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Hey, it's me. I'm back.

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Adorable and hot! Perfect mix for a foalcon fic!

Thank you for taking my commission. And yes my username is different here lol

You're welcome! Thanks for being so patient, and letting me write about your adorable characters. Luftie is a real treat.

>button mashing

Button Mashing

...But not the colt. Odd.

They're rubbing their clits together. Mashing love buttons. Filly pussy kisses.

I knew someone would point that out

Nice little fun for a few free minutes :twilightsmile:
But i have a few questions...

Did they successful get trough? :duck: Did they get there patch? :raritystarry: Are they healthy in the end? :fluttershysad: And... What do they taste like? :rainbowwild:

Everyone knows fillies taste like fruit punch.

Juicy :pinkiehappy: Good to know :twilightsmile: What about the other questions...:trollestia: Have a great weekend :pinkiehappy:

That's up to you to decide!

...Who hurt you?

Nobody. It's a couple of cute little fillies, what's wrong with that? :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel:

Despite the covert there were no one-piece swimsuits involved Otherwise good story and a happy ending.


Underrated comment.

What's the cover art from?

It's referenced in the source.

overall that was really cute, good work like always scout ^^

And here I though it was only Berry Pinch. :-)

That akward momment when u have to explain the joke

Very nice story btw

That was a really sweet display of friendship! I do wonder what the title is supposed to mean. The only wet I noticed was the obvious wet.

Sometimes the title doesn't really mean anything. In this case, you're right in that it only refers to what you're thinking of.

From Camopony's comment I gathered that this was a commission, so I suppose that explains the utterly weird names. Being a native speaker of the German language, it threw me off every. Single. Time.
So weird. ^^;

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