• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Royal Foal Wedding - Foal Star

Shining Armor and Cadance are cursed as foals and have to break it by having their wedding as foals

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Chapter Three: Foal wedding Disaster

It was the day of the wedding, and Shining Armor and Cadance both were now in a bathtub being scrubbed gently by Fluttershy. The pegasus was quite through in making sure her charges were scrubbed and cleaned.

Shining Armor pouted, still feeling quite angry as he turned around and snapped. “Ugh, tis soap smells wike flowers! Is too girwy!”

“Oh Shiny, ya being fussy again?” Cadence asked. “And on owa wedding day too.” The little filly grumbled under her breath.

“Hey! Even if I foaw, I stiw a cowt and dun wanna smeww wike flowers!” Shiny shouted. “I just wanna smeww wike nowmaw.”

“Ugh, ya so gwumpy! Ya should’ve gone to sweep swooner!” His soon to be wife shouted back. “Besides, ya’d smeww wike foaw powder if not for tis bath.”

“Maybe ya shouwd consider my feewings! I wouwdn’t go thwough wit tis if ya and Twiwy weren’t so onboard!” Shining snapped back.

Fluttershy stood back, unsure of what to do. “Um...I don’t mean to butt in but the wedding is going to start and we need to get you two ready. Could you maybe save this for later?”

“Fine!” Both foals shouted as they stopped their bickering and turned away from each other.

The pegasus mare sighed. She could see that this wedding was going to be quite difficult to pull off if these foals kept on bickering the way they were. But she continued to clean them up, scrubbing them from head to hoof. She made sure to clean them completely, scrubbing shampoo into their manes and rinsing their bodies with water, getting all the soap from their coats. Afterwards she took them from the bathtub, and wrapped them up gently in big, fluffy pink towels.

The two were still angry, turning away and not wanting to speak with each other. Fluttershy sighed. “Look, Shining. I know you’re angry, but you need to do this. You and Cadence can have a proper wedding later when everypony’s back to normal.”

“I know! I gotta do tis stupid wedding,” Shining grumbled. “Twust me, I’ww do it for ta sake of Equestwia. But I not gonna get embawwassed anymore ten I have to!” He shouted and let Fluttershy dry him and Cadence off.

Fluttershy then turned to Rarity, who entered the bathroom with a slight waddle. “H...hey, You two are all ready, yes?”

Cadence raised her little chubby hooves. “Yeah! I weady!” Shining said nothing, he just nodded his head.

“Awww, you two are so cute!” Rarity cooed, before taking the little filly up in her hooves and placed her down on a mat as she rubbed foal cream over her rump, and covered it in foal powder. Then she picked out a fluffy, white diaper with pink frills on the seat of the padding. “There you go!”

Cadence giggled and kicked about as the padding was strapped around the princess’s legs and Shining scoffed. “Ugh, ya so annoying! I dun get why ya like being a foal. Is embawwassing. Ya can’t do anyting anymowe.”

Shining continued to grumble as he was picked up and laid on the diaper mat. His rump was rubbed with foal cream along with a good helping of foal powder. Then he was strapped into a giant, white diaper with his cutie mark printed on the padding, and a blue leak guard lining the thighs.

“Alright, darling,” Rarity cooed. “I heard your bickering down the hall and I know couples don’t always live happily ever after, but we really need you and Cadence to just get through this without too much fighting. Think you can manage that?”

“Yeah, we gets it! Just put on ouw stupid foaw cwothes aweday!” Shining snapped, getting irritated by all the baby talk.

“Alright, alright,” Rarity replied, making sure to groom Shining’s mane and tail then went about curling up Cadence’s hair. Then the mare put Shining in his cute princess outfit, converted into a onesie with a diaper hatch, and placed Cadence's white, fluffy wedding dress over her.
“There, all perfect and ready!” She declared. “Now Fluttershy, you need to take Shining and Cadence to get fed. I have to go make sure ponies are coming!”

“Right...you take care…” Fluttershy took the charges, placed them onto her back and walked off to get them breakfast.

Twilight was already in the kitchen as luck would have it, with her eyes baggy from a lack of sleep of ordering guards and maids about.

Fluttershy slowly came over and whispered. “Um...Twilight the foals need food, but I don't want to feed them anything that might ruin their outfits.”

“Right,” Twilight lifted her dress, revealing two swollen crotch boobs underneath. “Ugh, I feel so bloated, sorry…”

The two foals latched on and drank their fill as Twilight turned to Rainbow, who saluted. “No sign of any trouble, the guards are stationed everywhere and it seems we should be good for the wedding.”

“That’s good to hear,” Twilight sighed. “Rarity went off to fetch the rest of the guests, everything's about...Wait, where are Mom and Dad?!”

“Oh, we’re here!” All in the room gasped as they turned to see Twilight Velvet and Night Light come over.

Seeing Shining Armor as a foal, both parents cooed and he whined. “Hey, ya mind?! I was hoping ya wouwdn't see me wike tis!”

“Oh, how could we miss an opportunity to see our baby boy be a baby again?!” Twilight Velvet exclaimed as she nuzzled him and gave his diapered rump a few pats. “You gotten into any trouble, crinkle butt? You were always such a curious little one, and you loved making a mess of things.”

“Mom! Shining Armor whined, kicking about quite angrily.

Velvet simply turned around to Cadence, who held up her hooves as Velvet dawed. “Oh, you’re so adorable!” The motherly unicorn tickled the foal and watched her squirm. “Can you imagine you were a foal sitter once upon a time?”

“Hehe, guess I needs a foawsitter now…” Cadence giggled.

“Awww, well if this wedding doesn’t work out and you’re still foals...” Twilight Velvet suggested and squealed.

Night Light grinned. “Heh heh. You haven’t changed a bit, hon. I thought you wouldn’t get this way until we saw grand foals.”

Twilight was quite happy to see the foals were being cared for, it meant she could now focus on making sure everything with the wedding was running smoothly.

The wedding was about to begin in an hour and Celestia was standing in her newly redecorated great hall. Flowers now hung overhead with benches lining the hall. The sun princess was wearing a bright yellow gown, happy to have something to keep ponies from seeing her pull-up. She was practicing her speech as Luna stood by in a lovely violet gown (Luna was also happy to have her pull-up hidden).

Applejack was hoofing out giant bottles of formula while making sure the nobles were stuffing their faces with mushy foal food.

Pinkie Pie stood at the front door of the palace and gave each pony a pacifier as they came in.

It seemed everything was as Discord requested and there hadn't been any issues so far. However, within her mind...Celestia felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Yet as she looked over the room, she couldn’t see anything that might spell trouble, so she shrugged. “It's probably nothing.” She whispered to herself, and went to see Twilight who bowed. “Everything is in order, princes. The wedding will commence soon. My dad will escort Shining Armor in, then my mom will escort Cadence in soon after. You say your lines and everything should turn back to normal.”

“That’s good, Mama.” Celestia cheerfully responded.

“Yeah, you're such a good foal.” Twilight cooed.

Celestia looked over her former student and blushed upon seeing her gown. “Wow, such a lovely dress. And so familiar.”

“Thanks,” Twilight replied. “It was the same one Rarity made for the gala, with a few modifications for my ‘condition’ of course..”

“Well, it's nice,” Celestia smiled in reply and then asked. “So...you ready to go back to normal?”

Twilight scoffed. “You kidding me? Of course getting to baby my brother was fun, but it’s not like they can be foals forever. Everypony has to grow up sooner or later.”

“Right, well I would be lying if I said I won’t miss being your foal,” Celestia responded. “It actually felt kind of nice to be young and cared for again.”

Twilight hugged Celestia and nuzzled her. “I could change you into a foal again after doing some more research on age spells. Though we’d have to make arrangements to run Equestria if I couldn’t change you back.”

“That would be fun, Mama.” Celestia nuzzled Twilight and then went back to her position.

The wedding started a short time later as Luna stood over the gathered crowd and instructed. “Everypony, please take your seats and place your pacifiers into your mouths. Do not take them out until you’re told to do so.”

The ponies all did as Luna commanded and most of the audience suckled their pacifiers while some of them chugged on their bottles.

“There. Now everypony, please try to be silent during the ceremony,” Luna instructed. “I know we’re all very excited for the royal foal couple, but let’s not get too excited. We don’t wanna embarrass them.”

The ponies all slowly went silent with only the sounds of pacifier suckling being heard.

Luna cleared her throat as she continued. “So, we’ve gathered here today to see the marriage between two ponies. The Captain of the Royal Guard Shining Armor a-a,” Luna started squirming about as she started to whine. “Uh, gotta go pee pee! Celestia, you take over!”

The moon princess ran off as Celestia blushed and replied. “Um...we can skip the formalities this time. You all know why we’re here, and I’m sure some of you would rather forget about this afterward.” The princess of the sun stood in front of everypony with a sheepish grin as the doors opened and Night Light led Shining Armor down the hall.

The little prince blushed upon seeing all the ponies staring at him. He scrunched his diapered rump and squeaked as his onesie flap popped open, revealing his pampered rump. The crowd dawed and the little colt quickly ran to the stand as he turned around, blushing. “H...hey my onesie! Dun wook!”

Night Light came over and fixed the colt’s onesie. “There we go, all better. Now come on, son. Don’t be such a pouty baby.”

The little colt grumbled. “Ugh,” And he told himself. :Just a few more minutes and tis wiww aww be over.” He followed his father, stood to the right of Celestia, and waited patiently as Twilight Velvet opened the doorway and showed Cadance in her wedding dress.

The crowd of ponies all dawed anew as Cadence waddled across the hall and everypony couldn’t help but watch the cute little filly. She bounced off, shaking her cute dress and her pampered rump. “Hehe, I ready to get mawwied in diapees!”

In fact, Cadence was so happy as she bounced over to her husband that she wanted to kiss him on the cheek. Celestia used her magic to keep Cadance from doing so. “Not yet, sweetie,” She turned to Shining and asked. “So Shiny, do you wish to take this filly as your wife?”

“Yeah whatever.” Shining growled as Celestia turned her attention to Cadence. “Cady, do you take this adorable colt as your husband?”

“Of course!” Cadence exclaimed as Celestia raised her wings and exclaimed. “Then I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss!”

The two were about to kiss each other, when suddenly a bright light exploded and surrounded the entire grand hall!

Shining woke up, groaning as he looked around and saw an army of changelings and his guards fighting, only they were smaller and were wearing...diapers? “Huh was going on?” Shining asked with his eyes widening in surprise.

The little colt turned to see another changeling (a female looking one) wearing a diaper. “Tis wasn’t pawt of ta plan!” She whined.

“Hey! Who awe ya?!” The little colt responded. “Wha ya want?!”

The cute changeling rose her hooves. “I Chwysawis, queen of changewings! I may be a baby but I gonna take ovew!”

“Nuh uh!” Both Celestia and Luna waddled over, despite now being little foals as well.

“Hey, ya foaws now, wight!?” Chrysalis cried out.

The little fillies looked at each other and gasped. “We awe foaws! Yay!”

Chrysalis grinned. “Ten ya can’t teww me wha ta do, ‘cause ya not biggew tan me!”

“Oh yeah, queen of changies?!” Shining taunted! “Ya got five seconds to stand down befowe I spank ya siwwy!”

“I not queen of changies, I queen of changewings!” Chrysalis snapped back in fury! “And ya can’t do anyting to me eithew! I bwoughts an awmy, and tey gonna ya siwwy guawds stinky butts!”

Before anything else could happen, a giant, yellow coated kangaroo with a pink pouch, bounced over and stuffed the foals in her pouch (except for Chrysalis). “Gotta get as many foals out of here as I can!” She declared!

The kangaroo bounced off as Chrysalis looked around, seeing that all the wedding guests were foals, with a pink spotted cow and a purple spotted cow wandering about and trying to calm crying babies with their milk. She turned to see her entire army were babies too! “How did tis happen?! Who ta poopy head tat wuined my plans?!” She whined while kicking about.

Shining finally was taken from the pouch and saw rows and rows of diapers. “Huh? Whewe awe we? Tis ain’t ta wedding.”

“We...um..are in a foal supply shop.” The weird kangaroo explained as Shining saw dozens of his guards wondering about. Their armor was now made of plastic and their weapons were now made of foam. Some nobles wondered about as well.

“Wait, wewe the pwincesses and my sissy?!” Shining asked the kangaroo.

“Celestia and Luna went into hiding.” The kangaroo explained. “They didn't want to worry you, they gave you the mission to retake the castle and defeat the changelings. Trust me, they're safe."

“Uh, ok?” Shining blinked, something about the kangaroo seemed really familiar. “Wat about Cady and Twily?”

“They… were captured…” The kangaroo explained.

“Wha?! Wait...tis must be aww Discord’s fauwt, ugh! What awe we gonna do!?" Shining groaned.

“Yes it seems so..but...you know me, right?” The kangaroo meekly asked.

“Hmmm, yeah, Fwuttewshy!” Shining exclaimed in realization! “Is tat wight?”

“Yes, good job!” Fluttershy put her paws together and clapped in approval. “Now...I'm not sure how you beat an army of baby changelings, because I don’t know what changelings really are. But I'll assist in other things like getting you fed and getting your diapers changed.”

“Tanks! We may need tat since I dun tink tere’s gonna be any time to stop fow potty or baba bweaks,” Shining commented. “Now, I’ww see if any of tese foaws can stiww be sowdiers!” He turned around and exclaimed. “Evewy foaw, wisten up!”

Every foal turned around as Shining waddled over. “Ya may be babies, but we stiww sowders! Ya gonna twain in whacking baby changelings with those toys even if tat's aww we gots. We need to save my sissy and my wife!”

“Siw, yes siw!” The foals all shouted! Some were guards already trained to obey their captain, while others were nobles flocking to him in the absence of any princess to follow.

Shining looked up at Fluttershy. “So..um...can ya pay for aww ta diapees and toys we need?”

“Of course! Come on, you need equipment. So we’ll start with a rattle.” Fluttershy shouted as she placed the little colt into her pouch and bounced off with Shining to go pick out a rattle.