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Smegmaman is here!

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Comment posted by Key Strix deleted February 14th

...why would you do this

Key Strix #5 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

The sophistication of this romantic comedy has left me both satisfied and perplexed. While the fat clearly represents man's never ending search of fulfillment, its threaded correlation to the over abundance of life-giving seed and the following apocalypse leaves me to ponder the meaning. I mainly suspect that it is a message of how overpopulation means nothing under the shadow of the inevitable heat death of the universe.


This Story is confusing, not a lot of stuff made sense in the story.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I, uh, kicked it up to Mature for you. Gallons upon gallons of semen is traditionally M-rated, as you can see by my story here.

Also it reminded me of that story.

I missed ya, /mlp/.

“They really can’t get enough of human semen, I put it inside all of my pastry treats and collect it from the planet Earth on round trips”.


Why did you just leak the new Tyler Perry screenplay?

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