• Published 5th Mar 2020
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The Equestria Draconomicon - Claws And Hooves

Spike and friends update the Draconomicon. By having him breed dragonesses of every kind of dragon.

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Interested in seeing this continue now.

"I don't know if I believe any of this, I mean what kind of creature has five fingers? All creatures only have four." Limestone said while holding up her normal four finger hand.

Always thought everyone(at least the ponies) have five fingers given how they are anthros there.
Just seems weird imagining someone like the Royal Sisters having 4 fingers instead of 5(the thumb being counted there).
I get dragons might have only 4 fingers or so(due to claws stuff) but something feels off about the anthro ponies having only 4 fingers instead of 5 like that.
I don't know, just felt like saying that thought out.

This was very good.

"Arcane dragons are very lesser known group of true dragons from DnD that most have never heard of it."
Danm it all first or second edition because if it was mentioned in dungeon or Dragon magazine during the end of 3rd\3.5 I'm going to be right royal mad!

Dragon Magazine #343, so yeah it was

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