• Published 26th Feb 2020
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The Sunsets for Demons too - The_Rusty_Author

Takes place after the Fall Formal, takes place before Rainbow Rocks. Sunset feels worthless, after all that's what she has been told her whole life. However she will soon realize she is worth a lot more thanks to her new friends

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Chapter 1: Moonlit Night Part 1

The Sunsets for Demons too

Chapter 1: A Moonlit Night Part 1

It was a moonlit night with wind howling through the streets of Canterlot making it one of the chilliest nights out of the whole month. A figure emerges out of the shadows and stumbles into a dark alleyway littered with rats scurrying to find their next meal. As the wind blew the figure started to shake, finally collapsing next to a green dumpster that smelled of rotten eggs. The moon’s light finally began to shine on a young girl with amber skin and wild untamed red and gold locks of hair. The girl's name is Sunset Shimmer. She was the queen bee of her school, Canterlot High, until her ultimate defeat by an actual princess from an alternate dimension.

Sunset leaned against the brick wall breathing slowly in pain thinking of all the mistakes she’s made in her life. She bullied everyone into submission and used Flash Sentry as a pawn to become popular. She even went as far as dumping a bucket of green slime on Rarity during the Spring Fling. Remembering the look of horror on the girl’s face used to give her pleasure, but all she felt now is guilt. She remembered all the horrible things she’s done since she started at Canterlot High and she wanted it to stop, all the voices in her head screaming at her telling her how terrible she is. She wants forgiveness, but she doubted anyone would forgive her, right now everyone probably wanted her to disappear.

“ Mom and dad are right I am nothing but a worthless piece of shit,” she says to no one in particular.

She tried to stand but was greeted by a surge of pain and fell to the ground. However, she manages to sit herself up against the brick wall. She began to slowly look around and was greeted by a red liquid starting to surround her. She places a hand on her back and winces in pain as she makes contact. She quickly pulls her hand away and places it infront of her face to reveal it to be covered with the same liquid, dripping from her fingers. Her vision became hazy from exhaustion; she slowly blinked her eyes shut, not before hearing multiple footsteps entering the alley.

“ Well, Well girls look what we have here a she- demon ready to be put down!” came a rough voice at the entrance of the alley.

Sunset’s eyes fluttered open, still exhausted and was not able to move, she looked into yellow eyes that could scare any person from a mile away. Eyes that could only belong to one person, Gilda Griffin. Sunset looked around in a panic to find a way to escape, only to realize that she was trapped and no one knew where she was. “Liked anyone would even care,” she sadly thought to herself.
“ Get up so I can get a better look at you,” Gilda said with nothing short of malice.
Gilda was at least a foot taller than sunset and had more of a muscle tone. Sunset sat there without budging an inch for she was too weak to move and didn’t care anymore.

“ I said get the fuck up!” Gilda screamed in anger, but Sunset still didn’t move, “Fine if you won’t stand up then I’ll make you, girls grab her and make sure to hold her still.”

At that Trixie and Starlight pulled Sunset up on her feet. All Sunset could do was wince in pain that was coming from her back. Sunset stared into the yellow eyes of her abuser; suddenly a sharp pain came from her stomach and all of the air was knocked out of her. Sunset tried to curl in to protect her stomach but wasn’t able to. Gilda was using her as her personal punching; punching the several times before pulling a knife out of her pocket.

“Any last words She-demon before you see daddy satan in hell,” Gilda says as she switches the blade open.

Sunset says nothing and opted to look down, ready for the torment to end.

As Gilda was getting ready to stab her in the stomach, Sunset closed her eyes anticipating the sharp pain, but it never came.
SMACK! Sunset opened her eyes and was greeted by the back of a rainbow haired girl who was shorter than Gilda but about two inches taller than Sunset.

“ If you don’t back off I will throw you to the ground!” Rainbow Dash said holding Gilda’s wrist with her her right hand and the other one hanging by her side, bloody from punching her in the face.
Gilda reaches for her face rubbing her cheek while spitting the blood out her mouth.

“ Very well then I was getting bored, lets have some real fun,” Gilda said with a smirk.
Gilda swings her fist, using her free arm, at Rainbow’s head, but misses as Rainbow twisted Gilda’s arm around her back and slammed her to the ground, holding the knife against Gilda’s neck.

“ Now leave before I break your arm or before I slit your throat!” Rainbow said with a snarl.

“ Fine but the she-demon is your problem now Dash,” Gilda said while wiping off the dirt from her red flannel shirt.
Grunting Gilda got up from her knees waving at Trixie and Starlight to release Sunset and walked out the alley not before waving both of her middle fingers.

Rainbow put the knife in her pocket stating, “she won't be needing this anymore. Huh! I sure showed them, didn't I!” she said with a proud grin across her face, while placing her hands on her hips.
Rainbow turned around when she didn’t hear a reply only to find a collapsed Sunset in a puddle of blood. Rainbow notices the girl’s breathing was weak and rushed toward her checking for a pulse, which was faint.

“Sunset! hey Sunset stay with me! I’m going to get you somewhere safe.”
Was the last thing Sunset heard before everything around her went to black.