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I'm a crossover fanatic with a special taste for video games and auto racing. I can turn any video game into a MLP crossover if I have played it. Lightning Dust is my character of choice for writing.


Viral Velocity, fresh from returning from Wing City, comes to Paradise City to once again relive her racing roots. With her personal favorite car, the Carson GT Concept, under her control she is ready to face anything the streets of her former home can throw at her. But something is different.

There are a lot of new faces in Paradise City, some she recognizes and some completely new to her. She will have to adapt to the change in challenges. Bonds will be formed, lines will be drawn, and many cars will get wrecked. However, Viral has two things on her side. Experience, and one of the best cars in Paradise.

A side story based in the same universe as Akula966's "Burnout Equestrian Paradise"
and DangerDean's "The Battle of Paradise City" but from my Character Viral"s POV.

Chapters (2)
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Hey thanks Dean, glad you liked it.

I can say one thing: I'm really enjoying this!

That Is a plus for me. Thanks man. :twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

As Viral pulled onto Newton she could have sworn she heard the distinct engine of two Hunter Cavalry’s and a Mesquite. Judging by the direction they were likely heading up W. Crawford.

It's this a reference to Chapter 6: Seeing Stars?

I do believe it is. Twilight goes right by the country club in that chapter. I was going to reference the race is chapter 5 from the junkyard to the stadium but it was left out. Besides, you know I like making references. I mean, most of what is happening with Viral is happening at the same time your events with Twilight are happening.

Hey, um, you've made a mistake in both chapters. Your story says that Rolling Thunder drives a purple Carson Opus, when I said in my story that she drives an Opus XS of the same colour.

Can you fix this?

It was an XS? :derpyderp2:

I'll get on it.

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