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Just a crystal unicorn who posted some cringe fic.


Hi DashieGames! Congratulations on becoming a streamster partner!

Contains: Anthro Dash. Transformation. Mind Alteration. Second Person. World Shift. Unaware. First actual fic.

Unsure if I'll dump some of my other random tf thoughts on here. Also, yes... I know it's complete trash! It's the first time I tried adapting one of my twitter stories to something more.

Credit to Kaikururu for letting me use the art!

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Why does this have an EqG tag?

I had no clue what to tag.. It was originally rejected for not being close enough with the regular mlp tag. So since eqg pretends its anthro I did as a safety measure for the finalized version.

Congrats on getting it through :)

Haha... I get it.

Thank you~ I'm amazed I actually put this much effort into what was originally just a shitpost on twitter.

Get what? *Confused horse noises.*

Twitter, Eris01, and the like. It's something I said aloud. Means I got into the story. Aside from some grammatical issues (translated from Twiggler, so it makes sense that there are typos like that). Nice work. Hope to see more of your creations.

Yeah I should have reread the already written parts admittedly. It started out as a joke to see if I could and snowballed to me putting more effort into this then I should have. I made the joke a while ago that I would need an editor to write the story for me because I'm not good at this.

Also Eris is a pretty chill watcher.

John884: Woah, nice save!
Random3r: Oh! Sweet, you've got some talent!
BroBurn: Hey your hair is kinda cute.
[User has been banned.]

Reference to Halo
N0t a w0rd.:ajbemused:
Reference to Braeburn.
Obviously a bit of a jerk.

Not as bad as one might think (Occasional grammar errors aside).

Thank you. Self doubt is honestly killer.

This is pretty good! I love reality alteration/mental change stuff like this. I'd love to see more!

Aw man.. You guys are really pressuring me to do more. Thank you for the compliment~

I just need to find a muse for my next couple thoughts. *Is literally trying to write now.*

Hey, no pressure! do what makes you happy! though sometimes a good artist just needs a little encouragement to break through the self doubt :)

Just feel like pointing out that any article using statistics that suggest girls and women make up 40% or more of the total videogame playing demographic is wrong, and is trying to mislead readers.
Those statistics conflate mobile games with console and PC games, which are two entirely different groups with very little overlap. Most puzzle and FarmVille-type games have a majority female player population, yes, but when it comes to FPS, RTS, genres like that? Males make up more than 90% of the population there.

This, of course, means that there's even fewer women capable of making it into eSports leagues, so any team that wants to appeal to "diversity" and "equality of outcome" (which is entirely bullshit compared to the superior "equality of opportunity", but not gonna get into that now) has no choice but to accept almost any female player, regardless of whether she's actually capable of meeting the gaming skill the male players have.

Gaming "journalism" websites - and feminists - need to realise women just aren't interested in the same things as men, generally speaking, so expecting an equal (or greater) number of women in what is undeniably a male-dominated space is just asking to be disappointed, and trying to force women into those spaces is inherently sexist for both sexes. It's misogynic because why the hell are you forcing women into positions and hobbies they generally do not want to be in, and it's misandristic because why the hell are you trying to take away our spaces and hobbies?

tl;dr - gamer girls are quite rare for justifiable and understandable reasons. Statistics that say otherwise are biased. And it's 11:45pm here, so I should be sleeping.

What even are you on about? The fic isn't a soapbox about journos, women in gaming, or anything political. I was just adapting this into a fantasy about turning into rainbow dash. I don't care for the stupid crap associated with it and just wanted to make an alternate universe to tie it all in.

Either way Dash is too awesome to be rejected from being mlg pro.

This was pretty good.

Hrm.. Might be bias cause friend.

A good point... but not really relevant to this fic.

Like, I agree with you, but it's not all that relevant.

I would love more fics of this type, like Second person mtf stuff. Great job.

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