• Published 5th Mar 2020
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Game Quest: Super Mario 64 - Phantom-Dragon

Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom to help Mario and his buddies rescue Princess Peach.

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"Dear Mario" | Let's-a-go!

Once word reached out to all her friends, her letters carried out from the grounds of Canterlot, it wasn’t long before the Elements of Harmony were once more assembled. Together, the girls collectively known as the ‘Mane Six’ set for on another adventure, into the mysterious depths of the ‘Undiscovered West’, beyond the borders of their home. It is there where the search for the mysterious Cave of Games proceeds, the journey to the ruins of a landscape formerly dubbed… Crystia


Sailing aboard an airship, an upgrade specifically designed for long-distance travel, Twilight and her friends gazed upon the horizon wondering what new and exciting adventures awaited them.

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow Dash hollered, excitedly. “Another awesome adventure just for us!”

“Yeah, but I feel kinda bad about leaving Spike out on this one,” Applejack frowned.

“He’ll be fine, Applejack,” Twilight replied. “Someone needs to run the kingdom in my absence, and I have high trust in Spike’s ability to manage it. I just hope we can avoid a repeat of the Grand Equestria Pony Summit in Canterlot.”

“You mean that big gathering you practically slept through, so Spike can play ‘princess’?” Pinkie rambled. “You could say Spike certainly made a ‘splash’ before the event was over.”

The girls laughed at that, despite it initially being a disaster. Still, looking back on it now, there was something funny about that moment. At least to lighten the mood before returning to the task at hand. By which time, the Airship had just reached its destination as it made it’s descent toward the grounds of Crystia.

“Anyway, why are we all here again?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“As you should know, we’ve been tasked to find the Cave of Games,” Twilight explains, as she disembarks off the ship. “According to Starswirl himself, the cave’s been infected by some dark magic, a force powerful enough to corrupt three of his colleagues. I believe somewhere inside is a cure for the darkness and once rid of it, we can assure these ruins are safe for ponies to explore.”

“And just exactly how you reckon we do that?” Applejack asked. “We may be the ‘Elements of Harmony’, but we’re not Doctors.”

“Oh, Applejack, you silly filly!” Pinkie Pie playfully chided. “This is exactly what we’re expected to do! Fight the bad guys, solve friendship problems, and make the world a better place! But you’re right, we ARE the ‘Elements of Harmony’! That’s who we are; it’s what we do! And after this, I’ll be throwing the biggest Victory Party Equestria has ever seen! WOO-HOO!!!”

“Oh, Pinkie…” The girls sighed, in unison.

They collectively shook their heads in amusement at the party pony, but they knew her heart was in the right place. After a period of strolling down the road, the girls finally arrive at the ruined city formerly known as Crystia. Twilight levitates a map from her saddlebags, studying the sketches carefully.

“Let’s see, according to Starswirl,” Twilight began. “The cave should be somewhere around this region.”

“Goodness!” Rarity gasped, seeing the city’s state. “I’ve seen worse in the Castle of the Two Sisters, but never like this!”

“It’s definitely seen better days,” Applejack frowned. “This city has become a ghost town.”

“G-G-G-Ghost town?!” Fluttershy stammered, frightfully.

“Now, don’t you worry there sugar cube. We ain’t gonna see no ghosts. I just mean it’s deserted, that’s all.”

“Sorry if that doesn’t make it any better!”


“AH!!” Fluttershy yelped.

The frightened yellow Pegasus leapt into Applejack’s strong hooves, before turning around seeing Rainbow Dash laughing her head off.

“You should’ve seen the look on your face, Flutters!” Rainbow laughed. “You were so scared it’s hilarious! BAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!”

Fluttershy was less than pleased with being teased again, with Applejack sharing her scowl.

“Oh, Dashie…” Pinkie Pie called.

“What is it now, Pin—” Rainbow began.

Suddenly, the cyan blue Pegasus comes face to face with a zombie pony’s disfigured face.

“AAAAAAHHH!!!” Rainbow Dash screamed, with a high-pitch girly voice.

Now it was Rainbow Dash’s turn to jump into Applejack’s hooves, the Earth pony quivering shakily trying to hold two Pegasus ponies at once. Rainbow turns toward Pinkie Pie, revealing a mask resembling the kind at a costume store. The pink party pony was snorting and giggling like crazy, while Rainbow Dash frowned.

“Girls! Over here!” Twilight called out.

Her friends turn and quickly run toward her friend, who stopped before the entrance of a large cavern. Before their eyes, the entrance was sealed with a magical lock – Which resembled what Chancellor Neighsay once put on the School of Friendship – positioned all over the entrance.

Reaching into her bag, Twilight levitates a golden medallion granted to her by Starswirl the Bearded himself. Mere inches from the lock, the medallion glows a bright golden aura, as a beam of light is cast upon the sealed entrance. Several magical circles of arcane magic pierces the air, surrounding both the ponies and the seal. With a rumble of thunder and a crack of lightning, the ground beneath the ponies shook, until at last, the seal disappeared and thus entry into the cave is granted.

The Cave of Games

Upon entering the cave, Twilight and her friends look around, astonished by the magnificence of the cave. Its floor is shrouded in thick mist. Along the walls and ceilings above, large crystals protrude from their roots, varying in size and color, emitting faint rays of light from the sun. From the base of the crystals, tree-branch-like structures spread throughout the structures of the cave, with a purple-blue-green tinted gradient. Furthermore, the cave itself is filled with small twinkles of light, resembling fireflies and shimmering stars.

“This place is amazing!” Twilight marveled.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Rainbow Dash commented. “This place is awesome!”


A cry caused the rest of the Elements of Harmony to turn their heads toward a certain pink pony, jumping higher than normal. Like a rocket ignited into the sky before exploding.

“Look at me, every pony! I’m flying!”

“Pinkie Pie?!” Applejack exclaimed. “What the—How are ya doin’ that?!”

“It’s easy, A.J.! You just jump!”

As Pinkie Pie jumped toward the walls, she kicked her legs against the surface which caused her to propel in the air with a higher jump. While the ponies still had a job to do, they did admit it looked fun. One by one, the ponies tried it themselves, and while they hopped for a short bit of height, eventually they found themselves floating in mid-air, much to their amazement.

“This is an astounding discovery!” Twilight exclaimed. “It seems this cave is enchanted by some zero-gravitational force. Almost as if this is like being on the moon!”

“Except we’re still on Earth,” Applejack points out.

“Oh my!” Fluttershy gasped.

“I must admit, this isn’t entirely bad at all,” Rarity analyzed. “This cave is a bit deserted and lonesome though. But nothing a lady’s touch won’t cure…”

“Save that for another time, Rarity,” Twilight interrupts. “Remember what Starswirl said: This place is infected by dark and powerful black magic. Whatever this is, it’s already claimed three out of the four guardians of this cave. If we’re not too careful, we could get infected too! We’ll have to split up to cover more ground, but keep your eyes peeled. The sooner we find the source of this magic, the sooner we can be rid of it and get out of here.”

Nodding in agreement, the ponies split into separate directions to commence their investigation. After what felt like half-an-hour, the only thing the ponies have found are ruined statues that appeared to resemble boxes, platforms, and other strangely shaped devices. Furthermore, there appeared to be shelves built along the cavern walls, each carrying figurines of the most unusual characters they’ve ever seen.

Several mirrors hung against the caverns, drawing Twilight to inspect them. As explained, Starswirl stated how these mirrors served as prototypes to device a magical means of inter-dimensional travel, much like the one housed within Twilight’s castle back home. That one mirror in question served as a gateway between Equestria and the human world, where an old friend, Sunset Shimmer, resides (But that is another story).

“To think, these were only Starswirl’s previous models,” Twilight observed. “All before they became the gates to hundreds, maybe thousands of worlds, like the one Sunset Shimmer lives in!”

Twilight Sparkle approaches one mirror, placing her hoof on its dusty face, brushing along the glass.

“Who knows which world Light Feathers escaped to, after what became of her friends?”

The thought made the lavender alicorn frown sadly, unable to grasp the tremendous heartbreak the poor Pegasus endured. After the dark corruption that horribly altered her friends, Twilight couldn’t begin to imagine how helpless that pony felt.

Eventually, Twilight’s attention was drawn before a large pillar in the center of the room and went to investigate.

“What’s this?” Twilight asked.

It was then she noticed a slot, caved on the outside. Upon stepping closer, the medallion started vibrating violently inside Twilight’s saddlebag, as if drawn by an invisible force. Suddenly, the medallion flew out of Twilight’s bag, inserting itself into the slot, turning toward the right in a 180-degree clockwise motion.

Then something clicked, as if the medallion activated an age-old piece of machinery. Somewhere, amidst the cavern, the sound of gears turning echoes throughout the cavern.

“Twilight?” Applejack called out. “What’s happening?”

Every pony soon regrouped together, keeping watch for anything that could attack at any moment. But after a while, nothing emerged. Instead, the crystals themselves sprang to life, their lights burning brightly, as the mists shuddered violently slithering upon the walls and across the floors. The mists themselves began forming random objects:

A ring
A tiny bottle in the grip of metal claws, with what appears to be a face for the cap
An object resembling a wrench
A mushroom with beady eyes
A bubble
A large sword with an elephant wing-like hilt
And a starfighter ship

“WHO DARES DISTURB OUR SLUMBER?!” A booming voice roared.

“AH!” Fluttershy screamed, diving behind Applejack for protection.

“Who-Who’s there?” Twilight stammered. “Who are you?”

As if answering her question, the mist rolls together, forming itself into the shape of a tall pony, clad in armor, with piercing balls of light for their eyes.

“A mistform!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Uh… What’s a mistform?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Basically, a mistform is living gas, cloud, or mist, hence the name,” Twilight lectured. “They’re the result of magical summing spells used to create them, for the purpose of protecting a specific region they first appear in.”

“Oh!” The Pegasus exclaimed, understandingly. “But wouldn’t it be easier to just call them ‘smoke monsters’? That’s how we do it back in Cloudsdale—”


The ponies turned toward the Mistform, revealing itself to be the same voice they heard earlier.

“You stand before the presence of the Game Spirit,” The Mistform spoke, conjuring a cloud to form the shape of a large bulky stallion. “I did not exist then, but I recall the laughter and imaginative thoughts of the stallion known as Thunder Lawn.”

The spirit proceeds to shape the cloud showing the same bulky stallion, in conflict with a unicorn and an alicorn.

“I also recall the past conflict of three ponies and the darkness fueled by their innermost darkest emotions.”

For emphasis, the cloudy shapes of the tree ponies turned darkly grey, like those of a thundercloud, before they explode and reform together into a Pegasus.

“Afterward, I was summoned by the Pegasus, Light Feathers, to guard these very gates, awaiting the day when I would be awakened by the wizard’s powers again. As it seems… You are those very powers I’ve been waiting for.”

“Yes, we’ve come on behalf of Starswirl, to cure the cave of the darkness infecting it and possibly recover Light Feathers,” Twilight insists. “Speaking of whom, do you know where she could be?”

The game spirit appeared solemn by such a question, not jumping to answer right away.

“No… I know not where Light Feathers has gone, nor desire to reveal her location. Her final orders were to never reveal her fate… But I CAN tell you just where to start.”

“Okie-dokie-loki!” Pinkie Pie chirped, bouncing excitedly. “What do we do?”

“First… Approach the statues.”

The spirt points toward some strange statues resembling boxes of various size and shapes. Pinkie Pie’s attention was drawn to one statue.

“Hey girls! Look over here!”

Pinkie Pie points her hoof toward a statue, where golden words suddenly burned on its face: Nintendo 64.

“Approach the statue young pony; your first adventure through the Cave of Games starts there.”

Pinkie Pie did just that and before she knew it, a beam of light fired from the statue, striking one of the mirrors in the room. The mirror itself sprang to life, glowing a vibrant color of pink-and-orange hues. Within the mirror, what once held a dark void suddenly displays a title which read, Super Mario 64.

“Super Mario 64?” Twilight questioned. “What’s that?”

“Not ‘what’… But ‘who’,” The Spirit corrected. “Ask for Princess Peach; all you seek will be known.”

“Thanks for your help, Game Spirit,” Twilight replied, before facing her friends. “C’mon girls! Let’s check it out!”

The ponies simultaneously race deep into the portal, which disappeared once every pony entered and the mistform itself vanished…


Upon exiting the portal, Twilight and the girls found themselves on the grounds of a rather strange new land. From where they stood, they found themselves on a beautiful grassy plain, surrounded by tall hills, numerous trees in every direction, and fields of the most beautiful flowers they’ve ever seen. Up ahead stood a large, majestic white castle with red rooftops, a glass stained window of a fair maiden with blonde hair and a pink dress in the center. Along the castle stood a beautiful waterfall to the left, its waters flowing into the moat surrounding the castle, eventually leading into a large pond toward the right.

“Wow!” Rarity swooned. “This place is simply lovely!”

“It’s beautiful!” Fluttershy commented.

“It’s… Alright, I guess,” Rainbow Dash muttered. “No offence, but this place doesn’t look exciting.”

“We can sightsee this place another time, girls,” Twilight said. “Right now, we should be figuring out ‘where’ we are… And more importantly, why we are even here?”

Suddenly, a green pipe emerged from the ground. The girls eyed the pipe curiously, inching closer. Then, without warning, a short man in red clothing and blue overalls launched out of the pipe.

“YAHOO!” The man cheered. “Haha! Oh?”

It was then the man eyes the ponies curiously, after just noticing them. For the ponies, this man was the most unusual creature they ever saw. In appearance, the short, pudgy man has a large nose, black-ragged mustache, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Its attire consists of white gloves, brown shoes, a red shirt, with a large matching red cap (With a red “M” in a white circle in front of the hat), and gold buttons on his blue overalls. By the looks of this man, he appears to be a plumber.

Before the man could speak, two more green pipes appear beside him and without warning two more men burst from the pipes. Suffice to say, one landed clumsily yet faired better than the other, who landed on his face.

One was a tall lanky man with blue eyes, a black smooth mustache and large nose, dressed in the same manner as the shorter man. Except his overalls are a darker blue, while his shirt and cap are green, complete with a green “L” in a white circle on his hat.

The other, just picking himself up, was large, portly, bulky man with a menacing grin, crooked black mustache, and wears a yellow cap with a white streak on the rim, a yellow T-shirt and purple overalls with white buttons, and green-pointed shoes. His cap had a blue “W” that exceeds the white spot space on the inside. He also wore white gloves with his blue “W” imprinted on it.

All three men stare at the ponies in bewilderment, before they each exchanged confused glances with each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“Greetings,” Twilight began. “I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. We come in peace!”

The girls follow suit with Twilight’s example, exchanging friendly greetings.

“Ello!” The man in red greets in a loud friendly, cheerful tone. “So nice to meet-a you! It’s-a me, Mario!”

“I’m-a Luigi, number one!” The tall green man followed. “And I’m-a his brother!”

“And together, we are the—”

“Super Mario Brothers!” The two men said together, high fiving.

“I’m-a Wario!” The large yellow man boasts, flexing his muscles. “Wa-ha!”

The ponies and the Marios just turn toward Wario, the chirping of crickets in the background, just looking at Wario for a few seconds. Then, just so things don’t get too awkward, the Marios turn back toward the ponies.

“Let-a me be the first to welcome you all to the Mushroom Kingdom!” Mario continued.

Mario bows his head, taking his hat off like a respectable gentleman. Charmed by his manner, Twilight and Rarity giggle at the display.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mario,” Twilight smiled.

Mario eventually stands up, placing his hat back on his head.

“So, Princess-a Twilight, what a-brings you to the Mushroom-a Kingdom?”

“We’re on a very important mission,” Twilight explained. “We were instructed to meet Princess Peach on a matter of official business.”

“Oh, what-a coincidence!” Mario smiled. “Luigi and I were on our way to the castle to see the princess!”

To prove it, Mario held out a letter written to him by the princess herself,

“Dear Mario,

Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you.

Yours truly,
Princess Toadstool


“Ooh! She baked a cake for you?!” Pinkie Pie squealed. “Sounds like my kind of princess! I LOVE CAKES!”

“ME TOO!” Mario squealed.

“You mean to say the princess actually invited you?” Rarity asked.

“Mmm-hmm!” Mario nodded. “The princess-a is a close-a friend of ours.”

“Oh yeah,” Luigi added. “Ever-a since me and-a Mario rescued the princess from-a Bowser, we’ve-a become very-a close.”

“Whoa, wait a minute!” Rainbow Dash interrupts. “You rescued the princess? And what’s a Bowser?”

Before the conversation could continue, Twilight Sparkle stepped in between the group.

“We should reserve our questions for later, guys,” Twilight suggests. “Don’t forget why we’re here. We meet with the princess and hopefully she can answer some questions for us.”

“Okay, okay!” Rainbow Dash mutters. “And you say I’m the impatient one.”

“Come-a with us, girls!” Mario called. “We’ll-a escort-a you to the castle.”

Nodding in approval, the ponies follow the three men, with Mario taking the lead.

“Let’s-a go!” Mario hollered, setting his sights on Princess Peach’s castle.

Along the way, Mario and Luigi start showing off their spectacular jumping skills, performing flips and acrobatic maneuvers, all of which greatly annoyed Wario.

“Wow, you guys got some moves!” Rainbow Dash commented.

Seeing how their little performance impressed their new friends, both Mario and Luigi decided to take it up a notch. This didn’t go well, unfortunately, when Luigi accidentally lands on Wario’s head.

“ARGH!” Wario growled, angrily.

Wario thrashed his fists out, punching after Luigi in retaliation for landing on his head. Luigi tried to stay as far away as possible, but Wario was relentless. The ponies screech to a halt, turning in shock at the large man’s angry display.

“Goodness!” Fluttershy gasped.

Mario quickly ran back to help his brother Luigi escape from the angry fat man, but Luigi ran blindly in fear he didn’t look and end up crashing into his brother.

“Oh! Oh, dear goodness!” Fluttershy exclaimed, helping the brothers up. “Are you two all right?”

“Wah! Why are you asking them if they’re okay?!” Wario grumbled. “I was stepped on!”

“I’m sure Luigi didn’t mean it,” Fluttershy assured. “Right Luigi?”

“R-R-Right! Sorry, Wario,” Luigi apologized.

But the only response from the fat man was a menacing growl which made Luigi duck behind Fluttershy.

“Wario!” Fluttershy berated. “Now that’s not very nice!”

“Wah! Pfft!”

The angry man blew a raspberry in Fluttershy’s face, before looking away in a huff.

“How rude!” Rarity berated.

“I’m-a sorry about that,” Mario shook his head. “That’s-a Wario being-a… Well, Wario… Anyway, let’s a get going! Okie-dokie?”

Getting back on track, everyone resumed the task at hand, or in the ponies’ case ‘hoof’, as they headed toward the castle. Upon arriving at the main entrance, however, Fluttershy’s ears perk up when she hears what resembles light snoring.

“Girls! Do you hear that?” Fluttershy asked.

“Hear wut?” Applejack asked.

“I thought I heard… Snoring?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Flutters!” Rainbow responds. “It’s probably just the wind, or something. Don’t be such a fraidy-pony.”

But little did our heroes know, along the roof of the castle, a green dinosaur, with a red saddle and shoes, was sleeping… But it wouldn’t be long…

Author's Note:

Good thing alphasteel had showed me one of these potential critters we could use for our stories.