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Celestia receives an urgent letter from a city deep within the confines of the Everfree, the city of Glognor, a city long considered lost to pony-kind. Contained inside the letter is a notice, a warning, that if Celestia does not have her package picked up from The Mismatched Sox, a mysterious shop run by a Globin named StocaĆ­, the package will be destroyed, or worse... Sold.

Celestia has little time, she must send a team to retrieve the package before it's too late!

And who's better to send, than her most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, and Twilight's most faithful friends?

First Published
11th Sep 2012
Last Modified
11th Sep 2012
Comment posted by AFadingPony deleted at 9:19pm on the 20th of December, 2012
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Stumbled across this story.  Has some missed capitalizations and you called Glognor "Grognor" once or twice, but otherwise an amusing story.

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