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Hi, [insert registered name]. I am your best friend out of the box! 0w0

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Oh boy it actually happened

Also how tf are you coming out with these so fast

I have my ways....🤓

This is some real telenovela shit :rainbowlaugh:

As soon as I saw Kody's name, I was like: YES! Thank you! Lmao

Seriously, this came out ridiculously fast - damn good, too!

Damn straight! Also, Luna!?

How dare-

s u c h
v e r y m u c h s o

Nice. Celly has always been a strange one...

Don’t be so modest. That’s lesson one! #Freakz4Lyfe

this... this story is golden:rainbowlaugh:, I love it

You know in my opinion this doesn't really coun as a M story. Things were inferred or referenced but no real sex scene.

Like yes it is obvious that there is sex but it's not explicit .

But still I congratulate you

In the epilogue part you should’ve added Luna never found another dick as good as Dominic’s.

The writing was good and the clop was ok as it was more implied that explicit. I'm disappointed in the Royal Sisters though. I'm all for honest, committed polyamory and herding but they were down right deceitful which conflicts with my view of them.

If I ever came up with anything else....:twilightsheepish:

This was actually funny as hell

there's one for shining armor, yet cadance doesn't get one?

Don’t be ashamed of an M rated story. My only story is rated M. Granted it’s for blood and gore violence instead of sex, but still.

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