• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Royal Foal Wedding - Foal Star

Shining Armor and Cadance are cursed as foals and have to break it by having their wedding as foals

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Chapter one: The Story so Far...

Shining Armor groaned as he slowly woke up and got to look around his new nursery. He was in Twilight's library, his little wooden crib right next to Twilight's bed with the unicorn sleeping soundly. He then blushed feeling something sagging and squishy between his legs. The colt slowly raised the blanket up and looked down at the sodden diaper underneath him. His diaper looked as if it was designed perfectly for him with his cutie mark printed on the padding.

Shining sighed. "Tis sucks! Can't bewieve I peed my diapee wike a wittwe foaw, someting I haven’t done since I was thwee," He groaned, laying down and pulling the blanket over him, still being quite angry as he grumbled, "I'm stuck in a diapee and have to weaw tis ting to my wedding. I never gonna wive it down."

"Oh come on, we gonna be ta fiwst ponies to have a foaw wedding." Cadence giggled and Shining turned towards his wife to be who was a cute, chubby pink coated baby alicorn with a set of two big blue eyes. She nuzzled into her husband as he rolled his eyes and whined. "Ugh tis is so stupid I dun wana be mawwied in diapees! I wanna be abwe to use ta potty an do big pony tings!"

"Weww, we dun gots a choice, Shiny. If we dun go thwough with tis ten we gonna stay wike tis fow a wong time." Cadence sighed as she kicked about, feeling her own squishy diaper between his legs.

"I know! I just so mad!" The little colt cried back and rolled over, facing away from his wife with a humph

Cadence rolled her eyes. "Oh, stop twying to be such a crybaby and go back to sweep. Ya always whining as a big pony how ya nevew get sleep. Now tat ya a foal who doesn't need to worry about anyting, ya always cwying and whining about someting."

Shining sighed, lying back down and nuzzling into his soon to be wife as he mumbled. "Hey, I'm sowwie. I didn' mean to get all angwy, I just not used to tis."

The baby alicorn nuzzled her soon to be husband. "It's otay, I know ya twying ya best. Ya not used being ta wittwe sibwing."

Shining blushed and nuzzled back, hugging the baby alicorn close. "Sowie, didn't mean to wowwie ya. Wets just go back to sweep, Twiwy change us when she wakes up." They snuggled into each other and slowly drifted off.

Twilight slowly woke up and groaned at the added weight around her flopping about. The mare smiled, opening the door and looking at the two little foals snuggled together under the foal blankets. She quickly changed the foal’s couple’s soggy diapers, then slowly walked down the stairs and saw Spike talking to Rarity about something.

Twilight blushed at seeing the unicorn with a pristine white coat wearing a long, purple dress even asTwilight could hear some odd crinkling noises from.underneath. "Oh, Rarity, I'm so glad you're here!" The mare ran over, threw her hooves over the fashionista and nuzzled her. "So how's your potty traini-"

"It's coming along just fine, but please don't mention it, ok?!" Rarity exclaimed with sweat pouring down her face.

"Hehe, looks like Auntie Rarity needs somepony to tell her when she needs to go!" Bright Wing exclaimed as he waddled over with a giant diaper strapped around his rump and a big smile on his face, as he flapped his tiny wings.

Twilight came over and nuzzled him. "Hey, Bright Wing. How are you doing today?"

"Doing great, Auntie!" The little colt exclaimed.

Twilight dawwed then placed him down on the ground and went about changing him too. She untaped the diaper and cleaned his rump. As she did she couldn't help but coo. "Oh, just look at you being so cute and chubby and back in diapers…." The mare paused upon realizing what she’d said and apologized, "I'm sorry, I know you were nearly potty trained a few months ago."

Bright Wing just hugged Twilight and nuzzled her. "It's ok, Auntie. Discord may have taken my potty training, but I love wearing diapees! Tey so comfy and poofy! And I don’t have to worry about a potty monster."

Rarity dawwed, watching Twilight continue to clean the colt up and strap him up in a new, thick diaper. "Oh, you’re such a good mother, you know that? You changed that diaper fast!"

"I had a lot of practice since taking care of Celestia and Luna," Twilight explained as she gave Bright Wing's padding a small pat, making foal powder puff out. Then she turned to Spike. "Hey, can you take Bright Wing and play with him for a bit? Don’t worry, I just changed him."

"Of course, Twilight." Spike saluted as he walked off, taking the little colt by the hoof.

Twilight then turned her attention to her fellow unicorn. "Alright, how about I get to look at the outfits for the wedding?"

"Oh yes! I thought you would never ask!" Rarity happily exclaimed, glad to be talking about something else.

Twilight then took out a little cute red onesie that looked like Shining's royal outfit, but much smaller and with a button snap on the end. The fashionista, meanwhile, took out a cute, frilly white wedding dress for Cadence. "See, the wedding dress was designed to be small enough for the little filly. So you’ll know if she needs a change and it can show off her cute diaper."

"That is adorable! Thank you! This’ll be the greatest foal wedding ever!" Twilight beamed, then asked. "So… how are Hoity Toity and Blueblood?"

Rarity smirked as she showed off a baby carriage, and Twilight peered inside. There was a little grey coated earth pony with a small crop of a white mane, and a padded up, white coated unicorn with a small crop of gold for a mane. The two colts were wearing diapers with little purple gem prints on the padding and Rarity's cutie marks printed on the seats. The two snuggled with each other, hugging plush bears with cute little outfits and suckling on pacifiers.

"Oh, they look so peaceful.” Twilight whispered, watching the pacifiers bob up and down.

"Well, they may be peaceful now, but these two drive me crazy!" Rarity exclaimed as she put a hoof over her head! "Now that I have to um... wear a pull-up, they tease me all the time! They keep asking if I have to go potty or need a change, and they insist on doing it even in public!" She cried out in an overly dramatic fashion.

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Come on! You've been a mother for almost a year now, right? You should know how to discipline naughty foals by now, especially ones that messed up on their potty training and got flushed away."

"I can't be intimidating padded up! I can only hope that after the wedding I go back to normal." Rarity sighed, sitting down on a chair and looking quite exhausted.

Twilight blushed as she tried to encourage. "Well, it's a good way to teach the foals about potty training, right? Teaching by example?"

"Kind of, but it's also super embarrassing! Do you have any idea what it's like to constantly ask ponies where the nearest bathroom is or ask for help to pull down my pull-up?! Oh, I don’t know how everypony’s so okay with all of this." The fashionista began to wail and shoved her face into her hooves.

Twilight came over and gave her fashion friend a pat on the back. "Oh stop. You’re so much cuter with a pull-up, and I'm always happy to help you go potty."

Rarity stopped crying and nuzzled Twilight. "Guess you’re right, I'm just a little stressed. Thanks for being such a good friend during all of this."

Twilight snickered underhoof. "That's good to hear, Rarity. But I need to go out and check on the others to see if they're ready for the wedding too. Will you stay and take care of Shining Armor and Cadence when they wake up? Knowing my brother he’s sure to try and prove he’s a big pony, probably by fighting some potty monster or something."

"Oh of course, darling, they’ll be safe with me,” Rarity waved a hoof. “You go on and make sure everything is ready; I'll take care of the little lovebirds,” But then she groaned upon seeing Twilight’s state of appearance. "Darling, you can't go out just yet! She pulled out a cute pink apron and tied it around her friend as she blushed, stepping back. "There! That way you'll have fewer ponies eyeing you're...you know…"

"They're just breasts, Rarity, I'm not embarrassed." Twilight scoffed, strutting out of the library and into the streets of Ponyville.

Twilight’s first stop was Sugarcube Corner. The mare's face turned a bit red as many ponies noticed her boobs under her pink apron. But she continued just as the doors burst open with the Cake Twins wearing some cute, thick diapers with little cakes printed on their padding. They ran out to meet her, happily shouting. "Twily! Twily!"

Twilight squeaked, seeing them jump and nuzzle into her. She squealed, falling over on her rump.

Derpy, still a little filly wearing a cute diaper with an enchanted hourglass of sand pouring down printed on her padding also showed up. Holding her hooves up with a smile on her face she shouted! "Twily! Ya back!" She flew over and nuzzled under her face with Twilight laughing. "Oh no, I've been tackled by foals!"

"Yeah, we got ya, Twily!" Pound Cake exclaimed, plopping his padded rump on her face as the fillies used their wings to tickle her underbelly.

Twilight laughed and kicked about as she cried out. "Ok, stop! You got me!"

"Ok, let Twilight get up." Dr. Whooves sighed as he waddled out, still wearing a pull-up between his legs with an hourglass printed on the sat of padding. It was also enchanted with sand pouring down on the pull-up.

All the foals turned around and exclaimed. "Hey! How much time do you have left, Doctor?!"

"Stop! I just went and used the bathroom!" Dr. Whooves snapped back. “My next potty time isn’t anytime soon!”

Twilight snickered behind a hoof and came over. "Oh, it's quite alright, they're just making sure you don't have an accident. Big pony privileges are a use ‘em or lose ‘em kind of thing."

"Stop babying me, Twilight! I have everything under control!" The stallion whined and plopped down on his padded rump

"Oh, isn't he just the cutest trying to act all big?" Twilight cooed as Derpy nodded and babbled, "Yeah, he so silly tinking he dun need hewp going potty wike we do!"

"At least I can still make it to the bathroom, you all use your diapers!" Dr. Whooves snapped back.

"Ugh, ya actin' mowe wike a foaw ten me." Derpy babbled back as Twilight got up placing all the foals on her back. "Oh, stop teasing your husband, cutie."

Dr. Whooves whined. "At least this dang curse will end when Cadence and Shining finally get married!" Then he stomped off, still embarrassed about his predicament.

Pound Cake put his hooves to his mouth and snickered. "He's just so silly. He's just like when he was a foal with us!"

"Yeah, I remember when he was a foal and Pinkie Pie was too!" Pumpkin Cake chirped.

"Oh, I remember being a foal, it was so much fun! Well, aside from the one part where I got flushed, but even that wasn’t all bad!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed bouncing over with her own big boobs under a frilly white apron, a big smile on her face. She placed the foals on her back and replied to Twilight. "Thank you for watching these little rascals. They may not look like it but they’re quite a hoofful."

"It's no problem, Pinkie," Twilight whispered back secretly wishing she could hang out with the foals longer. Then the unicorn brushed her coat and asked. "So, is the wedding cake ready?"

Pinkie nodded as she took the twins under her apron to nurse as she explained. "It's already baked and ready to go."

Twilight blinked, quite surprised at the sight she was seeing. "Mrs. Cake lets you nurse the twins?"

"Yessiree, she does!” Pinkie declared. “She's been busy with the wedding preparations in Canterlot while I take care of things here."

Twilight was still quite astonished at Pinkie Pie's response and replied. “Really, even after what happened last time?"

"Well that evil alicorn princess who was going around regressing ponies like Zecora, Hoity Toity, Blueblood, and those royal guards has been captured, and Discord hasn't been seen since he turned the princesses back into adults," Pinkie explained, hen she squeaked suddenly as she turned her head around and whispered. "Not so hard you two, and don't drink so fast!"

"Aww, looks like Pinkie is a full-grown cow now." Applejack snickered as she walked over, pushing a stroller with a baby Zecora inside it. She was wearing a cute, apple printed pull-up and was suckling on a bottle of milk. Twilight and Pinkie Pie snickered, seeing their friend also wearing a pair of cute pull-ups with nothing to hide the apples printed on the fabric.

"Hey, Applejack, do you need to use the potty?" Both mares asked in unison and squeaked at thinking the same thing.

Applejack rolled her eyes and grumbled. "I swear, you two have become naggin’ moms. Zecora and I have worked out our potty times perfectly, though Zecora still likes to treat her potty like a cauldron sometimes." That comment made the zebra shrink a bit in shame.

Twilight came over and apologized. "Sorry about that. These maternal hormones make me say weird things sometimes. Now, do you and your family have everything ready for the wedding?"

"Yeah, I got all the apple pies, apple fritters, and other apple-related sweets all cooked and ready for the weddin’,” Applejack nodded. “Big Mac and Granny are already in Canterlot, I stayed behind to keep apple buckin’ with Apple Bloom so the farm doesn’t go under."

Zecora, meanwhile, looked over at Derpy and squealed. "Mama, can I pway with Dewpy, pwease?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart." Applejack cooed as she placed the zebra down on the ground and let her waddle over, tackling Derpy as they rolled around laughing.

Twilight giggled, watching the two plopp on their padded rumps. They started talking to each other and commented. "We should have mowe mawes tuwn to foaws, they outnumbewed."

Applejack sighed, shaking her padded rump. "Seems like I'm more like a foal now. I have to wear diapers when I buck apples so I don't have to run to the bathroom every five minutes. Pull-ups just ain’t mean to hold a day’s worth of bathroom breaks."

Pinkie Pie giggled behind a hoof." You don't have to be so honest, Applejack, but that does sound cute," Then the pink coated earth pony asked with a blush on her face. "Maybe I can accompany you next time?"

"That won't be necessary." The farm mare squeaked out, shaking a hoof asshe then stammered to the foals. "Uh…h-hey. Come on you two, let's get inside." Applejack led the fillies into Sugarcube Corner as Pinkie turned to Twilight, gave her a sweet smile and asked. "Wanna join us for lunch?"

"Oh I would love to, but I need to go get my foals," Twilight responded as she walked off, "It seems like everything is ready to go…" Then the mare looked over to see Rainbow Dash whose face was a deep red, wearing a blue and yellow Wonderbolt style skirt.

The pegasus looked up and squeaked. "Hey, Twilight."

Twilight responded with a motherly smile. "Hey, Rainbow, do you need t-" She squeaked as she stopped herself, realizing she was going to repeat what she said to Applejack and instead stammered. "To...um...go get ready for the wedding?"

"Yeah, I guess…" Rainbow sighed, looking depressed as she pulled her skirt down, trying to hide her pull-up as she grumbled: "Discord's stupid curse is finally going to end; that's all I care about."

Twilight came over and nuzzled her friend. "Oh stop being so embarrassed. It will be over soon, I promise."

Rainbow rubbed a hoof over her face and sighed, "I hope so, Twilight. I...I 've been too embarrassed to do any cloudbusting like this,” She then confessed. “I was able to pay my bills with what I had left in my account, but I have nothing right now.”

"I know ,Rainbow, and I'm so sorry for what's going on with you. Trust me in a few days all of this will be in the past," Twilight responded. "Do you want to come with me?"

"No, it's fine. I'm gonna go to Fluttershy's...She’s been too scared to fly like this as well." She sighed, walking off.

Twilight could do nothing but watch and sigh. "I hope she'll be alright after the wedding." She thought and walked back to her library to fetch her foals.

Twilight eventually came back to the library and entered the kitchen to see Spike feeding Mashed Peas to little Shining and Cadence, while Rarity was feeding her foals a unique blend of foal food that looked like creamy oatmeal.

Both Hoity Toity and Blueblood had faces of disgust as they looked at their food while Rarity scoffed. "”You two stop it, this has everything you foals need! You’re going to eat every bite or there’ll be no dessert. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mama." The foals grumbled in unison while Bright Wing was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Twilight walked over to Shining and Cadence and nuzzled them. "Oh, you two are so adorable. Do you need something to get those mashed peas down?"

The two foals both squealed, knowing what Twilight meant. Shining pounded his hooves on the tray of his highchair and snapped. "Nuh-uh, dun want ya milkies, Twiwy!"

"But it's so good, Shiny, I want some!" Cadence cried out, bouncing on her crinkling diaper.

So Twilight used her magic, lifting the foals out of their highchairs. She took a handkerchief to wipe their mouths before setting them under her apron. It wasn't long until she felt the two suckling on her teats and cooed. "You ready to get married?"

A "mmhmm" could be heard from under her apron as Twilight nodded, looked down and whispered under her breath. "Yeah… I can't wait. Things have been so crazy lately."