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What else can I say than what has already been said? Have a Twilight.:twilightsmile:

Oh I remember that movie... I hope this has a happier ending! :twilightsmile:

OMG nice little storry:derpytongue2:

A strangely appropriate little fanfic. I like it :) have a mustache :moustache:

Well, seeing as I'm not going to continue it, let's say it does! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

'Strangely appropriate'? That's a new one. But I'm glad you like it, my best stuff seems to come in random bursts.:twilightsmile:

I totally remember this movie, and although my Sparity boner was thrashed (I physically gag and puke at non-Spike Rarity shippings), I still enjoyed this.


I don't mind Spike/Rarity, but my stomach turns at Spike/Twilight pairings. That's just ... ewwww. I prefer fics that focus on Spike and Twilight as brother/sister or son/mother.

1512934 Sparity is my OTP, while SpiLight shippings are also my OTP. I have two OTP's. ('o_o) My first fanfic was actually a clopfic that had the greatest romance I've ever read, and it was a SpiLight fic. It was beautiful and wasn't just a mere clop.

I do support the son/mother SpiLight relationship; all of my fics have them (so far).

Dang!!! I feel like I saw a movie like this but I can't put my finger on, it oh well. this is only going to be a one-shot come on this begs to become a multi fic... scratch that do it only if you fell like it a story without passion behind it feels empty.

I don't get it. Why or how is this a "Sad" story, and why is Spike still hunted by that memory? He did save Twilight, right? What's s bad about it?

Anyway, it was a nice story. And I loved the Dragon Heart refference :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah. I don't really understand. If Spike had saved Twilight, why is he so sad in the beginning of the story? Did she lose her memories? Or did she eventually grow old and die? Or was she upset at him for giving her half of his hart and refused to speak to him? Or are you such a cruel and heartless author that you just left this to the reader to figure it out for himself? :pinkiesad2:

And yeah, I remember that movie. One of my all time favorites actually.

Okay he saved Twilight and he's sad about that. Why?

Still good though

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