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Huh, this was... interesting. And surprising. A little uncomfortable in parts, but then again that is kinda the point: I do like that you get into the mix of feelings that they both have about this situation. In some ways I think it could have been explored a little bit more, but I do appreciate the effort all the same. Thanks for posting this, it's given me something to think about.

(One typo I spotted. Sunset "ringed" her hands - no, that should be "Sunset wrung her hands".)

I've never written anything quite like it. Thank you for your review. (What part was surprising?)

No problem. (Oh, just part of the very concept - Flash getting kind of drunk and having this angry sex - though I'd hesitate to call it "revenge sex" - with the guilty Sunset. That's not entirely a complaint though; I do really like the mix of feelings he has through it all, the angry desire to hurt her, the loving desire to comfort her, the guilt and worry about going too far... it does say a lot about Flash's character that, even when he's had alcohol and is giving punishment to Sunset, he's still cognizant enough to actually say, "Is this too much?")

Perfect, that's what I was going for.

This was actually pretty well balanced between punishment and gratification.

I enjoyed this punishment game a lot more than I should have.

Well done dear writer. Well done indeed.

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