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pony pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry.


Pinkie Pie finds a mysterious book written by a pony whose name is a symbol that looks like a pancake turning in the air. The book is filled with strange pictures of turtles and flowers in blocky textures and suggests a means to travel to them through arcane techniques. She asks Twilight for help, tests her theory, and bursts through QPU de facto speed to arrive in the world of Mario 64, where stupid stuff happens eventually maybe. Full of dumb memes and pre-season 4 canon. Shoutouts to SimpleFlips.

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This should be interesting.

I was heavily into you a year back. Went through all your blogs and read the stories taken down from the site. Tried emulating your prose—to poor effect.

Regardless of the stuff you pulled, a part of me was inspired by you, tried getting better from studying your stuff and, here's hoping, that you're well and doing well.
~ Yr. Pal, B

hey, we're back


"Everyone's going to complain you're out of character."

The beginning was a bit jarring, but in the end I found the characters I remember from back in seasons 1-3. Nerdy, bookish Twilight is as adorable as ever. I missed her going on random tangents about science in the middle of a reasonable conversation.

Pinkie stil transcends my mere human comprehension. I can spot tome physics jokes and lexical jokes, but my small brain can’t handle all of the pinkieness.


I learned something new about SM64 today. Leave it to Pinkie to glitch reality by jumping funny

How do Pinkie and funny SM64 physics interact? She already said that some of it “doesn't make any sense” and she’s been hurt by the 🅱; but I can’t help but feel like the random teleports and whacky jumps would be comfortingly familiar to her.

Holy shit! It's a new fic from Darf :O

Glad to see you back after all this time ^^

Super Pinkie 64?

That alone got my interest!

Pinkie Pie experienced BLJ.

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