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best use the tag anthro ??

I'm interested. I wonder when in the Mass Effect timeline is this till Shepard shows up?

Really? Twilight isn't walking on two only spike is

To answer I'm going to put in the crush where wrex kills his father.

I thought the Spartans were only from Halo. It's times like these I wish I actually knew anything about these games.

Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece that reached the height of its power after defeating rival city-state Athens in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.). Spartan culture was centered on loyalty to the state and military service.

Glad to see another who knows the Spartans. I know me saying the krogan are like the Spartans is inaccurate. But the way the krogan act talk and fight. It reminds me of the Spartans. The only difference is krogan thanks to the genophage. Treat all children as sacred. While for Spartans failures and imperfections were not Spartans.

Now you got me wondering what weapon Spike received. Keep it up.

Cant wait the Krogans reaction when Spike shows them his real power, the strength of a lineage that makes the Krogan look like ants. The strength of the true Alpha Predator of almost any world.

This will be a lot of fun. Cant wait to see what will happen to Spike.


Dragon Berserk Equestria

When ate you going to have spike remember he could breathe fire?

Right now Spike is scared, confused and has serious depression.
Add to that, that his base personality is very gentle if somewhat playful and mix it with a group of abusive bullies and forgetting you can spit fire is very simple.
Spike needs to toughen up, before he can become the legend we know he's going to be. This coming trial will be that trial.
I just hope not too much of Spikes original good
nature is lost to the necessity of survival.

When's the next chapter?

Good job on this chapter, can't wait for the next one^^

Ok I'm a little confused by this.

Wrex quickly asked, “The threshermaw is it still alive?”
There was a long silence; a silence that was eerie in a sense. Eventually it was broken by one single word. A word that was only said once many years ago, “Yes.”

But in the video of Wrex viewing Spike's Rite at the end show's Spike getting eaten and killing the threshermaw from the inside after getting eaten. Might want to fix that.

thanks for the catch just did.

Hoo boy Saren... This is gonna be interesting

Interesting story but you need an editor. I'll keep reading.

Quick question, Will Spike eventually return to Equestria or will the ponies find him first?

Spike should have a romance with Liara.

Well this is slow going but it's promising at least.

Im sorry but I plan on uploading three new chapters soon. But IRL I have important things I'm taking care of

There should be a romance option in this story.

Ok getting Legion early and a baterian member too? I'm liking this. Keep it up.

so is spike like getting a harem or just Shepard or what

Is Spike ever going to go back and see his mother?

Very cool chapter, look forward to more.

This was a interesting chapter and surprised that my name popped up, was not expecting that at all.

I do wonder what will happen next when Spike and Thorax wake with a mighty big hang over.

ok I appreciate that I'm here .....

Each of them responded to the news in their own way. While Thorax raised one of his hooves asking, “Question, commander?”

about hooves are actually hands or fingers (Anthro) or species of them, but to use as a figurative suit as an example 'is on the palm of my hoof'. This can already confuse Equestria is Anthro.
does Spike take everyone from women/ female /men/ male / alien / robot/ God / Godess almost everything

Well this is the first time I find mentioned in another story. Getting a multiple cross story over feeling here but cool over all.

What? I'm confused why my username is in this chapter. I don't mind it being there, but still.

Probably because we put the story in our favorites

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