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I like sandwiches and coffee. I also write a shit ton of smolcellus fics.


Twilight can’t keep her school from shutting down. Paperwork overflowing, students leaving, wars starting, and it’s almost Hearts and Hooves Day!

Smolder and Ocellus sing together and end up discovering their newfound love for each other.

They know they might not see each other after that, so they decide it’s time to take a stand. And run away.

Contains(non copyright) song lyrics, and Smolder and Ocellus’re singing em’!

This color: Ocellus

This color: Smolder

This color: Both of them

This color: Yona

This color: Silverstream

This color: Sandbar

This color: Gallus

So, I updated the color codes, but from now on I'll just add them in chapters that correspond with miscellaneous voices and stuff.

Note: Minor Profanity. Only when it's in songs, though, because I prefer this to stay at teen.

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