were in not a few seconds later, sending them flying off the side of the ship and likely crushed them when they collided with the mountains they were currently flying above. With those foes taken care of the siblings walked along what was left of the metallic walkway that they were on and returned to the inside of the ship, where they were immediately assaulted by a group of Flame Bots and reacted accordingly, opening fire on every robot that was in this part of the ship as they looked for the path that would allow them to either move deeper into Angela's lab or meet up with Clank. Once Ratchet was sure that all of the Flame Bots had been taken care of, which he and his siblings confirmed not a few seconds later, they found that they had to use the disappearing and reappearing set of platforms again, to which he started it while Starswirl kept an eye on Autumn, as she was still somewhat tired from the awakening of her other side, before he came to a stop at the doorway that was up there. With that done Starswirl took his turn on the set of platforms and quickly reached the end of it as well, even though he could have used magic to bypass the obstacles, and it wasn't long before Autumn followed after them, showing that while she appreciated their concern, given what happened back on Boldan, she was just fine and didn't need to be watched over while they were making their way through Angela's stolen lab.

When they walked through the doorway, however, they found that Clank was climbing out of the vent that he had used to get through part of the ship, though the interesting thing Ratchet found, and he was sure that his siblings agreed, was that his admirer was nowhere to be seen, meaning she likely stayed in the shadows or something, though Clank wasn't sad by this turn of events, rather he walked over to them like he had fought a bunch of enemies to get here.

"Ratchet, it is good to see that you and your siblings are fine," Clank commented, especially since Autumn was fine and was no longer in her rage form, the latter being far more important since her staying inside it would have been a disaster, since it seemed like she was a true beast when in that state and it was hard to snap her out of it, or at least depending on what had triggered the transformation.

"You know it, and you did some fine work on your own," Ratchet remarked, as while Clank didn't have the abilities that he and his siblings had, not counting the magical powers that Autumn and Starswirl could use, he was proving that he didn't need all of that to do some real damage if he was left alone, making him wonder if there might be more ways for them to use Clank's skills in the future, before he found their ship resting nearby, "Well, at least the Thugs were nice enough to take our ship as well, so now all we have to do is deactivate the force field and figure out where their Leader has taken Angela... then we can worry about the Protopets."

Despite her rage form and everything that had happened to her, Autumn had to smile as Clank took his position on her brother's back, as it confirmed that there was something between him and Angela and she wanted to make sure it stayed, instead of being forgotten, to which she turned and found that there were two doorways for them to pick from, one that seemed to head to a control center and another that might head to the heart of the ship. After a few moments Ratchet and his siblings decided to tackle the open doorway, as one of them happened to be open and the other looked like it had to be locked, and when they entered it the three of them had to climb up to a ledge that had a Levitator pad on it, where Starswirl surrounded himself and Autumn with magic and lifted them into the air as Ratchet carefully avoided the plasma that was below them, only to find the Plumber on the other side of the path.

"Plumber? What are you doing here, in Bogon?" Starswirl asked, because it was odd to see someone like him in one of the other galaxies, even though they knew that there was something different about the man, especially since he seemed to be the only one that knew where Ratchet's missing sister was located, though his voice caused the man to stop what he was doing before glancing back towards them.

"Oh, it's you four again... I must say, you are right on time. Anyway, I can't control where things break, I just head out and fix them," the Plumber replied, once more speaking like they were supposed to be here and not somewhere else, given his knowledge about things that none of them knew about, though as he turned to fully face them Ratchet noticed that there was a Qwark figurine, one in remarkable condition based on what they could see, blocking a pipe that the man happened to be working on before their arrival, "also, I get triple pay and travel expenses for doing this job, so I was more than willing to take the posting... even if it's because some fool flushed this perfectly good Qwark action figure."

"I'm not sure we need the action figure, since we already took the gadget from Zurgo," Ratchet commented, because if he and his siblings had done nothing back on Todano, when they encountered one of Qwark's most insane followers, he was sure that they would have purchased it to hand it over for what was on their belts, before he sighed for a moment as he thought about what to say next, "So, um, do you have any information on what my sister is up to?"

"I'm not allowed to say, unfortunately... though my son, whose about your age, is keeping an eye on her, just to be sure that she stays out of trouble," the Plumber answered, something that caused Ratchet to sigh for a moment as he bought the action figure, mostly because he was sure that it might be worth something in the future as a collectable, and it wasn't like they were stressed for Bolts, as with everything happening in Bogon, and people buying Autumn's stuff in Solana, they had more than enough for whatever the future held for them, "but rest assured, as of right now she is safe and doing her own thing."

Ratchet simply nodded his head before letting the Plumber return to his work, though he and his siblings did find that the information he gave them was a little odd, that he had a son who was keeping an eye on his sister, where he assumed that the son was someone who had the same abilities that his father held, whatever those were, before he used the Levitator to return to where their ship rested, all while the man called out that he would see them in a year or so. Once the siblings were back outside Autumn made her way up the ladder and found that it had an Infiltrator terminal for them to hack into, hence why Ratchet stepped up and hacked into it without delay, even if it revealed another passage that had plasma pools for them to avoid, since it also held a Levitator pad for him to use. Of course Starswirl and Autumn floated behind him as he used the Levitator to navigate through the area, his siblings using the barrier technique once more, where they found an area to land on and walk on for a short period of time before heading down a part of the passage that had electricity they had to avoid, meaning the Thugs must have messed with Angela's ship and they would have to fix it at some point in time, once this adventure was over. Sure enough at the end of the passage the siblings found a chamber that looked like it held the terminal that they needed to mess with, something that Autumn found and used rather easily, where they quickly found that the barrier around the ship fell and meant that they could leave whenever they wanted to do so, though before she pulled away from the terminal she found a message and played it.

What they discovered was that Angela was definitely with the Thugs, as she had escaped for a moment and informed them that she was calling from the Thugs-4-Less fleet, and it seemed like she might have learned something important, but just before they could learn what that something was the Thug Leader found and captured her, even mocking her for calling her 'boyfriend', though as soon as the message finished Ratchet jumped out of the doorway that opened in front of them, before they returned to their ship and blasted off for the fleet's location.

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