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Writer of Fillies doing lewd things and Ponies doing cute things. People seem to dig that stuff around here.

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I just wanted to know what this was... now I regret knowing what this is. I dont usually click on mature stories because I'm not into it. But I just had to know if it was real.

So.. first, whew. I had a very different understanding of what was gonna happen when I clicked on this story. Since the peehole and the vaginal hole are not the same hole on a normal person (idk bout mares).

Hi, thanks for your comment! I deliberately put contains foalcon in the description so that it would be very obvious what this contains, as I always have, to ensure people who don't want to read this kind of content don't have to.

Naw, Dashie just being silly.

The original title was funnier

I liked it a lot, too :applecry:

Why did you have to change it?

Switched it back and forth a few times because I think there was some confusion on the content, but I decided on a disclaimer and the original title and going to leave it at that.

Yo, is it just me or was the title "rainbow dash and the dildo" or something like that?

Am i suffering from the mandella effect? Quick someone tell me what is the McDonald's logo

I changed it twice. My reasoning is here 10063618

What was the original title, out of curiosity?

Hi...cloudsdale constabulary?
I’d like to anonymously report the filming and distribution of foal-con...
Story was good, that was just my first reaction to the ending

This is fucking hilarious.
I don't know why.
It just is.


Oh no, it definitely has a comedy element. I just couldn't resist writing Rainbow Dash as completely silly and overeager.


Not at all: SF had a little changearound at first, something that I had to go through a decade ago; I know this because I was one of the first readers, as well as the one dissenting reply lost in the crowd...

Imma Shove It Up My Peehole

Just so we're clear there is no urethral insertion here

Why would you toy with my emotions like that?

I'm going to reference this story when I finally get around to finishing "Twilight Sparkle Sounds Discords Urethra With Fire Ants".


Filly Dash in this cover art looks so cute!!

Was a good flowing story. Very focused and to the point.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

I...am both intrigued and disgusted.

this is for the downvotes I got.
1. It was a half joke, that's why I worded it that way. 2. At the time, the description did not say "doesn't contain urethral" (at least I didn't see it) and I was like stick WHAT in WHERE? and I got curious. 3. I know people have kinks and I'm ok with that. Hell I encourage it, as long as some things stay in fiction.
I shouldn't have even commented, I dont belong here. But I hope you all have a great day!

There's nothing wrong necessarily with commenting on a story you aren't planning to read. I think you just phrased your comment in a way that seemed like you were complaining about the story not matching up with what you enjoy reading, which didn't add anything useful to the conversation.

I like the original art better, but it's hilarious how the new art looks just like the cover to a children's book.

I'm tempted to make a softbound book of this and leave it in Barnes and Noble, but it really needs more pictures. :trollestia:

(no seriously don't do this)

Was supposed to be worded like a half joke. Stating that I cliked because of the ridiculousness, read part way, then died inside of regret. In TRUTH the story was presented in a way that even though I dont usually click mature stories (because I'm not into the fap side in general) but I had to because the title was so out there I had to. Seriously the title and the picture were clashing hilariously and I was laughing and covering my face the whole time I was skimming. Looking back I could have worded it much better. But I won't edit it. I'll own up to my mistake.

God is dead and we have killed him

I understand. People who write content like this (and even readers) are used to being attacked unfairly, which makes it harder to make jokes.

Clearly you meant no harm. :twilightsmile:

Super Trampoline, that sounds terrible. :trollestia:

No harm meant. Thanks. Have a great day!

You all do realize that this a trollfic painted with the promise of cuteness and sexual favors?

This needs a comedy tag :rainbowlaugh:

I’m just leaving a comment here to say that this story title makes me giggle every time I see it.



"Issa big rubber donger!"

Glad you enjoyed it. The quote was what really got me into the idea.

Comment posted by Tigron deleted February 4th

I'll pass, thanks. If you don't read the description that's your own fault.

10066653 10063569
Quite literally your own fault. No need to tell the world you willingly enter situations that're terrible for yourself, and then get upset.

Extrapolation is a key factor in determining what you're meant to be looking at. From the description alone, I knew this story had foalcon.

Common sense is easy as 1, 2, 3. My younger cousin; she's 8, and uses common sense and investigative identification more than you have allegedly displayed with your admissions.

Why have you made a mockery of yourself? Why do you continue to disappoint your family?

Comment posted by Tigron deleted February 4th

that was suppose to be a half joke.. I'm not upset. But I refuse to edit it because it is my own fault for wording it wrong. I'm about to break my promise and edit a few. (Did).

Though I do agree it was pretty obvious this was foalcon. wait... why am I still coming back here. I said I wasnt going to... I dont belong here... STOP DRAGGING ME BACK HERE I WANA GO HOME... I NEED AN ADULT... MOMMY or in dashies case daddy... i hate me...

Have a good day.

I mean, it's already in the description. I generally put fair warnings about specific content AND tag properly, so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? If you want me to re-remind people by writing a warning at the beginning of the prose, as some writers are wont to do then my answer is no. It's tacky and informal, and frankly, I wouldn't care about people who fail to read warnings in the description and then complain, Thankfully I've yet to have any, and if I did, they'd have no one to blame but themselves, wouldn't they?

Well said.

The reason is she is a foal and doesn't know the difference, because no one has taught her yet. If you made that comment as a joke, then your first comment has the same problem as my first comment.

Aitght I'm outtah here now. I would say it's been fun skulking in a comments section for a story I didn't even read... and it was, but my mouth is too full of salt atm... who's salt? I haven't a fricking clue... I dont even know how it got in my mouth.

I think what he means is do what I've seen others do in their description.

Kinks: foalcon, vaginal

They do spoiler after kinks so its easier to tell there is serious stuff in here. Personally I think is fine either way. I could tell there was foalcon the moment is saw "filly dashie" I was just confused because at the time I didn't see the "doesnt contain urethral" part. Was that allways there? Because that's the whole reason I clicked was to see if that was what it was, because I was like, there is no freaking way... and it wasnt. Hence my first comment that has been downvoted to hell. 10063569

Why the actual fuh am I still here... oh right because it keeps notifying me about replies and I can't help myself... put me out of my misery... 10065152 Me next please... again... jokes!... I know I suck at them...

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