• Published 8th Feb 2021
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The creatures - Blackwatcher

an unknown creatures had roam the land of Equestria, but here are more then just one in this world

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Chapter 1

Night time in manehattan, an orange Stallion earth pony running through the street while carry a bag full of bits that were stolen from the store, the police chase after the him all around the street. The Stallion go to the dark alleyway and hide in the trash can. The police are searching for him, in the area, Looking and investigating, the other police called the other to leave and search different area.

After no noise or voice were heard, the Stallion peek his head out of the trash can, looking back and forth, no one around the alleyway except him, it's a perfect time to escape the place, the Stallion come out and pull the bag from behind the trash that blend with the other trash bag. He look around one more time before he leave.


Before he take a few step, he hear hissing from behind, the Stallion turn his head back and forth but only see darkness. He move again but hear another noise, sound like something scratching the wall, the Stallion look on the left wall, there scratches in the wall, like it's been clawed.


looking in all derection, the Stallion didn't find anything making the sounds, he could hear a scratch and hissing getting louder in his ears, the stallion try to leave but stop again when a sound of something droping from behind, he could feel someone walking toward him.

The Stallion slowly turn around and his face are full of dread and his hooves and mouth were shaking badly and he drop the bag.

A tall white color lizard with a sharp pointy head standing in two legs, staring at him with no eyes. It have a small mouth, but when it open wide it become a size of a pony hoof and the teeth of the thing extanded it's gums, revealing a sharp long teeth similar like a goblin shark.

The thing roar at him and sink it's teeth at the neck of the Stallion, blood splat in the face of the monster and the ground. The cops heard a loud scream and go back to the alleyway, when they get there the cops shine their flashlight around the place, one of the cop check saw a bag on the ground and blood stain on it.

The cop suddenly see a dark figure lying on the ground, the cop approach and shine his flashlight at the figure, when he get a good look his face become shock.

The Stallion they were chasing were lying on the ground heavily wounded and bleeding, he call the other to him and check the Stallion, he still breathing but unconscious. There are deep bite mark on his neck and cuts on his hooves and chest, like he was attack by an animal, the other cops were also had the same expression, and some question who and what did this but the other shrugged and had no clue. They call for medic and detective to investigate the situation. The cops heard a loud growl and looking around the place, to where the sound coming from.

On top of the building, a white creature like lizard monster looking below at the ponies before a moment it leave.

In the town of Ponyville, a purple Alicorn Princess named Twilight Sparkle finish shopping with her #1 assistant spike. Both we're walking to the town to go back to the Castel.

"Got everything, Spike?" Twilight asked the little dragon

"All check on the list, Twilight" Spike replied. The two are ready to head back but Spike stop walking when he look to the left and saw a shadow standing near the Everfree Forest, and it's not look like an animal or any creature they seen before.

"Uhh...Twilight" he pull her tail, Twilight look at him, his eyes wide and his mouth hang open.

"What's wrong?" She asked, he extended his hand and point at the forest, she look closely and saw a dark figure standing there, a tall wierd looking creature standing in two leg and have oval shape head, and a Blade like tail, the figure suddenly turn it's head at the two, it stare at them for a second and run to the forest.

"What was that thing?" She asked

"Maybe it's just another wierd animal coming from Everfree forest. Let's go back to the Castel!"

"I never seen a creature look like that, must be a very rare animal, let's find out what it is" She teleport her groceries to the Castel and lift Spike and put him on her back, following the derection where creature went.

"Everytime we seen something wierd happen, i always got drag into this" he mumbeled.

When they enter they follow a dirt road leading somewhere, the forest become a bit dark, it make Spike feel uneasy "i don't like it..." Spike said watching around the place, the tree and branch could be the thing try to blend in with the forest "that thing could be anywhere!" he clutch on Twilight back harder.

"Stop being a scaredy dragon and be a brave and mighty dragon for once"

"But Twilight, we didn't even know what that thing is" he whisper while dart his eyes around incase the creature heard them from here.

"And we will soon find out what it is" Twilight replied. She hear a running step far away, she sprint fast while Spike clutch her even harder so he won't fall off. Twilight saw a shadow move far away from them, she sprint faster after it but she suddenly stop when they saw a shop just station near the forest. The building look just fine.

"A shop, in the forest?" Spike said "why would somepony want to build a shop beside the forest, isn't it dangerous in here"

"Let's check if anypony in there, they must had witness the creature here."

"I don't know, maybe that place is abandoned. Let's go home!"

"If it was abandoned, the window wouldn't be so clean. So as the wall, let's check it for a moment"

Spike grumble, Twilight ignore that and continue walking toward the shop, when they approach it Twilight enter the shop, when they enter the two hear a beeping sound when the door open. Twilight stop walking and look around the place, both of them are surprised, the shop had a beautiful sculptures, lamps, clocks, toys, and other furniture. What more surprising the whole thing were made out from Crystal, gems, metal, and all kind of meterials.

"This place beautiful" said Spike he get down from Twilight and check all of the statue made of gems. "Woah, that's cool" he said in awe, looking at the shelf of rubies.

Twilight stare at the toys and vasts, some of them were made from steel and papers.

"You done your work, Rush? Go go help Shard on the trap and fence for any monsters coming mess things up again" said a male voice.

The voice coming behind the shelves. She look behind it and saw somepony in the cashier. A red male Unicorn with a black mane and brown eyes, resting his head in his hoof.

"Glow horn?" Twilight said

Glow horn heard them and look at Twilight and spike "oh, Hey Princess Twilight!" he greet "i thought you were Rush for a moment, nice for you to come visit me in my shop called Crafty Works"

"So, you own this place?"

"Yes i did, finally create my own buisness" he answer "never thought i seen you around here. Quite surprising actually, since you're here we have sales every kind of craft decoration like furniture, statue, and of course gems, we also build toys for children. They all made from every kind of meterial like wood, rocks, steel and even crystals. Anything that you Interested?"

"No need, i got everything i need"

"Of course you do, your a Princess"

"This place amazing. Why didn't we heard or even notice a place like this?" said Spike while looking at the Crystal in the shelves, many different size and color stack up perfectly.

"Maybe it because my shop is far away from Ponyville view and nopony want to visit a shop that closer to the forest full of wild animals"

"You got a point there" said spike viewing the Crystal made decoration, it's both shinny and beautiful "is there anypony visiting here, beside us?"

"Not many, just a few ponies i knew, String Loop and Firebrick, and of course Pinkie Pie, she didn't tell you about this?"

Twilight shake her head in respond

"Well, that's a good sign that party mare didn't tell the other sooner about Crafty Works. this place is not safe yet to open. Monsters and crazy looking creatures everywhere. Don't want to make costumers feel unsafe here"

So, how long did this place here?" Twilight asked

"Let's just say two month"

"That long?"

"Eyup...that long" he replied with a bored look.

"Look at this, it's a small statue version of me from the Crystal Empire" said spike, "woah i look even great in your design"

"Rush made it, he's good at adding details, some of these sculptures and other statue were inspired by some place we visits, we decided to make our own by replicate it in smaller size, the ingredient we use were from the gem cave, Maud help us find some interesting gems in the caves."

Twilight and Spike looking around the place, Twilight stop when she look at the white lamp. The lamp is three meter long, and the inside had many small marbel inside "that lamp look beautiful." She said in amazement

"Yeah, it's pretty and gorgeous looking. remind me with somepony i admired" Spike said imagining his crush.

Both pony rolled their eyes, Glow Horn then explain "Rush and i called that lamp, midnight pearl, the brightness come from these small pearls, we found some of them in the ocean, we also use double glass to make the light glow brighter. you won't be blind on the dark anymore, it's Rush and String's idea."

"You and your cousin really are talented for making this amazing art"

"Thank you Twilight, we all really like to make something cool and show our creation to other and make them astounded and amazed by the work we did. But to bad no other pony see it"

"You could ask Pinkie Pie, she's really good at draw ponies attention" Twilight said

"Or you could just place the shop somewhere safe and not hidden from everypony view" Spike add

"Don't need either of that option, my cousins and i already figure an idea to get some attention to ponies. but we have a problem with creatures and wild predators that coming in this place, so best if we delay it for a moment until this area is cleared. Don't want our place become a territory of wild beasts."

"Are you sure you can handel the animals in here?"

"Princess, the three of us know how to take care of ourself. We've been dealing with monsters that come in here a lot. Beside nothing worst happen to us, except i got many medical bills for our injuries and property damaged when Shard gone crazy. Again." He said with an annoying sound

"Speaking of monsters, did you seen a tall black slender creature coming here, Spike and i saw it's going in this area"

"No, sorry, i didn't see a creature you described, but i just saw a fast shadow outside a minute ago. probably just some exotic animals coming from the forest. You know how many rare creatures had been spotted resantly in this area. Even one of them look like a giant Timberwolf that is a size of a town hall. That's why i need to make a hold on the grant opening"

"One question" Spike asked Glow Horn while holding a heart shape Ruby "why do you want to build a store that's kinda far from Ponyville?"

"Well, to be honest, i really like Everfree Forest. Just ignore every monster that trying to eat you. The place is kinda cool, i always adventure alot here."

"That still don't explain why did you want to set a buisness near a forest"

"I just like to set up someplace that a little quiet"

"And dangerous" Spike add, look closely at the red heart shape ruby

"I'm fine with dangerous, i was raise in a place that full with danger"

"And where is that?" He asked

"You don't wanna know, your to young to knowledge that"

"Spike is actually right about this place, it's to dangerous for open a shop, you should find another location that is safer"

"Sorry, but i don't want to move out and go search other place to set up. We choose to build it here and this shop stay here where it's standing" he point to the ground.

"What happen if a big monster stomp down this building?" The dragon asked

"Then we rebuild it again, easy. I know you are concern about us, but we can handel ourself just fine, if something that we can't handel something, we will contact you soon as possible"

"But this place aren't safe for visitors to come here" Twilight said

"No problem, Shard is outside of the forest and place some large fench around the place, so no animals come here, but don't worry, it's nothing lethal, just an light zap in it. Timberwolf and Cockatrice didn't like being struck by an electricity. just hope he didn't do anything clumsy when setting the fences"

"Woah, this Ruby is gorgeous" Spike said while walking backward "maybe this will be good-oof!" Spike crash in one of the claves, and one of the heart statue fell


The two jump and look at Spike, there were a shattered blue heart sculpture in the ground.

"Uhh...oops" he said while smile sheepishly

"Spike!" yelled Twilight

"I'm so sorry! I can fix it!!" He quickly grab the pieces and try to put it back together and put them to the shelf. But they fall apart all again. "Is there a glue here?" He asked, he look at the two, who stare at him with firm eyes. He gulp.

Twilight stare at Glow Horn with a sorry look. "I'm so sorry, Glow Horn" Twilight apologized "i'll pay for the damaged!"

"Don't worry about it, i got planty of them in the storage, i can replace them in no time. No need to clean it too i'll take care of everything" said Glow Horn "you should just watch over the kid"

Glow Horn look at Spike and coldy glare at him, the little dragon have sweat on his head "i'm gonna let you go for now, but mark this on your mind, if you break my creation again, you'll be one of them." Said Glow Horn said with a cold voice.

Spike just feel a chill on his spine and gulp, he want to flee from the place ASAP. Twilight saw the scene and break it up "Okay, let's go home Spike, it was nice to visit you and sorry again for this trouble" said Twilight leaving, Spike go to the door and leave quickly, he look at Glow Horn outside the shop, his eyes and head are still following him like he lock on to the dragon. Spike flee and out of his sight.

Glow Horn see Spike leave and look at Twilight leaving as well "Oh, yeah, if you want some heart's warming's gift for your friends and family, come by anytime, we can make something you like, just say a word and we get it done. We don't mind a request"

"Thanks!" Twilight said in outside and leave the shop.

Glow Horn see the two leave his shop, and now he's alone in here "It's good to have someone visit here" He look at the broken lamp and toy that were broken by Spike, he sigh "And i need an alarm as well, incase someone like him and Shard break my things, again"

Twilight and Spike come back to the Castel, Twilight read a few books while Spike prepare dinner.

The door suddenly open and a purple unicorn greet her "Hey Twilight" said a voice from distance

She turn and saw her pupile "hey, Starlight, how's the magic show with Trixie?"

"All good, nothing's burning while set up some fireworks for the show." She said sheepishly "How's shopping went?"

"All good, the list all been check. we even visit Glow Horn in his shop"

"Glow Horn own a shop?" Ask Starlight

"Yeah, in the east of Ponyville close to Everfree Forest"

"He have a shop near the dangerous Forest? He could be crazy or something."

"I'm sure Glow Horn will be fine, i hope... So any news today?" Twilight asked

"Just as usual news, there was a manticore on the lose from the forest but Fluttershy already calm them down and take them to her santuary, but they were too scared to came back to the forest. There also many report in the newspaper about a mysterious monster sightings and ponies were badly injurt around the street and houses.

"It's so odd, there were news about a strange monster sighting in newspaper a year ago, they only talk a few about it, but now the newspaper is full of them. It's not often those creatures had spotted numerous time in Equestria this days...." For a a second Twilight suddenly realized. "I just remember something."

"Remember... what?" Starlight asked

"In the evening, when Spike and i go shopping we both saw a figure, it's tall and had a wierd shape head, it's staring at us for a second and leave after that, me and Spike try to find out what creature that is but it's escape and we end up finding Glow Horn and his shop. That could be the creature that were mention on the news"

"You sure, that sound different then the rest of the rumors in the newspaper earlier" Starlight replied

"but some of them explained that a tall black lizard with round head were spotted in Applelossa, it's the same detail that were said in the newspaper i read a while ago"

"If it's the same creature in the news, Ponyville will be in danger, we should tell everypony to stay on their house so they could be safe"

"No, we don't want to cause panic to everypony, i need to figure out what's going on, and why did this creatures are in Equestria and hurting ponies and other creatures. And how can they always dissapeard out of nowhere"

"But let's get some dinner and do the investigation tomorrow. I'll help you with it"

"Thanks Starlight, i could use your help on this"

"Let's go to the dinning room, Spike make some cauliflower bites just now"

"And i happen to cook sweet potato muffin, yesterday" she replied

"Sorry Twilight, Spike ate them all that morning"

Twilight grumble in furious "i should have hide it somewhere else..."

In Canterlot, four group if ponies were walking down into the streets in night time, a wierd breathing sound were made and the four suddenly stop when they hear it, the two unicorn were flashing their horn, they hear another breathing close by, and the noise become closer and closer. The group could hear a water driping in their left ears and turn their heads to the left, and saw a drop of water dripping in the restaurant building, the unicorns look up at the building for something leaking, but when they look on top, their were face filled with horror.

The water driping is not from a pipe or anything, it's a droll from the mouth of a white eyeless quadrupeds creature on top of a building. it have a sharp long vampire like canine tooth in each of it's jaws, three long claw sharp as a knife.

The monster suddenly drop down and staring at them like they are it's prey, the ponies were in state of fright, they were petrefied by the apperance of the monster, before they could do anything, it attack them on sight, screams were heard all around Canterlot, many citizens were awake, houses lights turn on, Royal Guards and medics running through the streets.

The creature running and jumping from building to building while blood driping from the mouth and fang.

Author's Note:

This story timeline is after season 7

P.S : i'm not good at English and plot stories so forgive me with my poor writing skill. this is my first time writing a story.