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What just happened over here? Why 3:10

I got 1 dislike within literally two minutes of uploading the story, another after only five. I think people are just mass disliking because of the tags, that or they need to give me lessons in speed reading, hell I’d pay for someone to teach me how to read 3,000 in under two minutes.

Yeah oof.
Or maybe people preference. Or maybe some people are evil.

For consolation my first M story also did not get any good rates either. My new M series Loving the Enemy does not even have a shown rating because nopony is watching it. It's 6:4

I’ll give your story a watch before reading it. Also I don’t think people are evil, it’s understandable why some would have such a strong reaction to such harsh subjects.

You have no idea who’s rating your story or why, so it’s not nice to just assume. As long as some people enjoy it I’m happy writing it.

Ok thats ok. I like your stories... So... *Boop*

Added like

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the positive feedback.

This prologue is 11 sentences long. At 655 total words, that's an average of 59 words per sentence, and that's terrible. Run-on sentences do not make for easy reading. It only took me a few minutes to notice this problem, but let's keep going.

It was therefore no surprise that upon Candy's capture, a young mare sent behind Zebra lines to spy on the enemy, she was immediately taken deep within Zebra lines, being considered as a top priority prisoner.

Candy's capture was a young mare behind Zebra lines, but now she's within Zebra lines, which is no surprise.

top priority prisoners were to be kept alive and not to permanently scared in any severe way

Know how I know you didn't read this after writing it?

moral quarms

You didn't even bother to run a spellcheck on it either.

>Run-on sentences do not make for easy reading.
Unfortunately that’s a writing style I’ve found hard to break.

>Candy's capture was a young mare behind Zebra lines, but now she's within Zebra lines, which is no surprise.
Big difference between being behind enemy lines and deep within enemy lines.

I did, I just don’t use that word often, so I didn’t notice that I misspelled it.

>Know how I know you didn't read this after writing it?
Finally found the problem. I have very mild dyslexia that can cause me to occasionally miss words while I’m writing, and during rereading my mind just automatically fills in the blanks. Not great for proofreading your own work, unfortunately.


Big difference between being behind enemy lines and deep within enemy lines.

I assume the difference is "deep" and not "within". Either way, it's no reason to repeat "Zebra lines" twice in the same sentence.

I did, I just don’t use that word often, so I didn’t notice that I misspelled it.

You did run a spellcheck, but you didn't notice because you don't use that word often? A spellchecker should be able to catch an error even if you've never made that error before.

Google Docs automatically spell checks, and I personally read through what I’ve written. Sometimes things slip through, and I fix them when I noticed.

Sometimes, People dislike just when they see the title or plot. Happened to me

Based on a scenario from: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/459451/choose-your-own-adventure-sparklecest

Shouldn't this story feature Twilight and her family, then?

The story has many scenarios, I only took one of them to base this on.

This doc seems to have disproportionate number of down vote. The writing is fine from a technical angle. Sure it’s graphic and dark as sin, but I’ve see worse get better reactions.

I’ll keep an eye out for updates.


I imagine that most of the dislikes are from the scene, but it seems to be gradually picking up.

Man dont let yourself get discouraged by these downvotes. I really enjoyed reading your story there, it is greatly written, i love the amount of detail you put even in these grimdark scenes, the character dialouges are great to and just fit into the atmosphere of this all. You really feel as if innit and i like how this is going so far. So keep up the good work! :D

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that. Also sorry, I didn’t see your comment for some weird reason.

I’ve been mostly focusing on another story because that one has more of a following, but I’ve decided to start writing for this one as well again.


Upvotes and downvotes are not for technical aspects of stories. If they were, that's no different than saying there's only one right way to write, only one style to do it in, and the audience will vote whether you kept to it or not. Which is ridiculous.

The upvote and downvote options exist to show whether people like it or not. You downvote something you don't like, the reason does not matter. You upvote something you do like, same deal. Regardless of how anyone else tries to see it, this is how it has always been. Up/down voting for any other reason becomes a little circumspect, such as not liking the author or liking the author. These options exist for judging how you feel about the work.

I think it’s less about the work itself and more about the concept of Zebra rape. I got 4 downvotes immediately after uploading the story in an amount of time that the people downvoting couldn’t have possibly read what I uploaded.

It’s the same with things like foalcon or other controversial fetishises. People downvote so harshly because they don’t like the premise.


The concept is a key part of the work. The spine of it. This is exactly what I was talking about - it's not about the technical aspect of the work, it's about the whole package. The concept, the tone, immersion, etc. The list goes on. There's many different parts to master depending on whether or not they apply to the type of story being presented, and that many reasons why someone would like or dislike something.

There's nothing wrong with them doing so. As I said before, those options exist to show whether or not they like something. It's not meant to be fair to you, it's just there to show how people feel about it. Though smaller in number, there are many people who just upvote because something is <this> or has <that> in it. That is just as unfair, but no one complains about it.

There's also people who tell you to ignore only the people who downvote - these are the people you definitely need to ignore. If you have a huge downvote to upvote ratio you might want to see if you're doing something wrong, or if you chose to write on something that the larger number of people find more offensive than kinky. If you're posting here, you're writing for this community, this audience. Knowing what they want and what they don't want is important, and the only real way to do that without mind-numbing research is to see how your attempts get rated.

Use it as a guidepost to see if you need to double-check for issues in the writing itself, or if you might try your hand at a different concept. Either way, the only outcome is that you make advances as a writer, so never concern yourself overmuch with feeling this way or that way about it.

>There's also people who tell you to ignore only the people who downvote
I’m generally extremely critical of what I write, so that isn’t too much of a problem for me. Although I’d rather feedback than a downvote. If someone genuinely didn’t like my story I’m okay with that, but I’d appreciate them telling my why they didn’t like it so I know how to improve. A simple dislike doesn’t really tell me much.

>If you're posting here, you're writing for this community, this audience.
This is the only part I really disagree with. I’m not necessarily writing for the whole community, but rather people who are interested in the premises I’m writing.

Fimfiction is too big to call it one community in anything but in an extremely broad sense. There are too many people with too many tastes for someone to write the perfect story that everyone enjoys equally. Plus the kinds of stories that get tones of views and that most people like are a dime a dozen. I’d rather just write whatever ever interests me and some people will like it and others won’t.

I appreciate likes, but I’d rather write an interesting and unique story than get showered with likes. Some people are bound to like my story, and I think they’d appreciate me continuing it like it is rather than comply to popular demand. Constructive criticism is important, but you shouldn’t bend your story entirely to what most people like or what’s going to get the most upvotes, there are always interesting niches to fill.

Again you should listen to constructive criticism, but you don’t have to base your story on simple popular demand. This site would be pretty boring if everyone did that.

Looking towards the guards he made a simple gesture, not having to say anything. The guards then came up behind the mare before grabbing her by the mane, pulling her to the ground before dragging her off, kicking and screaming.

Man I really hope we get to see some of that punishment. I don’t know if you planed on it or not. I know a lot of this build up is needed but I’m craving for some harsh times. Especially with her description, she just scream ‘ravish me’. I love her types. Otherwise loving it so far.

Yeah, I’m going to start writing that chapter tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be out by the next day.

I want this to be mostly story-driven, but I understand that a lot of people are really interested in the sexual stuff.

It's not usually my stuff, but the more you read, the more you wish there is a happy ending.

Plus, it reminds me of a smilar nightmare I had once

Not to spoil too much but this all going to be extremely dark edgy shit, especially for the main character, but because of the extreme setting that stuff is going to have its place.

Chapters like this and the previous clop chapter are more about exploring other perspectives.

Also I’m sorry about your nightmare, hopefully this won’t give you any relapses.

I know, the different perspectives give it an interesting character.

That nightmare was almost identical but I won't tell if you don't wanna hear it

That’s okay, I’m just more concerned about you.

It's fine. The dream was a much darker version of a dark story I have planned. But instead of a grown mare, it was a foal...

oof rough. I hope your story comes out well when you’ve written it anyway. Who knows the dream could have been inspiration, in a kind of twisted weird way.

Thanks! Now I end up saying it anyway, but screw it. Main focus, the story would be focused on Equestria getting invaded by an "outskirt" force, which you can imagine like the Taliban and co, but would be teen rated.

That dream, I keep it simple. Imagine Candy sees a male prisoner who is forced to rape her

Yeah, I can see the resemblance with my story. I’ll have to take a look at yours when you’ve written it.

Do you have a name planned yet?

Not yet, as it was just a popped in idea, based on a dream, so I can't say if I really write it or at all as I had planned.

But what I can tell you, one of the characters was supposed to be a colt which the enemy has a particular interest in.

That nightmare was that the enemy saw use as a soldier in him, but saw that he needed to be "toughen up" first. And for that, they wanted him to rape a filly they had captured as well

That’s a pretty elaborate nightmare to be honest. Is that the only one you’ve gotten story ideas from?

Well, remember my comment where I said people tend to dislike at title or plot? That story where I had that experience came from a dream as well.

As for that nightmare, I just remember it well. The story idea came from a dream where Equestria was attacked by an enemy force, who caught them completly by surprise

Yeah, as I said, it sucks, but as long as there’s someone that enjoys it I think it’s worth writing.

>The story idea came from a dream where Equestria was attacked by an enemy force, who caught them completly by surprise
I’ve got a kind of spin-off of this planned (with a few thousand words already written) where I explain how the war started, and that’s basically exactly what happens.

I imagine Equestria being extremely incompetent at first given that their society is completely peaceful and everything thrown at them so far in the actual show has completely taken them by surprise, and they’ve never learned yet.


Sounds good to me.

And ironically, it would be the opposite of my story. Equestria is familiar with war, but lacks the resources to respond well to the invasion. Key is, shortly before that happens, a small human military force gets stranded in Equestria, which has the weapons to take on the enemy of Equestria, despite their limited resources

That could make for a pretty interesting HIE story, but I imagine that it would be extremely long.

Yes. As I said, it's still a rough design, so I'll see what will happen. I'll inform you, should it be made.

Right now, I have to wait for for a friend to finish something, so I can write a story that would be a requirement for that planned story to happen.

To keep myself busy, I write on other stuff and trey out a few mature storires myself, though no rape, only mutually

Okay, thanks.

Also I’m surprised that you don’t have any mature stuff published if you write them.

That's because of I just started writing them. One is actually finished, just can't find someone who would look over the action part.

The second one, I just finished, only needs to be checked...and a good title, as I can't figure out anything.

Cool, hopefully they’ll be published soon.

Yeah. Actually, the first one got checked by a friend, I just want to know if there can be anything improved. But I just can't find anyone.

The other one, can't get up with a title.

Sorry, old habit, just enjoy a good chat.

Those two issues make it difficult to say when they are uploaded.

But, there is another idea that was based on a dream, yet more simple. A stallion OC of a friend of mine landed on Earth, getting shelter by a farmer. Problem was, he was the only stallion and it was mating season

(gets concerned by mares) Ladies, i am Sure we can Talk about this...

I have a Discord specifically for people on fimfiction if you want to talk there. Just go yo my blog and you should find the link there.

Thanks, but I don't have discord. Just thought that stallion situation could be of interest to you.

poor guy, don't you think?

Sorry, I had to go. But yeah that is pretty sad, although I imagine that he’d be able to do something about it.

It's fine.

Don't get me wrong, given it's an animal instinct, I doubt Candy could blame the stallions if she would land in such a sitation

I don’t know how she’d react if she landed there with him, although she might be a bit more receptive if it’s heat season.

Yeah. Though being the only mare in a barn with stallions, I guess once realizing, she would react like "Oh. no.../Uh-oh"

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