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Show canon only matters if you let it.


This story is a sequel to A New Change in Tradition

Many millennia have passed since Twilight Sparkle ascended the throne as the sole ruler of Equestria. Though her friends are long passed, she still lives by the lessons of those long-ago days.

In the time since then, ponykind has traveled to the stars and now live across countless worlds across most of the known galaxy.

Equestria itself is no more, burned away as ponykind evolved. Now Empress Twilight and Empress Flurry Heart rule a galaxy-spanning kingdom from the Throne World of Harmonia.

This year, as she has every year for years beyond count, Twilight returns to the city once known as Canterlot to remember all that has gone before. And this year, her newest student, Orchid Aura, will join her.

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-groaning sigh- Need I have to say it with me complaining about Twilight's current role? -_-

Do you even need to comment this much? I already know, and I frankly don't care. Comment something nice, or constructive, or don't comment at all. Complaining about canon isn't going to change anything.

Fine.... but I STILL hate it being canon anyways. :/

Then why comment on a story where that look is Twilight's look? Sounds like you do so for the sole reason to fill up the comment section with the same thing every time.

And then never say whether you like the story or not.

-sigh- It's just.... I'm dealing with amounts of stress to Season 9 in it's entirely. ;/

Actually, this was originally written before any of 8's or 9's horseshit was a thing. So I am honestly leaving what Twilight looks like open to whatever you want.

Only the crown and the rest of her regalia from the timeskip would stay the same.

I'd forgotten all about that.

As long as she is not a Celestia Knock-off/Rip Off. :/

What does it say about me that the very first question to into my brain is "Are the villains still a rock?"

It cool

It was a nice read

Just get over it. Twilight is ruler of Equestria. Celestia and Luna earned a little vacation at least.

Thank you. At least some people are using Season 9's in a better way than others.

No problem. I know we have our issues but I personally think Twilight would make a wise ruler. Sure she can be insane sometimes under stress or other circumstances but I still think she could rule a country well for however long she wanted. Heck, if I knew she wanted or accepted her immortality than I would accept it. As long as she's happy. But Meghan Mcarthy stated she would not outlive her friends, and Jim Miller says that it's up to fans now. I choose break the curse, you choose her being immortal and happy, which I will admit is better than being overcome with grief and wishing for death. But I've made my choice, she accepts death and goes with her friends. I believe they would accept her choice whatever it was.

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