• Published 26th Feb 2020
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The Sunsets for Demons too - The_Rusty_Author

Takes place after the Fall Formal, takes place before Rainbow Rocks. Sunset feels worthless, after all that's what she has been told her whole life. However she will soon realize she is worth a lot more thanks to her new friends

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Moonlit Night Part 2

Chapter 2: Moonlit Night Part 2

Rainbow Dash stood there not knowing what to do as she reached for Sunset’s shoulder. She started to notice blood around the girl. Rainbow gasped in shock and picked her up in her arms and carried the girl to her car. She was shocked by how little Sunset weighed.

After thirty minutes of driving, they arrived at Fluttershy’s home. Rainbow ran out of the car and started banging on the door. Bang! bang! Bang! “All right, all right I’m coming knock down the door why don’t ya,” a voice called from inside the house. The door opened to reveal Dr. Posey, Fluttyshy’s mom.
“Ms. Dash why are you banging on my door in the middle of the night like some crazy woman,” she said with a bit of frustration in her voice.
“ No time to explain she’s hurt!” Rainbow said in a panic.
“What are you talking about who’s hurt,” Posey said in confusion.

Before she could get an answer, she was grabbed by the hand and was pulled to the back seat of the girl’s car. She opened the door and saw Sunset shimmer, the girl who relentlessly bullied her little girl for years. Posey was about to yell but she realized the girl was unconscious and was covered in blood.
“ She needs a hospital. Why didn’t you take her to a hospital?” Posey said while examining the girl.
“I panicked and remembered you were a doctor and your house was the closest to where we were!” Rainbow said while looking at the unconscious girl with worry in her eyes.

Posey started to carefully pick up the girl in her arms, amazed at how light the girl was.
“Can you get the door for me please,” Posey said as she was walking toward the house.
“You’re going to treat her?” Rainbow said with a bit of excitement and confusion in her voice.
“Yes but I do not know how much I can do for her but besides the blood, she looks a little beat up and I got the tools inside to stitch her up,” she answered in a professional tone.
When they entered the house Dr. Posey commands Rainbow to clear the kitchen table so she can place Sunset on it.
“Mom what’s going on why was everyone screaming? It’s the middle of the night,” a soft voice came from up the stairs.
“Fluttershy sorry honey I didn’t mean to wake you but there seems to be an emergency that your friend brought here and I’m going to need you to get me my medical supplies,” Fluttershy’s mom said in a rush.
“Rainbow what happened why is Sunset here?” She said in a frightened tone.
“No time for questions I need those medical supplies!” Posey didn’t mean to scream but all these questions were just wasting time.
Fluttershy ran into the garage to get the medical kit and Rainbow followed her to see if there was any need for her to carry anything.
So this was the girl who bullied my daughter for all these years. She doesn’t look that tough.” Posey thought to herself while examining the bruises on the girl’s face.
“ I got everything I think you will need and including everything else,” Fluttershy said as she was placing the items on the table.
“Thank you, and I’m sorry for yelling,” Posey said while embracing her daughter in a hug.
“It’s ok you didn’t want to waste time,” She said while taking a step back.
“Ok I need you, girls, to leave the area because I need to fully examine the extent of her injuries,” Dr. Posey said while pointing towards the door.

The girls walked into the living room with somber expressions making their way to the couch. Fluttershy was scared of Sunset and wanted her to have some sort of punishment for bullying her, but she never wanted anything like this all she wanted was the girl to get detention or to be suspended or expelled.
“Why would anyone do this?” she said aloud
“I don’t why someone would go this far, but Sunset did many horrible things to people,” Rainbow said looking at Fluttershy with a sad face.
“ I know but this, this is just way too far,” she said in an angry tone, “ who did this and how did it happen?”
“ It was Gilda along with Starlight and Trixie. I was keeping an eye on Sunset while she was fixing the damage she caused to the school. While she was doing so, I noticed Trixie and Starlight watching her every move. At first, I thought they were doing the same thing I was doing, making sure she doesn’t harm anyone else, but when Vice Principal Luna dismissed her they started to follow her with malicious grins on their faces. Instead of leaving it be, I followed them into an alley where I found them holding her up and Gilda with a knife getting ready to stab her. I rushed in and punched Gilda in the face and got her to back off. I turned around and noticed the collapsed form of Sunset Shimmer and now we are here,” Rainbow explained.
“ Dear lord I know Gilda is a violent person, but pulling a knife on someone I never thought she would go that far,” Fluttershy said in shock.
“I won’t let this happen again.” Rainbow says punching a fist in the palm of her hand,” I know we promised Twilight that we would keep an eye on her and we were going to give it a few weeks to make sure she is really repentant, but I think it's time that we uphold that promise.”
“I agree,” Fluttershy said with conviction.

In the kitchen, Dr. Posey started to remove Sunset’s jacket to get a closer look to see where all the blood originated from. She was taken back when she saw the faded scars on the girl’s arms. She counted at least 10 of them. Most of them looked old some however looked fairly new. She continued to examine the girl by taking off her shirt and looked at her back. Posey gasped in horror at what she saw Two large gashes on both of the girl’s shoulders and one circular gash on the girl’s tail bone. She closely examined them; she noticed that they had already begun to scab over but the more she looked over them she thought that it was impossible because they appeared to have been deeper before the scabbing took place. Another thing the Doctor noticed, was how skinny the girl looks. It seemed that the girl hadn't had a proper meal in a while.

“Dear lord Sunset what happened to you. I know you are a bully but no one deserves this.” Posey thought to herself as she continued to look after the girl.

After two hours of examining Sunset making sure she was in a stable condition, Dr. Posey stepped into the living room to find the two teens asleep on the couch.

“Akhem,” Posey pretended to clear her throat.

The two girls stirred awake and saw Posey standing in the doorway.

“Is Sunset ok!?” Both the girls asked Unison.

“Yes, She seems to be malnourished and lost a lot of blood, but she is ok. She is resting in the guest room right now,” Posey said trying to reassure both teens.

Both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

“ Rainbow you are welcome to spend the night, but you need to call your father to let him know where you are,” Posey said tiredly.

“Already done!” Rainbow replied with a thumbs up.

“Good, now I need you to tell me what happened,” sternness evident in Posy’s voice.

“Ok, this is going to be a long story and it's going to sound crazy but I’m telling the absolute truth,” Rainbow said looking between the older woman and Fluttershy.

Rainbow Proceeded to tell everything that happened that night including Sunset’s transformation at the fall formal. Posey’s face went from not surprised to shock then into disbelief.

“Hahaha!” Posey laughed wiping a tear from her eye,” Ok Dash that was a good story. You should be a writer now tell me what really happened.”

When Posey saw the look on both the girls’ faces she saw how serious they were.

“Ok even if I do believe, how did Sunset know about the so-called portal?” She gave both the girls a quizzical look.

“I don’t know,” both the girls looked down seeming to contemplate the question.

“Well it’s late we can ask her in the morning, and it’s time for bed so get on upstairs we can finish this conversation in the morning,” Posey said yawning.

Posey headed to bed herself mulling over the events that unraveled itself that night.

“Looks like I’m going to have to call Celestia and Luna in the morning along with the girl’s parents,” she said to herself as she was slowly falling asleep.

Both the girls headed upstairs not before looking into the guest seeing a sleeping Sunset.

“She looks so peaceful, but I have a feeling that this is not going to last.” Fluttershy thought to herself.