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Something something something, and then something clever, and flirty, and charming~


When the school of friendship is swiftly closed due to a lack of faculty, the Student Six must come to grips with the thoughts and reality of being sent back home again. However, their last few moments together are interrupted, as they are flung across Equestria to a trap designed specifically for them.

Who built the trap? Why do they need to be trapped? What are their trappers evil plans- and who is this Librarian that can claim to save them?!

None of those questions will be answered in this story- but worry not! There will be more to come~

------------------------ & ------------------------

Made in Collaboration with SparkDaKirin. (He proofread and told me it was readible. Blame him for all the spelling and grammatical errors.)

This takes Place after the original show's canonical ending, with a few of my own headcanons thrown into the mix. It will focus mostly on the student six, and continue onwards as if the show didn't end, with smatherings of this whole 'Librarian' idea thrown throughout.

For those of you unaware: This is a Crossover of sorts, between MLP (owned by Hasbro) and "The Librarian" Movie and TV series (owned by TNT.) I own no rights to either works, however, I do take credit for somehow making it plausible that they were brought together in a believeable, homoginous culmination of written words.

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Comments ( 3 )

oh i love those movies and series. please continue with this!!!!:twilightsmile:....i just realized that twilight would love those movies and series...mind doing a mlp/twilight watches the librarian movies/series???

I don’t know how your proofreader missed this, but every time you wrote Sunburst it came out as Starburst, which is the ship and the candy, not the pony 😅

I had THREE PEOPLE proofread this! 3! XD that's four people it slipped by, thank you.

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