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The Sunsets for Demons too - The_Rusty_Author

Takes place after the Fall Formal, takes place before Rainbow Rocks. Sunset feels worthless, after all that's what she has been told her whole life. However she will soon realize she is worth a lot more thanks to her new friends

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Chapter 4: A Sunny Day

Chapter 4: A Sunny Day

After Principal Celestia got off the phone with Posey; she headed to her sister’s room to wake her up for breakfast. She knocked on the pale blue door covered with stars. She peered into the darkroom to see her sister’s form laying on the queen-sized mattress. Her sister was wrapped in blankets making it seem like she was a caterpillar in a cocoon.

“Lulu time to get up. I need to discuss the events that unfolded last night,” Celestia said politely as possible.
“Go away!” was all she got in response.
“Ok, so you want to play this the hard way,” Celestia chuckled.

Celestia headed toward the kitchen, smirking all the way there, to fill up a bucket full of cold water.

“Dear sister you always have to make it so hard to wake you up, but not today. I'm not spending twenty minutes trying to get you out of bed. There are important matters at hand,” She said to herself making her way back to her sister’s room.

“This is your final warning Luna.” All she got in response was incoherent mumbling.

“All right then you asked for it,” Celestia said as she threw the cold water onto her sister.

“WHAT THE HELL TIA!?” Luna screamed looking like she was about to strangle her sister.

With a smug look on her face, Celestia replied,” Good you’re up now. We have matters to discuss concerning Sunset

Luna looked at her with frustration. She slowly turned that frustration into confusion when she finally processed what Celestia said.
“The girl who for some unknown reason turned into a demon,” Luna said getting up out of bed and grabbing a dry pair of clothes, “What are we going to do about her? We never dealt with magic, which is real apparently. Do you think we should expel her or call the police?”

“Good heavens no! We are not going to the police even if we did it will sound crazy. Imagine explaining that our statue is a portal to another dimension and one of our students stole a magical artifact that made her turn into a raging she-demon then was defeated from said dimension’s princess,” said Celestia, pinching the bridge of her nose.
“Then what are we going to do? We can just let her get away with what she did,” asked Luna, throwing her arms up in the air.
“Lulu, I think she has been punished enough. I just got off the phone with Posey, Fluttershy’s mom, she said Sunset was attacked last night by three of our students,” Celestia said with a great deal of concern, “ and I think a two-week suspension would suffice. It would give the students time to cool down.”

Luna stood there stunned at what she just heard. She was the one to carry out the disciplinary actions at school but she never believed in retribution.

“Who did it and is Sunset ok?” Luna asked desperately.

“Posey said she is fine but she received quite a beating. As for those who did it they are Gilda Griffin, Trixie Lulamoon, and Starlight Glimmer,” Celestia responded.

“Sunset treated her fellow students horribly, but she would never resort to violence unless it were self-defense even so that was rare,” Luna thought to herself.

“Gilda has always been troubled, but Trixie and Starlight have never been physical. Trixie is usually in my office but just because of the stunts she would pull for her magic shows and Starlight because she helped with said magic shows,” Luna said with some frustration.

“Sunset doesn’t want to involve the police because it would lead to them finding the portal,” Celestia stated, “I may not agree with not involving the police but I do understand about the portal part.”

“How did she know about the portal?” Luna questioned.

“That’s another thing I wanted to discuss with you about. Apparently, Sunset Shimmer is from that world and she has been living on her own for three years confirming the discrepancies on her school documents,” Celestia replied thinking about how they missed irregularities in the paperwork.

“Oh my! Does she have a safe place to stay?” Luna was shocked at the information that she was given.
Just realizing she has been holding the bucket the whole time Celestia placed it down on the nightstand and walked towards her sister placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“She is safe. She is now staying at Posey’s for the time being,” said Celestia reassuringly.

Luna let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s good but what are we going to do about those three girls? We can let them think they can get off scot-free,” Luna said pinching the bridge of her nose.

“Don’t worry I think you have a perfect idea,” Celestia said with a hint of smugness.
Luna lifted a quizzical brow.


Posey walked back into the kitchen noticing the awkwardness in the room. Deciding to break the ice Posey sat down at the table and looked between the three girls.

“So Sunset if you are going to be staying with us I think it would be best to go shopping and pick up some new clothes and certain foods to help with the malnourishment,” Posey said looking at the downcast girl.

“Please you don’t need to go out of your way for me. I don’t deserve kindness,” Sunset said sniffling.
Instead of Posey being the one to respond to the girl’s comment it was Fluttershy.

“Nonsense! Sunset Shimmer everyone deserves kindness and no more complaining.”

All three women looked at Fluttershy with wide eyes. They never heard the girl shout before or be so determined. All Posey could do was sit and look at her daughter with pride and admiration. Rainbow looked at Fluttershy with admiration as well. Sunset sat in shock at what the timid girl said. She didn’t realize the girl was so brave. The whole time she bullied the poor girl never once she raised her voice or stood up for herself.

“Ok,” was all Sunset could squeak out.

After breakfast, the girls head to the living room while Posey went into her bedroom to get dressed for the day. The girls sat in the room with Rainbow taking the couch, Fluttershy taking the recliner, and Sunset taking the other recliner. A minute of silence swept through the room.

“I’m sorry,” Sunset said, breaking the silence.

Rainbow finally spoke up, “I know and I forgive you, but I can’t speak for the rest of the group. You need to talk to them when you are ready of course.”

“I need to get everything off my chest and I need to do it with everyone together,” Sunset said, hugging her knees close to her chest, “Fluttershy I’m ready can you call everyone and say to meet at Sugarcube corner?”

“I will, but before we do anything we should change those bandages on your back before your wounds get infected,” Fluttershy said getting up and grabbing the medical kit from the kitchen table.

Sunset was in pain the whole time but didn’t want to complain because she didn’t want to cause any more trouble.
Lifting the back of her shirt stung a bit but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. Fluttershy eyes widened when she saw Sunset’s back most of her wounds were almost healed. The Scabbing was turning into scarring.

“But it's only been a few hours!” Fluttershy thought to herself.

After she finished bandaging Sunset, she headed back into the kitchen and texted the group.

Fluttershy: Hey girls can we meet at Sugarcube Corner today?
Applejack: Howdy Fluttershy, I’m free but what for is everything ok?
Rarity: I’m free as well darling. However, I must ask if everything is alright?
Pinkie: Hey! Flutters of course I can meet. I'm absolutely positively free.
Fluttershy: Everything is fine but there are things we need to talk about and Don’t worry about Rainbow she is here with me. I also would be bringing Sunset to Sugarcube corner too. She wants to talk to everyone. I think we should hear her out.
Pinkie: I would love to talk with Sunset! I want us to be best friends! Maybe we can throw a HAPPY REFORMATION PARTY for her!!!
Applejack: Ok but she better not do any funny business unless she wants the boot.
Rarity: As a lady, I will hear what she has to say, but I do agree with Applejack that a girl mustn’t try any funny business.

Fluttershy headed back into the living room seeing Sunset look at her with anticipation.

“They agreed to meet with us at Sugarcube Corner around 12:30. It's only 10:30 so we have time to get ready,” Fluttershy said, putting the girl at ease.

“Thank you,” Sunset let out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry Sunset when they see how awesome you really are who wouldn’t want to be friends with you!” Rainbow said with a great deal of confidence.

“Maybe, I can trust these girls and not throw away this chance I’m given. I will not make the same mistake I did with the princess,” Sunset thought mulling over all the mistakes she made in the past, “I will make it up to them and everyone else I’ve hurt in the past that’s a promise.”

Author's Note:

Hey! Guys, I finally updated! I tried my best with this chapter It's kinda weak but I'm just getting back into the groove of things. The next chapter is going to be better.

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God I feel so bad for loving these types of stories but i can just relate so much from it😔. Well not the bullying and violent part just the depression parts.anywho please continue this i would love how to see this turn out🙏

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