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I find myself in a dark lab, after coughing up some sort of liquid. Why am I here? Why is it so dark? Most importantly, why is no one else here?...

Artwork is by me.
(Warning, lots of blood, definitely quite a bit of gore, and profanity.)
No, this story isn’t dead, I’m just focusing on a main project right now.

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looking at the image there is morse code at the bottom that spells “I am not real” ../._/_ _ /_./_ _ _/_/._././._/._..

I’m loving the story so far, also are the text that say “[color]” supposed to make the text yellow or just a glitch in the “computer”?

Okay, so, thanks for pointing that out, I actually didn’t notice this until just now

So they found a new creature, the original human, and dragged it off to die horribly, be cloned, and have those countless clones be tortured and warped. Jesus christ.

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