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Equestria is at War.

The remnants of an Enemy once thought vanquished returns and has brought all of Equestria to it's knees. After two years of fighting, the battle to decide the fate of Ponyville will soon begin.

As she mentally prepares herself for upcoming assault. Rainbow Dash decides to have a conversation with a pony whom just a few years ago was the sworn enemy of Equestria.

It was a Question that has been burning in her mind for a very long time.

"Sombra, Why did you join the Royal Guard?"


Well here is my second story. This idea has been brewing within my mind for a long time. I have searched all over but I've never seen a story that had King Sombra with this concept so I decided I would try my hand at it. Hope you all enjoy! :twilightsheepish:

Also this is NOT related to my previous story 'Just Close you Eyes' in anyway. This story is completely separate.

Artwork by the awesome AiriniBlock

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He looks like he’s wearing lava. That’s so badass!

Nice story I wonder if the operation succeeded.

He didn’t flinch, moved away or even jump at the contact, he merely accepted the closeness and after a few seconds, she felt his head gently resting on top of her own. The two weren’t special some ponies or anything like that but they were far closer than mere friends. Ever since last year when Sombra literally saved her life in the battle for the crystal empire they had this deep unspoken bond. Through their reports only a hand full of ponies and superior officers knew what went on when the two ponies plummeted down into the dark caverns below the frozen north. Neither of them spoken about certain details surrounding it to any pony mostly because he knew Rainbow dash would make good on her promise to castrate the former king if he so much as breathed a word of it to any pony.

I love this friendship! I like to think of AJ and Rainbow like this.
You should make more stories on them. Sombra and Rainbow.

Heroic Sombra? Nice stuff. You appear to write Sombra quite a bit. Keep it up! :raritywink:

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