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Doof Ex Machina

For the night is long and not over yet.


Have you ever wondered what horrors could lurk far from the habitable corners of modern cities and quiet towns? Even after a millennium since the arrival of the three tribes in Equestria, there are places virtually unknown to the ponykind. And it is there, among the wonders and mysteries of bygone times, that the spawns of darkness are waiting for their prey.

Originally written in Russian as Голодные тени by SMT5015.
The author doesn't know English well and gave his explicit permission to translate and post the story. The translation is an independent work of fiction, and does not constitute theft, self-appropriation of authorship, or disrespect for the work of the original writer.
Edited and preread by Typoglyphic, Nethlarion, ChudoJogurt, Spectre-srs, discranola, Listener.

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Comments ( 4 )

bucolic idyll

...A what, now?

Err, I messed the description again. Thanks for pointing it out.

Very Lovecraft. Well done.

We need more good horror writers.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil." - Reykan

Thank you! SMT5015 has some more in store and I’ll try to translate them eventually.

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