• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Royal Foal Wedding - Foal Star

Shining Armor and Cadance are cursed as foals and have to break it by having their wedding as foals

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Chapter Two: Foal Wedding preparations

It was about mid day in the middle of Golden Oaks Library. Twilight was sorting out various cases of luggage and a giant oversized bag, making sure it was all sorted out perfectly so she’d be ready for the long train trip to Canterlot. She tapped a hoof to her chin, trying to remember if she was missing or forgetting anything. “Okay, so we have dozens of outfits for the foals, I packed my gala dress, packed a good dozens of books on parenting skills, packed extra diapers, a few canisters of formula just in case I run out of breastmilk, foal bottles, pacifiers, plushies, and I also packed a whole list on exactly how this foal wedding is going to go down.”

The excited unicorn clapped her hooves together with a big, bright smile on her face. “I think we have everything! Now I need to make sure the rest of my friends are ready to go! I can’t have them come to a wedding otherwise!”

Shining Armor and Cadance were both sitting in a playpen, wearing big, poofy diapers between their legs. They were currently playing a simple board game. Twilight’s now younger brother stood up, using his front hooves to hoist his body up with his cute diaper billowing between his legs as he snapped. “Ya already diving team crazy! Tey are alweady ready, we shouwd get going, we're gonna be late!”

“You’re right, cutie, sorry.” Twilight responded with a blush on her face.

“Dun call me tat!” Shining grumbled before he plopped down on his padded rump and eeped as he fell backwards.

Cadence giggled behind her hooves and babbled. “Aww, but ya so cute. Ya tried to walk on your back hooves?”

“No way, not with this stupid diapee on!” The colt snapped as he kicked about in his pampers. He hoisted himself up and shoved a hoof into his pampers, making them crinkle and causing foal powder to puff out.

“Haha! Twilly put lots of foal powder on ya butt! Diapee wash butt!” Cadence jeered, bouncing about on her own diaper.

“Ya get diapee washes too!” The colt roared back and soon the two were arguing about who needed more foal powder.

Twilight snickered hearing the two bicker like adults even as foals. They snapped at each other for the silliest of things, which made it so much cuter. She continued snapping up the latches on her luggage, and turned to see Rarity was already finished packing her stuff.

Rarity was now placing her two adorable padded colts (both wearing matching purple onesies with her cutie marks sewn in the middle) into a fancy two seated stroller. She seemed to be delicately strapping them in, making sure the buckles didn't catch their diapers or fur. She then gave them both a nuzzle and cooed. “Alright you two, ready to go?”

“Is about time! We been waiting forever!” Hoity Toity exclaimed, raising his hooves up.

Blueblood nodded, kicked about in his diaper and added. “Yeah, we super excited! Can’t wait!”

Spike, meanwhile, came over and groaned. “You gotta be kidding me! I have to carry all this luggage?!”

Rarity gave him a wink. “I’m sure you can carry all of that Spike. It’s not that much.”

“If you say so.” Spike reluctantly replied.

“Right! Let’s get going!” Twilight exclaimed, quickly taking her own charges and placing them in a double seated stroller.

Shining became anxious, kicking about and trying to fight his sister. “No, dun wanna be in a stroller!”

Twilight ignored him, and lifted all the luggage and placed it into Spike’s claws. Then she blushed and whispered. “Hey Rarity, do you need to go po- I mean use the toilet before we go?”

The mare started blushing as she threw up a hoof. “Oh, no need for that! I uh... already went! Now let's go, come on, no time to waste!”

Twilight shrugged as she strapped the foals in and went out and pushed them alongside Rarity. They strolled through the streets of Ponyville and headed to the train station.

In Canterlot, things were just as crazy as Celestia was walking down the aisle of her castle. She was wearing a silky, yellow dress that hid an embarrassing pull-up underneath which seemed unable to stop crinkling with every step. She sighed, seeing her main hall now had a cute baby blue carpet leading to a podium, which was made of foam and was half pink, half blue with the walls having smiling suns and rainbows painted on them. The ground itself was now made of the same pink and blue foam with pink for the bride’s side and blue for the groom’s side. There were two changing tables in the back just in case. And the organ was replaced with a simple piano (the music was gonna be simple nursery rhymes).

Celestia sighed, seeing the benches now were made of the same foam, all foal safe. Her grand hall looked more like a glorified daycare. To add to the theme, the guards had all been instructed to wear cute, plastic suits of armor in a pastel blue. And the maids wore pink, frilly uniforms that all had diaper bags. Celestia sighed as she exclaimed. “All staff, please come here now,” They all slowly came over as she explained. “I know that the past few months have been quite a challenge for us thanks to Discord’s curses. However, I do believe that as soon as this foal wedding is over we can go back to living our normal lives. So please try to endure one more day of embarrassment, okay?” The staff all grumbled at the notion, but they still gave nods and left to do their duties.

Then the princess suddenly felt the need to pee, and scrunched her back legs as she squeaked. “But first I need to go po- I mean, use the bathroom!” She ran off at a breakneck speed, dashed through the castles, entered the nearest bathroom and ran in and slammed the door behind her!

As fate would have it, Luna was running down the halls at around the same time, wearing a velvet dress with the echoes of a pull-up crinkling underneath. She roared in anger upon seeing her sister enter the bathroom before her, and began to slam her hoof on the door as she shouted. “Dang it, Celestia! You just had to go po...use this bathroom now!”

“What, I couldn’t help it,” Celestia called from the other side. “Why are you awake this early, Luna?”

Luna stomped about, feeling the urge to pee as she did a potty dance and whined. “I woke up and I had to really go! You know I’m not a morning pony like you, it takes me longer to get up in the morning. So by the time I have to go I really have to go!”

“Then why didn’t you use your pot- I mean bathroom?” Celestia blinked as she tinkled.“I know you have one.”

“Because it’s still being fixed! My toilet broke the other day!” Luna whined as her face grew red. “I didn’t think I used nearly that much toilet paper.”

“Hehe, that’s why diapers are better!” Both Celestia and Luna groaned as Fancy Pants pranced down the hall, shaking a giant, fancy diaper between his legs. It was massive! A whole mass of padding poofed outwards and spread his legs out so wide that he had such an adorable waddle. The pampered stallion came waddling up and exclaimed. “You princesses and my wife are so obsessed at being the big ponies, even when being in diapers is so much more relaxing and fun! You should be enjoying this opportunity.”

“Shut it, Fancy Pants!” Both princesses snapped back.

Then Celestia finally opened the door and waddled out as she fixed her dress and grumbled to her sister. “There, go! And be quick about it!”

Luna ran in, slamming the door behind her as Celestia gave a few deep breaths before turning her attention to Fancy Pants. She smirked. “Well, at least you're enjoying yourself, right? You like being Fancy Pamps again.”

Despite the blush on his face from being called that nickname, the stallion nodded. “Yep, and I can’t wait for this foal wedding! I just know it’s going to be adorable.”

Celestia sighed, knowing in the back of her mind that they had two completely different reasons for wanting the wedding to happen as she grumbled. “Yeah, me too…” She turned her head to see that Luna was now out of the bathroom with an embarrassed look on her face. “Ugh, can we just go?! Twilight and Rarity are coming soon, right?”

Celestia nodded but smirked. "Luna...um did you…"

"I..it’s fine, I shouldn’t have waited so long anyway. I’ll change myself later. You can’t even tell I used it," Luna whined and Celestia sighed as she followed her sister walking down the grand hall. They headed to the front doors as Luna blushed while she struggled to keep herself from falling. “After this is over, we're gonna bring back the tiled floor here, right?”

“Of course! I’m not running a daycare here. Besides, the nobles would have a field day.” Celestia snapped back with her cheeks burning red.

The two princesses eventually made it to the front doors and they opened it to see a strange sight. Twilight was struggling to hold Rarity’s foals in her hooves while Rarity ran past them, shouting! “Gotta go! Please excuse me!”

Celestia blushed as she watched Rarity run off, and turned to see her student struggling with four foals. “Oh...um...you need help Twilight?”

“N...no, I’m good!” Twilight cried even out as Blueblood pulled on her mane and seemed to be hugging it while Hoity Toity was busy chewing on it.

Celestia just lifted the foals with her magic. “I may be in a pull-up, but I can still care for foals, Mom!”

Luna blushed and tilted her head as she whispered. ”Yeah, Mama. I'm a big pony too! I even went potty all by myself!”

Twilight put a hoof into the ground, feeling quite embarrassed as she responded. “Oh...um...that’s good to hear, I guess.”

"Nuh uh! Luna’s lying! She pee pee in her pullup!" Celestia cried out! “And she broke her potty yesterday.”

"Nuh uh!" Luna quickly snapped back. “Mine never flushed right anyway. I’m surprised yours doesn’t clog up with all that cake you eat.”

"Girls, stop bickering!" Twilight shouted as both alicorns bowed their heads. "Yes, Mama. We’re sorry."

Twilight shook her head as she trotted inside the castle and was astounded at just how different the grand hall now looked. “Wow...it's all foal proofed?! That's amazing! Did you two do this by yourselves?”

Celestia raised her head and proudly exclaimed! “Yes, Mama! I’m happy you're so pleased!”

“Me too, and I did most of the work.” Luna grumbled with a pout.

“Nuh uh! I did! I’m the one who used my magic to make the castle like this!” Celestia insisted.

“I finished it, though! Ya ran out of magic and I had to finish it!” Luna snapped back not unlike an angry toddler.

Twilight sighed, seeing some of the lingering effects of their regression a month ago.“Ok...well both of you did a good job,” She declared. “Now, um...I guess after I get the foals into their wedding clothes, we can talk about the rehearsal."

“Why wait!? The wedding is tomorrow!” Discord appeared with a evil grin on his face.,

“Discord!” The princesses lit their horns along with Twilight as Celestia shouted! “You better not be here to cause more chaos! You’ve done quite enough already!”

But Discord just popped a giant pacifier with a cute smiling sun on the shield into Celestia’s mouth. “Oh hush, little Tia. I just came to see how my perfect foal wedding is coming along.” Celestia whined but slowly began to suckle on the pacifier with Luna snickering behind a hoof.

Discord, meanwhile, looked around the castle and seemed to be quite pleased. “Well, I have to say you did very well getting things ready. Now there’s a few things I'm gonna add! First: Nopony can stop this wedding! If anypony even tries to disturb it, I’ve planted a chuge chaos bomb in this castle and it’ll explode and cause unspeakable chaos to erupt! This wedding will go on as planned, no ifs, ands or buts. Aside from all the padded butts anyway.”

Twilight lowered her horn as did Luna, they knew they couldn’t do much and risk all of Canterlot.

Discord smiled as he uncrossed his arms. “Good! Now, where’s the rest of your friends, Twilight?”

“They’re coming, but I decided to arrive early to make sure everything is going along smoothly.” Twilight declared.

“Oh, looks like you're the most responsible one here. Good job, Twilight!” Discord applauded. “I don’t have time to waste, though,” He then took an eagle claw and snapped as Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack all appeared, along with Rarity sitting on a cute little training potty with her cutie mark printed on it as she tinkled.

After finishing, Rarity suddenly realized she was in the middle of the throne room and jumped up as she pulled up her training pants and squeaked! “Hey, what’s going on here?! I was going po… I mean, using the bathroom! I didn’t have time to hunt for a toilet.”

Discord clapped his paws as he explained. “Oh, I’m just making sure everything is ready for tomorrow! By the way, Rarity, you’re such a big filly!" He then slapped a gold star onto the seat of her pull-up.

"W...well..um, thank you, darling?" Rarity responded with a blush, both embarrassed and proud of herself.

Discord turned his attention to Twilight. "Now go on, Twilight, do your stuff! I'll just sit back and watch." He sat back on one of the benches with a tub of popcorn as Twilight sighed, turning to her friends. “Ok,” She began with Pinkie Pie. “Pinkie Pie, you're going to greet ponies as they come through the door. You’ll give the guests pacifiers and tell them to put it in their mouths during the ceremony, and that they can't take it out until the foals kiss.”

“Okie dokie!” Pinkie exclaimed, bouncing up and down while being super excited. “Can do!”

Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow Dash, you’ll be... uh... security. Make sure nopony causes any disturbances during the ceremony and insure they follow the other silly rules.”

“Alright, but I won’t like it.” Rainbow mumbled, still agitated about the pull-up scrunching between her legs.

Then the unicorn turned to Fluttershy and explained. “Fluttershy, you’ll be in charge of taking care of the bride and groom in general: Diaper changes, making sure they eat during the ceremony, that sort of stuff. I would do it myself, but I'll be busy trying to make sure this is perfect.”

“Right. Don't worry, Twilight, you can count on me. I’ll make sure the little ones only worry about enjoying themselves on their special day.” Fluttershy replied while scrunching her pink pair of pull-ups, secretly loving the feeling of being young again.

After that, the unicorn turned to Applejack (who was also proudly wearing a pull-up) and explained. ”You’ll be in charge of refreshments set up in the back. Make sure everypony…” She sighed in reluctance. “Only uses their hooves to eat, and remind them that they have to drink from foal bottles and wear bibs.”

Applejack snickered behind a hoof. “Sure thing. Can't wait to see some pompous nobles have to eat foal food with their hooves or suckle on bottles! It’ll be a treat!”

Finally, Twilight turned to Rarity. “You have the most important job, Rarity. You’ll not only bathe and dress the bride and groom before the ceremony, but you’ll ensure the nobles invited come and play along. Do your best to convince them that they need to follow these silly rules, for everypony’s sake.”

“Don’t worry, darling! I can most definitely charm a few stubborn nobles.” Rarity threw her mane aside and showed her pull-up off, feeling unusually proud for having used the training potty.

Twilight sighed. “Ok. Celestia will still wed the two foals as proposed and Luna will be the master or mistress of ceremony, and instruct the audience on when to aww and when to clap,” She then turned around and glared at the lord of chaos as she growled. “Did I miss anything?”

Discord clapped his claws together. “Nope. Bravo! You did everything I asked for and more! I expect a grand performance tomorrow!" He disappeared with a puff of smoke as Twilight whispered. “Something is off…”

Celestia finally removed the pacifier from her mouth and threw it away. “What do you mean, Mama?”

“I think Discord may know something will happen tomorrow. I'm sure he wants his chaos bomb going off, otherwise why would he tell us about it?” Twilight pondered. “We need to be extra vigilant during the wedding. We can’t risk anything setting off that bomb.”

“Right, well he seems convinced that we have this whole thing figured out. However…I have an odd feeling too. Don't worry, Mama, you can count on us." Celestia whispered.

"Alright then, let's practice a little bit and then get these foals to bed. I’d rather they go to sleep early so they're not cranky tomorrow." Twilight explained to everypony.

Later that night, after a few practice runs of their silly wedding, Shining Armor and Cadance were sleeping in the same nursery that the three toddler guards had slept in a long time ago. They were in the same crib and turned to see that they were sleeping next to Blueblood and Hoity Toity. Both foals were wearing cute, adorable little purple hoofed sleepers with a zipper running down the middle, and little diamond shape foam embroided in the fabric.

Shining rolled his eyes upon seeing them debating over which plushie to sleep with, and seeing their diaper bulges showed they were wearing much thicker night time diapers then he or Cadence. Feeling a bit jealous he stood up, holding the bars of his crib as he shouted, “Wawity is spoiling ya two!”

“Nuh uh!” Hoity Toity snapped back, standing up on his back hooves.

Cadence sighed as she poked her soon to be husband's padded rump.“Shiny, Wawity is fine. Ya just jealous because Twily didn't put us in sweepews and cuter diapees.”

The colts giggled as Shining plopped back down on his padding and snapped at his soon to be wife. “Hey! Why dun ya back me up?! Ya supposed to suppowt me!”

“I dun know, but eva since ya became a foal ya became such a brat!” Cadence shouted. “I think ya should stay as a foal wonga so ya wearn how to behave!”

“What?!” Shining shouted as he crossed his hooves and plopped back down with a cacophony of crinkles, and a cloud of foal powder to boot as he snapped. “Ya awe just wiking this, but I not!”

Blueblood rolled under the covers, hugging a plush teddy as he sighed. “He weminds me of when I first turn into a foal. I hated it, but he doesn’t weasie being a foaw is ta best! He wastin aww tis time being fussy."

Hoity Toity bounced around on his diaper and nodded as he added. “Yeah! He needs to be in diapees fow anothew week! Maybe Twily should enroll him in daycare?”

“Hehe, daycare is so much fun!” Blueblood giggled. “I wuv it when we get to go explore and have the caretaker chase us!”

Hoity Toity blushed. "But we gets in big twobwe when we do tat."

"Yeah! But ta Cake Twins do it aww ta time! Not faiw tey get to have aww ta fun!" Blueblood responded.

Cadence. meanwhile, dawwed as she nuzzled her husband. “See how much fun tey having? Please try to just enjoy ouw cute foal wedding a little, ok?”

“F...fine, maybe. But I not making any pwomises,” Shining sighed while flopping down. “Just one more day, then this is done and I neva gonna be a foaw again..”

Cadence promptly slipped a pacifier into her husband’s mouth while he was distracted. He was going to spit it out, but Cedance placed a hoof down. “Nuh uh! Ya suckle on it,” He blushed and suckled on the rubber bulb. The slow ,methodical movements of the pacifier going up and down lulled him into feeling slightly calmer. “See? Ya just fussy.”

Shining rolled his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep as Cadence nuzzled him and whispered. “Hmm, wish we could've stayed as foals longer. I think if ya had more time ya would like it more.”