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Twilight Sparkle is a seeker of knowledge, particularly lost knowledge. So when she finds a question no book will answer, she asks Princess Celestia.

But there's a reason that there are no male alicorns, and the answer is not what Twilight expected.

Featured 2/13/2020 & 2/14/2020!

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morion87 #2 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

There was a long, ironically pregnant pause before Twilight hesitantly asked her next question. "Princess Celestia? If... if alicorns consume their mates afterwards, does, um... does that mean I have to eat Rarity?"

Okay, I can buy Twilight being with somepony. But why Rarity of all things?

>Monochromatic has entered the chat.

I wonder if Sunset was better or worse than Twilight with regards to the whole "popping in at all hours" thing.

As for the revelation... I was not expecting that. Really, it seems like a massive maladaption for K-selection breeders. Which pans out, given how alicorns are nearly extinct. This was odd. And fun. But odd. Though I did quite like the punchline.

I'm half convinced Celestia is screwing with her... or maybe that's just the denial talking.

You haven’t already twilight?


God dammit great minds and all that

Traditions that are dumb tend to die or be replaced by symbolic ones, I think cannibalistic mating is one of those.


But why Rarity of all things?

What better pony for an alicorn to eat after (or during, even) sex than marshmallow pony :duck:.

Didn't this used to have more chapters?

That's an excuse. Not a reason. If this was done by Monochromatic, then I'd get it.

No, Twilight, you don't, as Rarity is not a male alicorn.

Unless there's more you're not telling us...?

As a tradition after marriage yes, she has to eat her, but phisically, not, they won't get offsprings due to both being female. Now, there is one question left, If Celestia ate the males to extinction, where in the hey are the supposed alicorns born from said act? there should be plenty of alicorns if the males were consume for pregnancy, but there isn't, so where are they?

CGen #16 · 1 week ago · · ·

"Maintaining an alicorn's body requires considerably greater energy than any other pony's. And when we enter a state where our bodies need even more..." Celestia paused, waiting to see if Twilight would fill in the gap. She didn't - she simply continued to hang on Princess Celestia's every word. "Pregnancy. I mean during pregnancy, Twilight. An alicorn's body requires far more than what normal sustenance can provide."

She's just covering up for the fact that it was actually Death by Snu-Snu wasn't she?

So if Celestia ate her mates... where are all her egg sacks that she'd... oh... OHHH!!!



DEATH BY SNU SNU (futurama reference -quoted 2020)

Alicorns are black widows.


So was Chrysalis an alicorn that took "eating love" entirely the wrong way?

Ok that makes no sence... There no insects with massiv numbers of children.

Rarity, start running, and hope you find a place to hide where Twilight can't find you.

There needs to be a sequel to this! after all Twilight had to have taken notes while she was talking to princess Celestia and then afterwards decided not to tell anyone else for fear of causing panic but instead of destroying her notes she hid them. Enter Rarity one day at twilight's castle looking for Twilight and she stumbles across the notes in the library for Twilight had been reading them and accidentally left them out. That would be a great way to start off a comedic chase through town where everyone thinks Rarity is being melodramatic as she yells about Twilight trying to eat her. :rainbowlaugh:

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