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So long as Friendship is Magic is never forgotten, we'll never truly have to say goodbye



Leila, a Maverick Hunter created in late 21XX before the Elf Wars was an average A-Rank Hunter. Though she wasn't as legendary as X or Axl and definitely didn't live up to the legacy of the sealed away Zero, she was good at her job.

Then the Elf Wars broke out and she found herself fighting alongside the heroes she had looked up to not for the sake of protecting people and reploids, but her own survival. After an encounter where Axl went missing, a Cyber-Elf malfunctioned in front of the A-Class Hunter, instead of teleporting her to Neo Arcadia, sent her all the way through space-time into a different realm entirely.

Unfamiliar with this new city which is full of colorful humans, she finds new sensations and a realization of why she had chosen to fight in the first place. To protect innocent people and Reploids. However, like any Reploid, there's always a chance she could go Maverick...

Chapters (10)
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