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Comment posted by AaryanXander deleted January 25th

Please join my group if you would like me to make diff varieties of FIM fiction stories, I ran out of ideas and need more. I will accept any ideas, just can't be NSFW, but it can have swearing and gore.

welp, worst start to famfiction.net .-. sorry for the crappy story

Comment posted by 3-tap deleted February 2nd

This has too much going on in a short period of time ngl, i got lost and had to re-read bits a couple of times to understand what was going on

This has gotta be the most gary stu https://ppc.fandom.com/wiki/Gary_Stu story i have ever read lmao, but then again this is your first story every so you cant really be expected to write a perfect story on your first attempt. What you have already written is a great first draft of a story and with further work and editing it could become a really good story. :twilightsmile:

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