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This story is a sequel to King Of The Mountain

All Luna and Snowdrop ever wanted were for somepony to appreciate them for who they were instead of shunning them for something they could not control. So what happens when the two meet and discover not only their love for the night but for all the beauty it held as well? Follow the story of the Princess of the Night and her Angel of the Snow as they befriend each other, lose each other, and find one another in the snow once again.

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:fluttercry:Beautiful just beautiful

NOOOOOOOOOOOO I really shouldn't have read this but I did anyway and NOW MY HEART IS SUFFERING. :raritycry
*sniffle* this is good. This is very good.

Beautifully tragic:fluttershysad:.

Told you to prepare your tissues:pinkiesad2:.

With a final hug, the friends said goodbye

Even sadder than the one that always got me, Lullaby for a Princess.

Also, I like this poem because it has Luna ask for more, it was originally Tia.

It sure does...I accidentally made it sound like Tia had, but I caught it, and changed it to Lulu asking instead.

Oh. Okay. Can I help with any other poems you write?

Not at the moment...I'm leave these poems to rest for now. But, if I have any stroke of poetic inspiration again, I'll go over to you to look out for any mistakes or any tips:raritywink:.

No problem:eeyup:. And if you wanna check out the other fics I have feel free:twilightsmile:.

Okay, poet of a golden trophy.

does Snowdrop have AS ?

Then you put your story in Made by a Autistic/Author, but no Asperger/Autistic character

DeosN'T have one. BUT was MADE by one

P.S. Don't post this stories in other folder

Right, sorry:twilightsheepish:. Missed that one by mistake:twilightsheepish:.

10th story overall ^^

Wow... these poems were both incredibly beautiful and able to rip my heart from my chest before stomping on it and laughing.
This poem in particular did that.
Wonderful job!

Trust me, a lot of people felt the same way:ajsmug:.

very Beautiful... Night princesses!!!

Whoa, seriously:pinkiegasp:?! This I have got to see:pinkiehappy:!

That was beautiful, emotional, and sweet. :) Very well done. :) I think this is my favorite out of the four.

I already watched the animation over a year before reading the first of these stories, but I have a question. When I suggest it to others, should they first watch it, then read this? Or does the order really matter? Thank you.

The order doesn't really matter. Though I think watching the Snowdrop Animation and then this would work better... though that's just me:raritywink:.

Okay, thank you. That's what I will do when I tell others about it.

But it is kind of sad. If you look at my last blog post, you'll see that remembering it made me realize a mistake that I once made.

Yeah. I feel bad that I made the mistake, so I sort of want everyone to know that I made it. I traced. And said that I drew it. But I didn't remember that when I got it up.

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