• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Royal Foal Wedding - Foal Star

Shining Armor and Cadance are cursed as foals and have to break it by having their wedding as foals

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Chapter Four: New Pampered Discoveries

Shining Armor was quite unsure of what to do in his situation, watching his once proud fellow guards that were now just a bunch of drooling foals, whacking each other with foam swords or rattles. The prince shook his head in disbelief at what he was seeing. Getting all flustered, he stomped about and shouted. “How I gonna save Pwincess Cadence with a bunch of usewess foaws?!”

Fluttershy saw Shining's little tantrum and gave his head a pat with her paw. “Hey, we can figure something out. You’re not acting like a toddler, so the bomb must not have affected you. Maybe some other guards were the same."

Shining turned around with an angry look. “Well, tis is pointwess. We might as well just go over tere and save tem. We just wasting time standing awound hewe.”

Fluttershy was unsure. Her motherly instincts made her not want to see Shining or any of the foalified guards get harmed in any way. “Hmm, I'm sure there’s a solution but we should be patient.” She tried to insist.

Shining stomped about and whined, “I can’t be patient! Not whiwe my wife’s in danger! I can’t weave Cady awone with tat bug!”

“Oh don’t worry I'm sure that she’ll be fine as a foal. Chrysalis is a foal too, remember?” Fluttershy cooed, trying to keep the little colt relaxed.

But Shining was far from relaxed, feeling quite anxious about his wife being captured even if Chrysalis was a foal too. But he eventually plopped down from Fluttershy and onto the seat of his diaper ,looking over the other foals. They were wandering about aimlessly, playing with toys, and some were slumped over taking naps. The once royal guards of Princess Celestia were slowly becoming silly little foals.

Shining got a bit flustered at this, so he stomped a hoof on the ground and shouted. “Hey, wisten up ya big babies!” The foals all turned their attention to Shining, who was glaring at them as he snapped. “Now I know tat ya aww got turned to foaws, but we needs to make suwe to be weady to fight tose changewings and save ta pwincesses! Tey counting on us!”

The other foal guards all blushed, most of them were unsure if they could with some raising hooves. Shining rolled his eyes and pointed at one of the foal guards whose padding clearly soaked in urine, the cute dinosaur patterns fading. “Um...who’s gonna change owa diapees?”

The white coated colt groaned and snapped. “Fluttershy is owa nanny for now, otay? She in charge of aww ta nanny duties wike changies ow feeding us bottwes.”

Fluttershy instantly hopped over and began changing the colt’s soggy pampers as Shining pointed to another tired foal guard with bags under his eyes who babbled. “Um...Captain, can we have a naptime first?”

Shining’s face turned a dark red with steam coming out of his eyes. “Ugh! We gonna do some pwactice fiwst, ten ya can have a naptime watew, otay?”

Shining then pointed to another foal who simply asked. “Um, I know we wewe woyaw guawds, but some of us can bawely wawk. Can’t we just find some big ponies to hewp us?”

Fluttershy blushed and turned to Shining Armor, who crossed his hooves across his chest. “No way! We woyaw guawds, and even as babies we have a duty to save ta pwincesses! Now who’s gonna hewp me?!”

The foals all reluctantly babbled. ”Awight, we do it."

They went back to being foals and Shining slowly was coming to the realization that maybe Fluttershy and that one foal guard may have had a point. But he still took out his own foam sword and shouted. “We gonna do some dwills with using ya foam weapons, aftew tat ya can go for a nap. Awight?”

The guards all nodded and grumbled. “Awight…”

Shining began swinging his sword about while the other foals mimicked in a rather clumsy fashion. The white coated colt sighed. "We gots a wong ways to go," He stopped suddenly as he felt a familiar urge building up inside of him. “Ya keep pwacticing,” He told all the guards. “I gotta use ta potty.”

However, Fluttershy spoke up. “Um, I already have a toddler one for you. I’m not sure you could safely use a normal toilet.” She pulled out an embarrassingly pink colored plastic potty and set it down on the floor.

Reluctantly seeing no better options at the current moment, Shining waddled over to the training potty and grumbled as he had his diaper removed. He was even further embarrassed when Fluttershy went about wiping him up afterward. “The next guawd to waugh at tis is gonna get spankies!” He snapped when he heard faint snickering.

While Shining Armor was in the middle of trying to train his other guards on how to use their foal toys as weapons, Chrysalis was rounding up all the foalfied nobles at the castle. She was placing them into a large playpen made of a hardened goo not unlike a cocoon.

Most of the nobles were waddling about babbling and playing with some fancy looking princess dolls, courtesy of the Rarity styled diaper bag that was purple and had her cutie mark on it.

Cadence was in the middle of the group looking over with an angry glare on her face. Her own foal style wedding was being ruined, and there was little she could do about it since she was stuck to the floor by some of the goo as well.

In the back of the throne room, the baby changelings guarded Rainbow Dash (now a giant foal stroller with rockets in the back) In addition to the Rarity diaper bag, Applejack who was now a giant foal bottle. To make matters worse, Twilight and Pinkie Pie were now both cows, with the baby changelings sucking milk from each of their udders quite greedily. And all Twilight and Pinkie could really do was have a conversation about how to make the best milk. Pinkie insisted that eating more sweets made milk tastier, while Twilight was trying to explain that a balanced diet was the key.

Chrysalis turned to see most of her army of changelings (with all of them wearing diapers with Rarity's cutie mark printed on them) were also acting like babies, playing with foam weapons or chewing on their hooves, some even spinning cocoons around their tiny bodies and taking naps. She got as angry as Shining Armor and shouted, “Wisten up, aww of ya!” Most of the baby changelings turned their attention to Chrysalis as she shouted at them. “This pwan to take ovew Equestwia didn’t go exactwy as pwanned! But...most of ta Ewements of Hawmony have now been captuwed. Now we just need Cewestia and Wuna to finish owa takeovew! So I gonna need a squad of some changewings to scout out newby foaw stowes. It’s ta onwy pwaces tey can hide!”

“Yes, Queen Chwysawis!” Some baby changelings all babbled in unison as they all waddled over to the giant baby carriage, some climbed into the basket underneath while a dozen or so filled the seats.

Chryaslis waddled over, smirking upon seeing the giant blue and yellow striped stroller. It had lots of seats and even had a dashboard with a little steering wheel and buttons. The queen was shocked as she exclaimed! “Dang, tis Discowd is cwazy! Maybe we can team up and take down Equestwia togethew?" She made a mental note to consider that option later, as she turned to one of her lieutenants. “Ya be in charge of finding Cewestia, Wuna or Shining Awmow. Wike I said, ya gonna check aww ta foaw suppwy stowes neaw by. With aww tose foaws, tey need wots of diapees and stuff.”

“Right!” The changelings nodded and saluted.

Chrysalis blushed and turned to the changeling in charge. “Also, can ya gwab some diapees, changie supwies and bottwes? And I want a stuff teddy if ya can find one. If ya steaw it fwom some stupid foaw, tat’s even bettew.”

The changeling foal blinked. “Wight, ya got it!” hH then turned on the Dashie dash board and pressed a button as Rainbow Dash's voice chirped. "Hey little guy, where do you wanna go?"

The baby changeling was unsure and responded. "Uh...take us to ta neawest foaw stowe, pwease?"

"Ya got it, champ! Hold on!" The foals all squeaked as straps came down, buckling the changelings in, and then they all cried out like ponies on a roller coaster with some audible hissing coming from the stroller too. The Dashie stroller promptly zoomed out of the castle and flew through the open castle doors!

Chrysalis looked up at the giant doors and sighed. “We needs to cwose tose doows some how.”

Meanwhile, Shining was still at the foal store, trying to teach some of his royal guards how to use their foam weapons. Suddenly though, training was rudely interrupted as a giant stroller crashed through the front door of the store, and a dozen baby changelings burst out from it! They all were screaming as they spat out sticky globs of goo, trying to capture the foalish guards, some of whom tried to fight but got slammed by a bunch of green goo that stuck them to the floor!

A bunch of foals on both sides all were crying, and many of the guards became stuck to the ground.

Amidst the chaos, Fluttershy went about scooping as many foals and placing them into her pouch.

Not Shining, though. He just took out a foam sword and shouted. “We not wunning away! We gonna stand and fight back! Who’s with me?!”

A lot of the foal guards followed suit, and they all stood together, fighting the changelings with foal weapons. In their minds it was some epic battle, full of epic sword play and sword clashes. But in reality, Fluttershy simply dawwed at seeing the foals batting each other with foam swords and falling onto their padded behinds. The foal store was soon full of diapers crinkling as a mist of foal powder filled the air. Sometimes the foals even got into childish fights, shouting things like: “I hit ya, so way down!”

And another foal would shout back: “Nah uh! My sword is between ten youws! Is ya who gots to way down!”

The pony turned kangaroo just bounced over and started scooping the foals into her pouch, trying to gather as many as possible. Shining Armor didn’t realise he was soon looking over a bunch of tired baby changelings laying on the ground. They were taking naps and some had gotten distracted with flashy plastic toys that had sounds and light up buttons. Even their leader was currently chugging down a bottle of formula.

“Hey weren’t we having a battle? Wha happened?!” Shining asked, being quite confused as he suddenly scooped up by Fluttershy.

Having recognized the stroller due to its colors, Fluttershy placed all the foals in the Rainbow Dash stroller and simply bounced away, pushing the foal carriage along with Shining Armor. Shining groaned and laid down as the realization of being a foal was slowly crashing down on him.

Shining didn’t even realize he was sleeping as he suddenly woke up to see a familiar house. It was his parents’! It was the house of his childhood and one that he hadn’t seen since he’d left to become a royal guard! The purple walls and big white door were instantly recognizable to the colt whined. “Why we hewe? I already got babied by my pawents, I dun need tem doing it again!”

But Fluttershy just bounced over, placed him into her pouch and ten bounced to the door after opening it. When she did she saw Celestia and Luna in a playpen, both crawling over with wide eyes.

“Hey Fwuttewshy!” The princesses exclaimed, bouncing up and down as the kangaroo bounced over and placed the colts into the playpen as she explained to said colts. “The princesses have been staying here for their own safety. I helped bring them here while you were napping at the foal store earlier.”

“So tey been staying at my pawents howse tis whole time. Gweat. Bet tey saw aww ta baby pictuwes of me.” Shining grumbled as he was plopped down in the playpen with an audible squish coming from his diaper. He squeaked upon seeing that he’d soaked his pampers during his little nap.

But the prince didn't get a chance to collect himself as Celestia waddled over and explained. “We wewe gonna stay hwew untiw ya got ya wife back. We taught it wouwd make it easiew fow ya.”

And Luna looked over at Fluttershy with a glare. “Why did ya bwing tem hewe!? Ya wuining ta pwan!"

The kangaroo blushed. "Look...the plan was good, but the changelings are all just babies too. When they attacked us most just whined and cried, or completely forgot about the battle. I feel as if we can just go over there and end this now. They’re on the same level as the guards so they’re not much of a threat.”

Celestia blushed at seeing all of her royal guards now infatuated with random foal toys and not even paying attention to them. She agreed with Fluttershy and added. “Yeah, maybe we ovew tinking tings.”

Luna looked about and giggled at the diapered guards as she replied. “Otay, I gwad ya aww otay, but some of ya have goo on ya, so ya needs to go take a bath.”

Shining was going to shout out something but then suddenly he heard two foalish voices exclaim! “Shining, we so gwad ya hewe!” The white coated colt looked over and gasped upn seeing both his parents were now both diapered foals. His mom had a diaper with Twilight's star cutie mark printed on it, and his dad had a diaper with his shield cutie mark on it. Before he could try running away the two crawled over and gave their son a hug. “We foals too, see?!”

“Ugh! Ya gots to be kidding me! My pawents in diapees!” Shining whined ,feeling so weird that their diapers were scrunching against each other.

Fluttershy smiled. “Well, I'm glad to see you all. Now get settled in and have a nap, it's been quite a long day. We’ll need to be well rested before we take the castle tomorrow,” She then took a paw and checked Shining's diaper. "Oh dear, somepony needs a change. You must’ve been having too much fun with the fight to notice," She laid the colt down and slowly changed his diaper in front of everypony. the guards all snickered as the little colt was too embarrassed to even scold them. Fluttershy then made sure to apply a healthy amount of foal powder to his rump. And then she brought out a giant diaper with dinosaur prints. "Sorry, but this was the most coltish diaper I could find at the store." She taped up the embarrassed colt, making sure the tapes were snug, before hopping off to warm up bottles for all the foals.

Shining’s parents giggled at their son and then waddled off to go finish building a tower together so as to give him some space.

The colt slowly got up, still flustered, but then he saw a strange teal looking pegasus colt he had never seen before who was blushing as he waddled over.“Hey who awe ya?” Shining asked, being quite suspicious of what appeared to a newcomer.

“Oh, I just a guest tat got caught up in ta cwaziness. I want ta hewp ya. I been weseaching chnagewings fow a wong time.” The colt nervously whispered.

Shining eyed the colt not trusting this colt. “Awe ya a changewing spy?”

“What?! No! I just a weguaw foaw!” The little teal colt babbled with a blush growing on his face.

Shining looked at the colt’s diaper seeing little ABCs printed on the padding. “Hmm, it wooks wike all ta othew foaws wew weaeing diapees with Wawity's cutie mawk,” And he called out. “Uh, Fwuttewshy, did ya change tis cowt’s diapee?”

Fluttershy (who was now passing out warm bottles of formula to all the foals) hopped over, pulled back the padding and checked the colt’s diaper .“Hmm, no. In fact this is the first time I’ve seen him. But he's all clean, so that’s good.” She then plopped a bottle into his mouth.

Shining just shook his head as the suspicious colt had his hooves crossed across his chest. “Tis is aww too suspicious. But if ya want to hewp us tew us how we can take down these baby changewings and save my wife.”

“Yeah, just wisten ta me, I gots a pwan!” The weird colt explained as he started talking about changelings to Shining, whose eyes drooped as he suddenly had a bottle of formula in his hooves with the warm milk going down his throat he was lulled into a deep sleep. “Even if he is a changeling, he’s helping us take down Chrysalis. So for now I’ll trust him. I can deal with him after I stop Chrysalis,” And he started wondering. “How should I punish her when I defeat her? Spankings? Maybe make her do my famous diaper dance? Or maybe just give that ‘queen’ a royal flush? Yeah, that’s what I’ll do! Just drop her in, pull the handle and watch the bug go down the drain.