• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Royal Foal Wedding - Foal Star

Shining Armor and Cadance are cursed as foals and have to break it by having their wedding as foals

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Chapter six: The Foalish War comes to an end

Bright Wing waddled over to his soon to be grown-up again dad in the living room, finding him in a playpen. The rest of the other foals were in his dad’s room that was now turned into a nursery. The colt gave a deep sigh as he waddled over and grumbled. “Come on, Daddy, ya gotta stop being so gwumpy aww ta time.”

Shining eyed his adopted son and responded with a hump. “No, I hate being a foaw! Tis is aww stupid, and my pawents awe making evewyting wowse by embawassing me wike tis.”

Bright Wing eyed his dad and snapped. “Ugh, ya missing ta pont!” He stomped over and shoved a hoof into his dad’s face as he shouted. “Ya awe being supew stubbown and not being a weadew, ya just being a buwwy!"

Shining stood up on all fours and exclaimed. “Hey, I not being a buwwy! I ta capatin of ta woyaw guawd! I even adopted ya. No way I a buwwy."

“Yeah ya awe! We aww foaws wight now, and ya ta most adwut so stawt acting wike one.” Bright Wing snapped as he crossed his hooves across his chest.

"I am being a aduwt!" Shining raised his hooves in the air, showing off his cute diaper with dinosaur prints on it as a result.

Bright Wing snickered at the cute diapers his dad was wearing and responded. "I dun know, ya wook wathew cute in tose diapees."

"I do not!" Shining shouted back, stomping about angrily and blushing as his diaper crinkled.

While Shining and Bright Wing were arguing with each other about the situation, Thorax waddled over with his padding shaking back and forth as he asked. “Hey? Ya two awguing about someting?”

Shining turned around with an angry look on his face. “What?! No, courwe not!”

Brightwing looked over and replied with a giggle. “I just tewwing my dad that he wooks cute in his diapees. Ten he got aww mad at me.”

Thorax shook his head and sighed. “He is so stubbown,” And to Shining he added. “Ya weawwy need to cawm down.”

Shining turned around and shouted. “Whateva! He’s my son and he supposed ta be wistening to me, not ta othew way awound! It dun mattew tat I a foaw too, I stiww his daddy.”

Thorax just waddled over and booped Shining in the nose, making him plop on his padded rump. “You need to be weady ta save ta kingdom, and ya can’t be acting wike tis wight now. Is not good."

The colt got up and waddled over to Thorax. “I gonna take down Chwysawsis wight now! Ten I gonna make suwe that woyaw tuwd gets a woyaw fwush!”

“Otay, ya can do whatevew ya want to hew when ya defeat hew, but ya got to be nice and fwiendwew to ta othew foaws, otay?” Thorax asked. “If ya want tem to wisten to ya, ya got to stop shouting at them aww the time.”

Shining eyed Thorax and sighed. “Fine, but onwy untiw Chwysawsis is defeated. We done hewe, wets go and get ta foaws to aww come hewe in ta wiving woom so we can pwepawe ouw pwan.”

“Otay but twy to wewax and wememba tey aww foaws, so be nice.” Thorax whispered as he waddled off.

Bright Wing then came over and hugged his dad, who grumbled as their diapers crinkled against each other. “Hey, is otay. I know ya doing ya best, I was just twying to hewp ya cawm down.”

Shining smiled and nuzzled his son, he couldn’t stay mad at him.”When tis is aww ovew, ya betew not make fun of me, ow I not gonna potty twain ya.”

“Sowie, but I gonna do ta diapee dance as wong as I can.” Bright Wing snickered, shaking his padded rump about.

Shining rolled his eyes and grumbled. “Ya not even doing it wight,” And he warned. “Ya bettew not do it in fwont of Cadence ow Twiwy.”

“I not gonna be abwe to hewp it if tey put too much foaw powder on me.” Bright Wing said with a wink.

A little later, the foal guards all stood in front of the living room in proper formation. They were wearing all kinds of diapers. It was kind of adorable with some licking their noses, and others sucking on their hooves. Fluttershy stood by with all kinds of foal items such as toys, diapers and changing supplies in her pouch.

Shining stood over the guards on top of a bunch of giant foam blocks. “Otay, wisten up, evewypony!” Every foal around looked up as he continued. “Is about time we go save Equestwia! I know ya aww foaws and I know tis is gonna be scawwy. I know ya aww been thowugh a bunch of cwazy stuff awweady. But I pwomice once tis is ovew, ya aww getting ta west of ta week off! Now, pwease join me and we gonna chawge ta castwe and take down tat ovewgown bug!”

The foals all cheered as Fluttershy bounced over. “Alright, before your little battle you're all getting a fresh diaper change.”

All the guards laid down and Fluttershy went about changing the dozens of diapers from the foals. Shining waddled off, wanting to be changed last to try and save some semblance of his dignity. He turned to Celestia, Luna and his parents who were all in the playpen and asked them. “Hey, ya aww wanna join in?”

Celestia blushed and explained. “Lulu and I wouwd powabay be in ta way seeing as Chwysawis wants to catpuwe us.”

“Wight good point.” Shining responded with a blush on his face.

Twilight Velvet sniffled as she started to get all weapy. “Weww, good wuck, son....I...gonna miss ya...I was hoping to baby you a bit mowe befowe ya tuwned back into a big pony.”

Nightlight was blushing seeing the dino patterns on his diaper fading as he replied. “Yeah, but I can’t wait to be a big pony too. Twust me I dun tink I can evew wive down peeing my diapees wike tis."

Shining Armor nodded as he continued off to see Thorax coming over. “Dun wowwie, I gonna hewp ya aww! Ya aww be big ponies again soon.”

“Ya bettew be wight! I weawwy hope ya dun betway me! If ya do, I gonna punish you the same way I gonna punish Chwysaiws and the othew changewings.” Shining snapped and shoved a hoof into Thorax’s face. He then waddled off wanting to just get this over with once and for all.

Fluttershy pushed a stroller full of foals to the castle, all of them babbling and playing with plushies, and some were even taking a short nap.

Shining was getting angry as he shouted. “Tis is taking way too wong, take us to Cantewot Castwe, now!”

“Canterlot Castle location is confirmed, please take your seats and keep your arms and legs inside the stroller at all times.” Rainbow Dash’s voice responded. Shining and the rest of the foals had straps appear around them as the stroller’s engines suddenly exploded outward! The stroller flew off through the streets, speeding away and leaving a rainbow trail straight to the palace. Fluttershy’s eyes went wide as she started furiously bouncing after the stroller so as not to lose her charges.

Rainbow Dash flew through the streets at such a high speed, flying right into the middle of the throne room now full of baby changelings! They all turned their attention to the army of baby royal guards and it didn’t take long for the armies to start whacking each other with foam swords and rattles! It was rather adorable seeing them struggling to fight each other. Some of the foals even began just lying down and started taking naps. Shining Armor rolled his eyes as he was hoping for an epic battle but it didn’t turn out that way at all again

But at the end of the throne room there were a bunch of changelings all surrounding the prison, these ones seemed to be less controlled by Discord’s chaos magic as they were bent down in an attack position with their wings fluttering, and hissing ominously.

But Fluttershy suddenly bounced over, taking them all into her pouch and popping pacifiers into their mouths. “Oh hush now, cuties! There’s no reason to be so fussy.” The changelings giggled snuggling into Fluttershy’s pouch and feeling safe and secure.

The kangaroo winked at Shining who nodded, and carried on to see that Twilight and Pinkie Pie were already having the rest of the changelings sucking milk from their udders.

Twilight looked up and gasped. “B.B.B.F.F! How you doing?! I wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon.”

Shining blushed as he came over and nuzzled his sister. “Hey, I doing good. Ya wook good as a cow.”

“Oh stop, please, this is too embarrassing! You have no idea how hard it is to be a cow.” Twilight exclaimed as her cheeks turned pink.

Pinkie got a little jealous, coming over and swaying her udders as she scoffed. “Hey, what about me?! I’m a good looking cow, right?!”

The little colt sighed not, wanting to deal with another insane and ridiculous fight as he responded. “Of couwse ya do, Pinkie, but I bet ya two wanna be tuwned back into ponies.”

They both nodded as Twilight sighed. “You have no idea, these changelings have been sucking the milk and love from us non-stop! I feel so drained in more ways than one.”

Pinkie nodded as she was feeling even exhausted as Fluttershy came over and filled a couple of foal bottles of milk from Twilight and Pinkie Pie, then inserted said bottles into the baby changelings' mouths. They continued suckling the creamy contents down as Fluttershy cooed. “Chrysalis is over there, near that prison. While you get her to stop, I'll take care of all these foals." Shining nodded and waddled over with Thorax.

Both came up to Chrysalis as Shining sighed. “Wook, wet me kiss my wife and wets end tis! I tink we aww wants tis to be ovew with.”

Chrysalis spread her little legs out in response with her padding making her have a cute stance, especially with all the little diamonds printed on her diaper. But she responded by lowering her head, ready to fight. "Ya not gonna do anyting! Cady is mine!”

Shining rolled his eyes. “Ya diapee is used, come on! Let me kiss her and tis wiww aww be over!”

“I dun cawe!” Chrysalis roared as tackled him and they rolled about as Thorax waddled over to the jail, gnawing on the bars and breaking them.He turned to Cadence and she followed him to see Chrysalis and Shining whacking foam swords at each other. It was so funny and cute that Cadance couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The two slowly got up, both heaving as they were already tired from their silly fight.

Cadence came down to Chrysalis who had tears in her eyes. “Tis...tis isn’t faiw! Stupid Discowd wuined evewyting. I...I was just twying to keep my changewing subjects awive. We need wove to feed! Tis wedding was ta pewfect pwace to steaw as much wove as possibwe!"

The princess of love came over, hugging the queen and hushing her. “Hey, is otay ya and your changelings awe gonna be fine.” She stayed there, nuzzling the changeling for a bit. Then she groaned as her body started to shiver and she fell down.

Chrysalis then started to fully age in front of Shining, her diaper turning into a cute pull-up as she laughed in an echoy tone. “Ha, ya feww for it! I a toddwew now, and I can definitewy beat ya, Shining! Ta mowe wove I get ta owdew and biggew I become! I'ww gwow up to be a big pony and weawe aww ya aww as babies!" She then tackled Shining and knocked him over! Soon the two were rolling around and smacking each other.

But Fluttershy came over, picking up the queen who kicked and cried. “Hey, wet me go!”

“No pushing! You're going into time out, young missy! Be thankful I’m punishing you and not Shining, he would’ve been much harsher!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she placed Chrysalis in the playpen while Shining lay upon the ground. “So she was using ya to get owdaw though wove so she cwouwd defeat us. Tat was hew supew pwan?”

Cadence sighed as she got up and grumbled. “Yeah, I showwd’ve saw tat coming, sowie fow not weawising it soonew,” She came over to her soon to be husband and blushed. “Um...so...ya wanna kiss?”

Shining stuck his head out. “Quickwy, befowe somthing ewse cwazy happens!” The two promptly kissed and a giant flash of light engulfed the entire castle!

Shining blinked, looking around seeing that all the royal guards were back to normal ( except of course for Bright Wing, Cannon Feather and Bucket Bridle) the other nobles were all back to adults as well, all looking around in a confused state.

Twilight and her friends had been transformed back to normal as well, all looking around to see Discord sitting in a bench, clapping his claws. “Bravo! That was wonderful! And the best thing is, I filmed the whole thing. I'm going to call the movie ‘Tale of Two Foals’. Maybe I’ll invite you all to my place to watch it, wonder what I’ll have you turn into next.”

But Twilight turned to him and shouted. “Hey, just because everything is back to normal doesn’t mean you’re not getting in trouble! If you hadn’t set up that chaos bomb, none of this would’ve ever happened!"

Discord got up from his chair and explained. “I’d rather not turn back to stone, and you should be thanking me seeing as I just saved Equestria," He pointed a claw at Chrysalis’s prison which was now a normal looking playpen full of baby changelings and the toddler queen. Discord crossed his claws across his chest with a smug grin on his face. “I took care of your little changeling problem when the rest of you couldn’t lay a hoof on her.”

At that moment, Celestia and Luna both burst through the doors with their eyes glowing and their horn filled with power! The princess of the sun looked around, seeing everything was back to normal with all the guards and nobles back to being adults. She then turned her attention to the lord of chaos now before her. “Discord! You have a lot of explaining to do, so start talking.”

Discord scoffed as he responded, “Really? It’s not like it takes a rocket scientist to realize that I was doing all of this for fun. Besides, Chrysalis was the one who set off my chaos bomb. I had nothing to do with that.”

Luna turned her attention to the changelings and snapped. “Turn them back to normal right now!"

Shining Armor, Twilight and all her friends, along with Discord all exclaimed. “Why?!”

Cadence turned over and grumbled. “Why not? Even if they’re changelings and tried to take over, we can’t leave them like this! It’s not right! None of us wanted to be stuck as foals, so we have no right to leave them in their regressed state.”

Shining Armor turned around and saw Chrysalis now with an angry looking pout. “Ya betew tuwn us back to nowmaw, ow ewse!”

“Wh...why don’t we do something else? Why don’t we raise them?” Shining nervously responded.

Everypony in the room exclaimed all at once! “What?!”

Shining blushed. “Look...I...I saw a changeling that I thought was going to betray us all help me save my wife,” Then he sighed. “Chrysalis, I know deep down you wanted to help your species survive in your own twisted way, and it’s not fair to them that they stay like this. So I’ll let this be your choice.”

Chrysalis turned to her changelings and looked down. “No way! I not gonna be a toddwew!”

Shining looked down and explained. “Look...if you stay a toddler, my wife and I will raise you as our own.”

Chrysalis looked up at Shining and whimpered. “B..but I tuwned ya into a foaw, wuined ya wedding, and even twicked ya.”

Shining Armor sighed as he rubbed the back of his mane. “So what? You deserve a second chance, largely because I think that’s what my wife wants. But it's up to you to accept the offer.”

Chrysalis turned to Cadence and stammered nervously. “Y...ya doing this! Ya using ya wuv magic to make him soft!”

The princess of love shook her head and replied. “Nope, this is my husband being a big pony and not a poopy head.”

“Oh stop, really!” Shining cried out, blushing as Chrysalis turned to her fellow changelings, “Ya...ya aww wana be babies and gwow up with ponies?”

They all slowly nodded as Rarity squeaked! “My goodness, are they wearing diapers with my cutie mark on them?!”

“Yeah!” The changelings exclaimed loudly as the nobles all slowly left the castle and Celestia looked down and sighed. “Well... we’ll have to find suitable parents for all these changelings. That’s going to take forever.”

Luna rubbed her face and sighed. “This shouldn’t be just on us. Cadence, Shining, you two are going to help us with finding homes for all of these changelings."

Twilight stepped up and proclaimed. “Don’t worry, brother you can count on my friends and I. We’ll help too.”

"Ye...yeah I don't mind helping adopt these cute little changelings." Fluttershy cooed and nuzzled some of the baby bugs.

Rarity looked at some of the diapers and blushed. "Neither do I, I guess. And I'll provide every family a whole pack of diapers and foal clothes for the little cuties. It’s the least I can do."

Applejack nodded and replied. "Yeah, and I'll provide them with all kinds of apple related foal food so they grow up big and strong."

Rainbow Dash just stood there silently, unsure of what to say but nodded in agreement of helping with the adoption of the changelings.

Pinkie bounced over and exclaimed. "Hay yeah! We can make sure these little changelings find awesome, cool parents!”

Discord shrugged and snickered. “Alrighty then. And now that that’s settled, I’ve got a film to develop. See you all whenever I feel like it!” He then snapped a claw and disappeared with a smirk on his face as if this had been his plan all along.